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[12:24 pm]

You grunt as you reach as high as you can, cursing your parents for your terrible genetics.

Why can’t I just be, like, three inches taller? you think to yourself, your fingers barely grasping the bookshelf.

You look around for something to step on, finding nothing. You quietly groan, rubbing your face in despair.

You lift your head from your hands to try again, groaning louder than before. You freeze in the reaching position when you hear footsteps, a smile coming to your face.

“Hey, can you help me?” you ask when a gentleman comes around the corner.

You mentally wince when you see said man is shorter than you are. You blush lightly out of embarrassment, giving him a sheepish smile.

The man, a handsome man at that, raises his brow as he turns to look towards the bookshelf. Without saying a word, he comes over to you.

You’re confused as to why he’s trying to help you, when it’s obvious that you’re taller than him, when he suddenly picks you up. You gasp, your hands flying to his shoulders. His arms wrapped around your thighs tighten when you wobble.

You gape at him for a moment, not believing that such a short man was so strong.

“Did you get it?”

You blink out of your daze when you hear the stranger’s voice, your heart skipping a beat at how deep it is. You shakily grab the book you’ve been reaching for, pulling it to you.

“Yes,” you stutter out in response.

The quiet man gently brings your feet back to the ground, making sure you were stable before letting go.

You stare at him for a moment, your face growing darker for some reason.

“Sorry if I caused you any trouble,” you say quietly, looking down at the book in your hands.

He doesn’t reply for a moment, making you look up at him to find him already staring at you.

“Don’t worry about it,” came his gruff reply.

You nod your head, your heart threatening to pound out of your chest.

That’s when you took notice of his name tag, your grip tightening on your book.

Levi A.

He works here?

“If you need anything else, just let me know,” he says as he walks away. You just silently watch him go, probably looking like a moron to him.

How come you’ve never seen this handsome stranger here before?

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OC Profile - Taylor Schuyler


-Name: Taylor Schuyler

-Nickname(s)/Alias(es): Tay (by a majority of her friends and brother), Tay-Tay (by the twins and Joanna), Mouse (via Shadis)

-Age: 16

-Gender: Female

-Date of Birth: May 31st, 834

-Astrological Sign: Gemini

-Birthplace: Shiganshina District, Wall Maria

-Nationality: German-French

-Language(s) spoken: German

-Occupation: Scout (formerly a baker, formerly a cadet)

-Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

-Social Status: Introvert

-Relationship Status: Single

-Status: Alive


-Body Type: Slightly muscular, petite, pear-shaped figure, curvy hips, full thighs

-Height: 5’ (153 cm)

-Weight: 129 lbs. (59 kg)

-Skin color: Fair

-Hairstyle: Wavy, coarse, chin-length, bangs separated from her face and mostly swayed to the right

-Hair Color: Strawberry blonde

-Eye Color: Green

-Accessories: Tarnished gold locket with Wings of Freedom emblem


-General health: Normal

-Any physical illnesses?: N/A

-Any mental illnesses?: She suffers from anxiety and eventually develops depression

-Other: She’s prone to get headaches easily. When she was younger, she used to take herbal remedies to help ease her anxiety. She has a scar on her left hand from when she cut herself with a knife

Mental/Emotional State

-Alignment: Lawful good

-Thinking Type (Emotional or logical?): Emotional

-Emotional-wise, generally?: Taylor gets overwhelmed easily when faced with difficult situations or confrontation. There are other times she can be very logical and carefully plan out her strategy before jumping right in, but those times happen very rarely

Military Status

-Status (active or retired?): Active

-Affiliation: Scouting Legion

-Former Affiliation: Cadet Corps, 104th Trainee Squad

-Grad. Rank: 42nd

-Grade: B+

-Team Kills: 4

-Solo Kills: 0


-3D Maneuvering Gear: 9/10

-Intelligence: 7/10

-Strength: 2/10

-Martial Arts: 3.5/10

-Battle Skill: 6/10

-Agility: 8.5/10

-Strategy: 5/10

-Teamwork: 7/10

-Passion: 8/10


-Likes: Leather-bound sketchbooks, drawing, writing, sewing, traveling to new places, rainy days, Nathanael’s old stories, taking care of the horses, cleaning, baking, her family, a majority of her comrades, strawberry pie, Loki

-Dislikes: Titans, migraines, the Military Police’s justice system, feeling unaccomplished, ungrateful people, being uninspired, being seen as weak, people looking through her sketchbook without permission, being treated her like a child, the dark, cold weather, Eren and Nathanael arguing

-Hobbies: Sketching, writing, sewing, baking

-Talents: She is a skilled artist and is better at maneuvering on the ODM gear

-Habits: Overthinks, daydreams too much, taps her pencil when thinking, has a hard time standing up for herself

-Strengths: Her family, her comrades, the thought of freedom, her agility, her imagination

-Weaknesses: Her physical strength, her anxiety, letting people decide her decisions instead of voicing what she wants, overthinking

-Secrets: She suffers from nyctophobia (fear of darkness); she has a huge crush on the suicidal bastard Eren Jaeger, however she’s not confident in confessing her feelings to him (only Joanna, Mel, Sara, and Hanna know of this); when she was twelve, she stabbed a bandit in order to protect her brother and is still partially responsible for the bandit’s eventual death

-Fears: The dark, disappointing her family, losing her family and comrades, dying a meaningless death, being devoured by a titan

-Dreams: To travel the outside world and record her adventures in her sketchbook

-Goals: To become stronger, to make her family proud, to rid the world of the titans, to confess her feelings to Eren


-Food: Freshly baked bread with butter,  strawberry pie

-Color: Purple

-Animal: Cats

-Season: Autumn

-Type of art: Traditional sketches

Personality Traits

Loyal, artistic, determined, anxious, ambitious, disciplined, generous, hardworking, insecure, moralistic, obedient


-Family/Relatives: Dawson Schuyler- late father, Miriam Schuyler- mother, Nathanael Schuyler- oldest brother, Corine Schuyler- younger sister, Clovis Schuyler- youngest brother, Loki- pet cat, Elijah Kaufman- close family friend

-Friends: Melody Oglethorpe, Joanna Elytis, Sara Weber, Eren Jaeger, Marco Bott, Armin Arlert, Connie Springer, Sasha Blouse, Krista Lenz/Historia Reiss

-Acquaintances: Bertholt Hoover, Jean Kirstein, Franz Kefka, Hanna Diamant, Mina Carolina, Thomas Wagner, Dr. Finch

-Allies: Mikasa Ackerman, Annie Leonhart, Keith Shadis, Levi Ackerman, Erwin Smith, Hange Zoë, Moblit Berner, Mike Zacharius, Nanaba, Ymir

-Rivals: Mikasa Ackerman, Annie Leonhart

-Enemies: Titans, Elijah Kaufman, Beast Titan, Armored Titan, Colossal Titan, Female Titan, Kenny Ackerman

-Love Interest: Eren Jaeger

Biography (SPOILERS AHEAD!!)

Childhood: Taylor Schuyler is the second daughter of the Schuyler household in Shiganshina District. Her father Dawson was a squad leader for the Survey Corps and her mother Miriam was the owner of the town’s local bakery. Taylor was very shy and didn’t make many friends growing up; preferably she stayed at home to help her mother run the bakery or would stay upstairs  drawing in her sketchbook. Despite her introverted personality, she had a strong bond with her family, especially with her big brother Nathanael. One of Taylor’s fondest memories throughout her childhood consisted of Nathanael making up outrageous stories about the world he believed was outside the walls—every night he told them, he always ended his stories with a promise that someday the scouts would eliminate the titans for them to freely roam the world without having to fear for their lives. These stories are what motivated the both of them to hopefully train hard and join the Scouting Legion and fight alongside their father for the sake of humanity.

The Fall of Wall Maria: In 845, Dawson and Elijah visited the family after another dreadful mission outside the walls for a brief reunion. But on that very same day, the Colossal Titan appeared for the first time ever and attacked Wall Maria. Dawson and Elijah stayed behind to fight against the incoming titans and allow Miriam and her children to evacuate. Two days later, Elijah (his leg badly injured) reunited with the Schuylers with the unfortunate news that Dawson was eaten by a titan and killed almost immediately. The loss of their father left Nathanael and Taylor so distraught that they both came to agree that they were better off living in the walls so they wouldn’t suffer the same fate and cause their family more heartache. In 846, Miriam and Taylor got jobs working in a bakery in Trost while Nathanael worked in the fields, and Elijah, now transferred to the MP’s, allowed them to live in his childhood home. Even though they had a roof over their heads and the ability to work, it was still difficult for them to live when they had to pay a large amount of rent to Elijah his financial problems when he claimed his job did not provide enough for him due to the famine. One night while Nathanael and Taylor were walking home after work and picking up medicine for their ill-stricken brother, they came across the same group of bandits smuggling stolen ODM gear. One of them was revealed to be an MP, and he spotted the kids that had caught them and didn’t hesitate to attack them; he grabbed Taylor by her hair before she could attempt to run off and held a knife to her throat, but before he could do anything Nathanael didn’t hesitate to fight him off so Taylor could run. Taylor is unable to run off as her brother is suddenly struck unconscious. Desperate to save her brother, Taylor grabbed the MP’s knife that he had dropped and stabbed in the abdomen, and while he was immobile she dragged her unconscious brother out of the alley. The MP was close to catching up until he was shot in the back by the ringleader of the bandits, and to Taylor’s dismay she realized the man who had shot him was Elijah. After the horrific incident, Elijah informed Taylor that the reason why he was stealing ODM gear was because he was desperate for money, and that she nor was anyone else were supposed to know about this. He forced her her keep quiet about what she saw, and in return he wouldn’t turn her in for her murder, pushing the blame onto her that the death of this man was all her fault. Taylor felt extreme guilt for being responsible for a man’s death, despite it being in self-defense, she never intended to get him killed. Several days after his recovery, Nathanael announced to his family that he would be signing up for next year’s recruitment of the Cadet Corps and would enlist in the MP’s. Taylor joined him shortly after, not only to change the toxic justice system like he claimed, but to grow stronger as a person and prevent something like that from happening ever again. 

The Cadets- Three Years of Training: In 847, Taylor and Nathanael enlisted in the 104th Cadet Corps. Taylor had met and became close friends with three other soldiers—Melody Oglethorpe of Trost District, Joanna Elytis of Karanes District, and Sara Weber of Utopia District. One night in the mess hall, she overheard her brother arguing with another cadet that she would soon get to know as the “suicidal bastard” Eren Jaeger. Taylor kept her distance from Eren at first due to how temperamental he came off as, yet at the same time there was something about him that made her fascinated by how brave he was for wanting to go outside the walls. Over time, training would proof to be a much bigger challenge than Taylor was able to handle due to her weak physical strength, which Commandant Shadis was much tougher on her and would compare her to a weak little mouse; becoming desperate that she wouldn’t make the top ten, Taylor asked Eren to help her with her fighting skills; their training started out very rocky at first, but after some time, Taylor was able to improve her scores expenitally. In 849 when the cadets were brought to Trost District for further training, Taylor and Nathanael met up with Elijah once again, this time with a proposition that he could get them into the interior even if they didn’t make the top ten; Nathanael was eager to take this offer, however Taylor was reluctant as she found it unfair. Before leaving, Elijah reminded Taylor to keep quiet about what happened all those years ago, despite the guilt beginning to eat away at this point. Later that day, Taylor and Eren spent the rest of the evening together, and she began to realize that she was falling for him. Before leaving, she overheard an intoxicated Elijah ranting to a prostitute, and he let it slip that he used the money he borrowed from the Schuylers’ for gambling and visiting the brothel rather than tending to the refugees. She confronted Elijah about this, calling him a drunken liar and in the heat of anger she vowed to never help him again. He still continues to hold the man’s death over her head and threatened her into silence, revealing that if she said or did anything that she would reveal to Eren what she had done and ruin any chance she had at getting into the MP’s. This caused Taylor to fall into a downward spiral due to her guilt and fear of what could happen if she said anything. Weeks after returning to the camp, the cats are assigned to go on a scavenger hunt, Taylor being assigned in the same squad as Eren. The mission was suddenly thrown off when Krista was kidnapped by a group of bandits, and the squad attempted to rescue her. Throughout the rescue, Taylor was recognized by one of the bandits, whom was an accomplice with Elijah and the MP that was killed. Taylor was able to put up a fight against him until help arrived, but then she realized Eren had heard everything about what she had done and caused her to flee out of fear. When he caught up to her, she explained she was only trying to protect her brother and that she never meant to kill anybody. Eren assured her that what happened wasn’t her fault and she was only trying to keep her brother safe, and had she not done anything they would’ve been killed. After the bandits are arrested, Taylor was finally able to get the closure she desperately wanted and move on with that weight off her shoulder. As graduation came closer, Taylor started to have second thoughts about the interior. When the grades were released, Taylor felt a sense of relief when she saw Eren had made the top ten. Taylor mentioned to Nathanael about possibly joining the Survey Corps, but he refused and attempted to talk her out of it. However, Eren, although surprised by her changing her mind, was proud to see that she changed her mind and chose to fight rather than hide behind the walls.

The Battle of Trost: The day before the 104th Cadet Corps would be going to their desired regiment, the Colossal Titan appeared once again outside of Wall Rose and breached the wall. Taylor was assigned to her own squad with Nathanael, Mel, Sara, Joanna, Sam Dossam, and Riley Burke. The first time she came close to a titan, Taylor felt paralyzed with fear, but they carried on with their fight. They met with Armin and found out everyone in his squad had been killed, including Eren. The news left her devastated, but she couldn’t bring herself to cry as much as she wanted to; instead, she shut down and pushed herself forward. After a successful mission to get back into headquarters and their first encounter with the Rogue Titan, they were left in shock to find out the Rogue Titan was actually Eren all along. This left the others in shock and especially Nathanael unsure if Eren should be trusted, however Taylor still believed that Eren was still on their side. When the day of the recruitment came, Nathanael went to the Military Police with Elijah, but Taylor joined the Survey Corps with Mel, Joanna, and many others coming along.

The Female Titan: The day of the mission to retake Wall Maria had arrived. Taylor, Mel, and Joanna remained in their own squad with Nanaba and the cadets while the Female Titan was running loose. When Eren was recovered by Captain Levi and Mikasa, they returned home after their failed mission, feeling utter disappointment and shame from the townspeople.

Clash of the Titans: As Eren was recovering from his battle with Annie, Taylor remained in the town. The scouts began to grow suspicious of not only Annie Leonhart, but of Bertholt Hoover and Reiner Braun as well, whom was also in a relationship with Taylor’s best friend Mel. Eren grew suspicious of Taylor due to how close she was with Mel, and in an attempt to prove she wasn’t one of them she cut herself with a knife in order to show him she wasn’t a shifter, but his lack of trust for her was enough to make her distance herself from him. Reiner and Bertholt’s true identities as Armored and Colossal Titans are revealed and captured Eren as well as Ymir. Taylor, Mel, and Joanna manage to evacuate but were injured in the process, and after their recovery they set out with the other scouts to rescue Eren and take down the traitors. Taylor was thrown off her horse and severely injured, whereas Joanna sacrificed herself and was killed by a titan trying to protect her best friends and Mel was severely injured. Taylor was taken back to Wall Sina for recovery along with Commander Erwin, Mikasa, Mel and many others whom were injured in combat. When Taylor woke up, Nathanael revealed to her that during the evacuation, Clovis had succumbed to his illness and died in the underground city. 

The Uprising: Taylor briefly retired and took the time to return home to recover from her injuries and help her friend Mel out, whom had discovered she was pregnant with Reiner’s child, whilst Eren and the other continued their experiments. She wrote to Eren in secret telling him what she was up to and making sure he was doing okay; there were times she wouldn’t hear from him until several days later. It wasn’t until she heard that Eren and Historia being captured that motivated her to go back to the scouts. Throughout the battle, she confronted Elijah and, to her dismay, Nathanael. He continued his taunting by holding her “murder” over her head like he always did. But she didn’t let him continue to guilt her, and with the help of her brother they managed to put up a fight against their uncle. As much as she wanted him to pay for his manipulation and crimes, she backed down from killing him and rejoined the scouts.

Reclaiming Wall Maria- Return to Shiganshina: On the eve of the recovery operation, Taylor and Nathanael, now transferred into the scouts, rebuilt their bond at last and reflect on the memories they shared of their childhood, and were feeling optimistic. She greeted Eren in the evening and talked with him as they reflect on their memories back in their cadet days, and although she really wanted to she didn’t feel confident enough to confess her feelings for him. The day of the mission arrived, and Taylor remained with Hange’s team alongside her brother, but their efforts were for naught when they are struck but the heat of the Colossal Titan that caused them to get trapped under some rubble. Taylor regained consciousness to see Nathanael trapped under a pile of rubble. They were brought to the top of Wall Maria with the remaining scouts, the only ones who survived, and her brother had unfortunately succumbed to his injuries and died in her arms. Several days after the scouts returned home, Eren revealed to her that his shifting abilities would soon kill him in eight more years, further shattering Taylor’s heart knowing she would lose another person she loved. The scouts finally reach the ocean a year later, and Taylor couldn’t fully enjoy the beautiful sight of what she always dreamed of seeing without thinking of her father, Joanna, Clovis, Nathanael, and Elijah—all the people she lost during her battle to get here.

Four-year time-skip- Marley: In 854, Taylor remained a dedicated veteran to the scouts only now she was working as a medic. Her relationship with Eren was becoming strained due to his recent upbringings, and she began to question whether or not she could still trust him. However, her loyalty towards him still remained strong as she was hopeful that what he was doing would be all for the sake of humanity’s freedom.


“I may not be as strong as my comrades, but that won’t stop me from continuing to fight.”

“I’m not a little girl anymore, I’m old enough to make my own decisions and choose my own path in life.”

“There’s a lot I had to leave behind to get this far, and it was so hard, but in the end it was all worth to finally be free.”


-Her last name is inspired by “The Schuyler Sisters” from the play Hamilton

-Her horse’s name is Pepper. This is meant to be a pun inspired by my favorite soda Dr. Pepper

-Her cat Loki is based on my real-life pet

-The ship name for Eren x Taylor is TayRen

-She was originally going to be shipped with Joanna first and later Eren in the original drafts of the fan fiction. Those ideas were later scrapped *(see Joanna’s profile)

-In a modern!AU, she would have been a graphic artist and illustrator

-She appears as a main character in diversefandom100’s fanfiction “Attack on Fritz High”

-She has a soft scent of apples and strawberries

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Concept art of my other self insert Taylor Schuyler. I’m just about finished with proofreading her bio and will be posting that as well as her completed concept design very soon!

OC Template Source

(Note, I had to edit something and accidentally deleted when I didn’t mean to, sorry about that!)

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read some spoilers to give me another perspective about eren’s motivations and i just…… if i continued catching up to the manga, i might have cooled down on my anger towards eren. some of their points really make sense but yeah until i read the remaining chapters, i can confirm it. but for now, i’ll held those opinions in mind. 

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