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#Adobe Photoshop

This is page 14 of my graphic novel. Again, not animated, but I think this is my favourite page that I have ever done for my graphic novel. I have made the background effective that presents Dasher in the most epic way that I have ever done him. I have originally designed this pose of Dasher off my phone and imported it into my page as a PNG image. I can honestly say that I am glad that I have done this pose of him on my phone when I had the chance.

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Over the past year I’ve been working on my second animated short film which has taken just about every spare moment. But right now I’m just waiting to hear back from the background artists and I’m looking for work so that means I can finally go back to old projects and finish them up so I have something new for my showreel! 

I’m still animating on what is four different ideas and will upload through the coming week but here’s a sneak speak of a model sheet from one of them. 


I did start planning out an animation of Alfie Allen’s dog last summer based on an instagram story of his (I even told him about it at the London comic con) and got as far as sketching it down but never fully animate it. 

Working on that now (better late than never)  and did a model sheet of the dog for the purpose.

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I have the honor to be designing the 2019 State of the Organization multipage document for the America’s Warrior Partnership (AWP) - The AWP is the parent organization (at least that is my understanding) that oversees, supports and guides the various non-profit programs that offer benefits to our solders, their families and communities -

The cover design is a patriotic celebration of service and community - The subtile movement within the flag gives interest and focus while the community holding hands visually illustrates the power of everyone coming together -

I look forward to sharing the final presentation when completed -

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This is page 13 of my animated Graphic novel. In this page, Lucas finally starts to transform into Dasher. I have animated him taking his shirt off, putting his gauntlet on, and taking his shoes and trousers off. It was hard to animate this page because I had to focus on how to get every detail done right. If this page wasn’t animated, then It would have been easier. I was planning to add sound effects onto the page, but then I thought that I didn’t need to.

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