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#Anna of Arendelle
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it’s been a hot second since frozen 2 came out including the deleted songs but y’all are still not ready to talk about how hard get this right Slaps and how frozen 2 is a coward for not putting it in the final movie. those Hard Hitting lines that dive deep into kristoff’s character and his insecurities when it comes to his relationship with anna (i planned to really try to be the opposite of me, OUCH) and how anna has always loved kristoff for him (i’m gonna be the man you want // guess what you already are) this is the relationship we should have had in the movie but y’all do not deserve this song!! d**ney does not deserve this song!!!

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Hans and anna are both at a bal in prince eric kingdom

Anna is at the bal she notice hans sat on the chair in front of her she watch him during several seconds.

Hans : *finally notice anna ignore her but then wink at her in a seductive way*

Anna : *blush* *in her head* wait what are you blushing anna ?this is hans ! No dont blush*

Hans : *mimick a kiss to annoy anna*

Anna : *annoyed*

Hans : *in his head* ooooooohhhhh she is annoyed right now perfeeect * diabolic laugh in his head*

Hans : *burst out laughing*

Anna : *dirty look* *in her head* oh i want to punch him in the face right know !

Hans : i bet she wants to punch me right now !*laugh*

Anna : *notice a sandwiches next to her on the table throw a beard of the sandwhiches at hans face*

Hans : *receive it piss off*

Anna : *laugh hysterically*

Eric : anna you alright ?

Anna : *suddenly serious* yes i m ! * when eric left little smirk*

Hans :* in his head* oh i see how it is we are gonna see who is the most immature of both of us your majesty ! *took an orange in his hand who was next to him took a pen write “let it go” and add something to makes the orange look like she has white hair throw it at anna"

Anna : *smile dissapear look furious at hans*

Hans : *laugh hysterically also*

Ariel : hans what is it ? *smile wants to laugh with him*

Hans : *panicked* nothing i swear i didnt send anna a head of her sister

Ariel : you did what ? *concern*

Hans : no nothing thats a joke !

Finally she left

Anna : *in her head* oh this is not finished hans of the southern isles

Hans : the party is not finished anna of arendelle !

Anna : took a bread and put tousand ketchup on it and throw it at hans but miss it*

Hans : *happy mock her* haha she miss it she miss it ! *dance of victory to annoy annna*

Finally receive a cupcake on the shoulder

Hans : outtttch *finally she didnt miss it this time *throw a fish at anna but finally it went to far and go on the duke of weselston face*

Anna : *saw it on laugh a lot*

Duke of weselston : what is this ?

Anna : haha this is prince hans..*look at him he had hide under the table*

Duke : i dont see him me the only one i saw is you

Anna : no no this is really..

Duke : WITCH !!!

He left

Hans : *fibally got up wink at her again*

Anna : *extremely annoyed took a cake go in his direction*

Hans : *took a bottle of champagne ready to trhow it on anna face walk toward her*


Chef louis : *yelled at them*but your are gonna stop playing with my food !!!!!! *desperate wants to cry*

Anna and hans : oh *blush embarass and akward* we are so sorry really

Chef louis : why did you do that to me ???? Dont you mama told you do not play with food when you were little ? * desperate*

Anna : *embarass* yes my mother taught me !

Hans : *embarass* yes her mother taught me !

Anna : *look confuse at hans*

Hans : i mean my mother taught me not her of course ! *chuckle akward(

Chef louis : *cried* * now my whole buffet is spoiled usually this is this crab that ruin everything*

Hans : there There this is gonna be alright !’

Anna : *try to fix the mess all the cake she had throw on the floor"

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Frozen Fever Fakesubs


Me: I know, I know. I’m sorry for not posting about IT. I’m kinda busy, ya know—

Richie: But you’re never too busy for them, am I right? Liar.

Me: Richie—

Richie: Stop. Just stop.

Olaf: Hey, I’m Olaf and I love warm hu—

Richie: Cut it out, you creepy little snowman! Why are you even here?

Okay guys, I’m starting to get back into Frozen fandom but I’ll try to post about IT when I can. ^^

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