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Attack on Titan Opening song for season 2 is an absolute bop, banger, and generally amazing. It stirs up emotions in me and I love it. It feels like an anthem at some points and I just love it so much.

(I’m only just now starting season 3 so please no spoilers. Thanks)

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I‘m finally watching the last season of attack on titan and wow it got me all hyped up i used to love this anime so much i even had a blog lmaoooo

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As an honorary member of the Levihanfam what is your opinion on the theory that Levi has ackerbonded to Hanji now? ps i luv u ❤

lmao I’m honoured, although I don’t know how much use I can be in the ‘Levihanfam’ given that I have no interest in shipping. But thanks! 😂

And I don’t think that’s likely - we’d probably have more insight into it by now if it had happened. The Ackerbond is too significant a plot point for one to have formed off-screen between two such prominent characters with nothing said or shown about it. And tbh I think Levi and Hange have a pretty fucking solid relationship without needing a liege-knight dynamic on top of it 🤷‍♀️

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Spoiler Warning ⚠️

We made a video of our theories and predictions for the end of Attack on Titan

Full video: (

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