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Commission preliminary character design studies of Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady.

(Me, the whole time drawing Kasady: Okay, how in the hell do I make him not just another drawing of Junkrat when they have the same build, face shape, nose, eyebrows, and are destructive, constantly-grinning maniacs…????)

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I just realized Zakery destroyed a lot of lives and now he regrets but it’s too late

If he didn’t randomly assault Hideo, they would have stayed friends and Hideo may not have committed suicide-

Sacha has phobias because of him-

Jeremy was nice but now he’s selling weapons to “bad” people because he wants to kill Zakery (who hurt him) and hates the government (that didn’t help)- and he doesn’t talk to his best friend anymore-

And Kalyan hates him and thinks he’s possessed because they have the same blood u.u

But yeah he was judged “good” so he gets to be in the city 🤷

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Hello friendos!I’ve been drawing for myself recently and got a little carried away with some character designs. This is a concept for Joules my electric imp that is housed in a makeshift golem of some sort! There are still some things I’d like to change up. Like their face. I had originally wanted it to be an LED screen in which they can express facial features, but I don’t think it is portrayed very well yet.
Which colours do you like? :)
Have a comfy Tuesday! <3

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