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Ghosts of the Banished

Aaaand it’s finished!



After Merlin’s secret is revealed, Arthur can’t find it in himself to kill him, so instead he banishes him.

One month later, he finds a letter from Morgana laying in his room, and below it, a torn and bloody red neckerchief.

Sometimes, there are fates worse than death, and Arthur doesn’t know if he regrets not pulling his sword.

(Please heed tags)

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Commissions :)

Hey everyone!! So I’ve been trying to get a job and it’s…. not been going so well for me, and I wanted to make a post about commissions!!

Here’s some examples of my usual style of drawing:

All prices are in CAD


Bust - $3

Half body - $5

Full body - $7


Bust - $5

Half body - $7

Full body - $10


Bust - $7

Half body - $10

Full body - $12

I also do a minimalist style portrait for $15 each!

Message me if interested!! Here’s some other work that I’ve done! All styles and pricing can be worked out over message! Feel free to ask for more details :) Merlin and non-Merlin related both welcome!

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I have officially finished my Merlin rewatch of all 5 seasons and the bonus content! It was such an emotional journey and I forgot so much but I was also surprised at how much I remembered! Seeing Arthur go from this arrogant arse to this kindhearted KING was brilliant, seeing his relationship with Merlin grow, the banter and nicknames had me laughing so so much (so many good quotes) and just seeing their TRUST develop. Two sides of the same coin! Merlin growing from this boy who was almost terrified of his destiny to be willing to die for Arthur over and over, while constantly protecting him. Gwen from this shy kind servant girl to QUEEN who is strong and makes tough decisions. Morgana of course finding her magic and going down the darker path for what she believes to be right. That final scene of Merlin telling Arthur he has magic is so powerful him being all like I only use it for you just gets me, I was an emotional wreck. THIS SHOW. 

The relationships and characters make this show so special. The development over the 5 seasons is so incredible to watch. From all the stunts, cgi and location shootings it’s brilliant and a show that will always be close to my heart. 

In a land of myth and a time of magic…


Originally posted by ima-fangirl-ja

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