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Can I just say that I love

How Izzie is always on CLOUD FUCKING NINE whenever she gets to do anything intimate with Casey?

The dance? Girl lost herself, got ready for lovin’ in like 3 seconds- before she checked herself and blamed it on Casey lol

The hand hold in the car? I think I remember her doing a really languid closing of her eyes, as if she was just rushed by the euphoria of physical contact.

The goodbye kiss at the door? A giggling fucking fool.

Lord help her, I love every second of it lmao

Thank you, Fivel Stewart! 👏

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Omfg ,I just saw that ask about the magical boyfriends/husbands getting pets and I lost my shit (laughing so loud my dog got startled) at everyone being all about getting chickens for pup because they all know he deserves the best. If cash understand he would be to I know it

^_^ I don’t want to spoil anything, but there is something in the works….

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TV Show Tag Game: attach gifs of your ten favorite shows without naming them, then tag ten people

tagged by @talistheintrovert​ <3

i’m tagging @tyronndy@steambend@margaerytyrels​ and anyone else that wants to do it!!

1. even though i haven’t liked this show anymore for a long time if i’m being completely honest, the first two seasons will forever be my favorite show.


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looking for blogs to follow!!

like or reblog this post if your blog has one or more of these:

  • tv series (euphoria, atypical, merlí, skam og and remakes, brooklyn 99 etc)
  • books (carry on, all for the game, harry potter, the hunger games etc)
  • lgbtq+ characters and ships
  • pop culture
  • exo and zhang yixing
  • aesthetic
  • animes (yuri on ice, love death and robots, disenchantment etc)
  • basic netflix:)

this is a follow for follow!!!

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im finishing atypical season 3 right now and i have some thoughts. Having a lgbt storyline about casey is so amazing and needed! With that, Izzie is toxic and hurts Casey’s heart and i absolutely hate it. I want Casey to be in a relationship with a girl, i really REALLY do. I think Casey needs to work on herself before she gets into a relationship :) 


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