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You enter Stephen鈥檚 mansion just as it starts pouring rain. 鈥淗ey baby.鈥 you say as you close the door behind you. It鈥檚 silent. You look to where Stephen sits at the table. You know he鈥檚 been trying to get another surgeon to do another operation on his hands. 鈥淗e won鈥檛 do it.鈥 you say. Stephen shakes his head. 鈥淗e鈥檚 a hack.鈥 he says as he gets up from the chair. 鈥淭here鈥檚 a new procedure in Tokyo.鈥 he says as you set down your bags on the counter. 鈥淭hey culture donor stem cells鈥 and then harvesting them and then 3D printing a scaffold. If I could get a loan together鈥︹ he says as he sits down in the chair again. 鈥淪tephen鈥︹ you say softly as you walk closer to him. 鈥淎 small loan, just 200,000.鈥 he says. 鈥淪tephen.鈥 you say making him stop and look up at you. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e always spent money as fast as you could make it鈥 but now you鈥檙e spending money you don鈥檛 even have. Maybe it鈥檚 time to consider stopping.鈥 you say softly looking at him with sadness since you know that he loved working as a neurosurgeon.

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Me, seeing Disney winning the monopoly game of the film industry with the Fox merge which means at least a 40% of worldwide revenue for them, knowing that less films are gonna be released a year which means independent/risky films will be pushed aside for more disney sequels and remakes, and considering that without healthy competition Disney will have no reason to push for diverse content and trying new things which is the least of issues considering the effects this will have on a global scale for free press, local and international theaters, independent producers, streaming services and more and looking at people celebrate this online cause xmans and avengurs and showing their new favorite Disney princesses:

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Peter: I have to write a slam poem for English class and I need a word in which there's three consonants in a row, I can't think of anyth-
Bucky: Strangulation.
Peter: ... How's life, Mr. Bucky?
Bucky: Oh, you know. The usual.
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Thank you

Words: 901.

Paring: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Cuteness, if it’s a warning. Oh, and the gift isn’t mine.

You work in the Avengers compound, but you weren’t a Avenger. You were Dr. Selvig’s assistant and that’s why you went to the place.

Time and time you interacted with Thor when he was going to visit Dr. Selvig in the lab, which was your biggest nightmare, because he always broke something, even if he didn’t want to; or with Dr. Banner and Tony when Dr. Selvig was willing to help them out on some crazy Stark project.

It was in one of these projects that Tony invited you to a party and where you met all the other heroes. There you discovered that not all of them were playboys like Tony or gods like Thor. Some peoples, like Natasha and Clint, were much more normal compared to others, but it really was Rogers who really caught your eye.

You’ve always had a fascination for the 1940s. You always liked to know about that time, so much your doctoral thesis was about chemical formulas that could annul nuclear bombs, which was even this that drew the attention of SHIELD to your work.

When you meet Steve and start talking to him about that time, both are in tune. You both spend hours talking, forgetting everything around, only you two mattered, and that extended to several and several meetings after the party.

It was not long before you noticed something else born between the two of you. Soon a relationship began, Steve always proving to be the gentleman he was, treating you well, loving you in many ways, making you feel the most important person in his life, even though he was the leader of a group of superheroes.

It was no surprise when Steve asked you to marry him and you accepted. He was the man of your life and you the woman he loved most, didn’t have reasons to no accept.

Now there were you, the Rogers couple, five years married to one more party in the Avengers compound, as much in love with each other as you were when you started dating. But now you have one more person who loves more than yourselves.

Your little girl, Peggy, has become the most important person in your life the moment she was born two years before that party.

You arrived at the compound with Steve and Peggy on his lap, and you carrying her briefcase, drawing especially the attention of the women in the room.

“Girls, she’s so cute!” Laura, Clint’s wife, said as she approached Steve and Peggy, along with Natasha, Wanda, Hill, Christine, Hope and Pepper.

Peggy, a little ashamed of the attention she suddenly gained, rested her head on Steve’s shoulder and tried to hide her face in the neck of her father, the latter began to laugh.

“She’s a bit shy, but soon she’ll let go…” Steve commented and began answering all the questions the women asked.

You walked away smiling and settled into an armchair as you watched Natasha try to make Peggy agree to go to her lap and the only thing the baby did was hold her index finger with her chubby little hand.

“Aren’t you jealous of him being surrounded by womens?” Tony’s sudden question was what made you finally distract Steve and Peggy’s attention.

“No.” You answered and smiled at him. “Because the only one that catches his eye is in his arms.” Tony smiled and nodded.

As Steve said, Peggy began to get used to the mess that was a party in the compound. Steve set her down and the little girl started to walk around the room, toyed with Strange’s cloak, pretended to hide from Natasha in Thor’s cloak, who stood totally still in place for fear of any movement that might hurt the little girl.

About two hours of partying and Peggy had stolen the scene, becoming the center of attention of all, men and women. And as much as Bucky didn’t like it much, Peggy liked Tony’s lap more, as much as everyone knew and saw that the little girl was intrigued by that thing shining in the billionaire’s chest. Of course Tony ignored this detail and boasted that the girl preferred his lap to Buck’s lap.

After being returned to her parents, Peggy still wanted to return to the floor, refusing to stay on your lap. You then left her sitting at your feet stirring her own briefcase, which seemed to quiet the girl.

Steve, who was leaning against the back of your chair, stroked the back of your head and kissed your forehead as you looked at him.

“Thank you…” Steve whispered to you, puzzled. To ease your doubt he adds. “Thank you for loving me, for accepting my love and for giving me the most important thing in everyone’s life… A family.”

I have to thank you. If it wasn’t for you, I’d be the cat’s aunt.” You jokingly replied, making Steve laugh before giving you a kiss.

You were already forgetting everything around you during the kiss when you felt two little hands resting on your knees. When you looked away, you saw Peggy looking at you both curious and leaning on her knees to stand.

"Oh, come here, sweetheart.” You took your daughter in your lap, filling her with kisses over her face, making the girl laugh a lot.

That’s all you need. A family to call yours and friends to have support.

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