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no one:

absolutely fucking no one: 

me, weeping in the corner: but like,,,, I just can’t believe they would introduce us to David and make us fall in love with him just to take him away from us for this long like… how can they do that my heart is aching my crops are dying please how-

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So im a lil bit confused with this one guy. He’s being friendly. Enough reason he’s not flirting with me. But when he made a joke about me and I looked at him directly to laugh. Idk he made an awkward laugh.. not the kind of panic flustered laugh, but more like, scared.. laugh? IDK it’s always awkward.

But it kinda make sense if he fears me. I actually have an experience of a friend who feared me for like 1-2 years HAHA. But it’s super nice that he took his time to text me on my college graduation day!! He confessed that he did not have fun around me at first and actually feared me bc he got that kind of inferiority feeling around me. So.. but damn -_- i know i’m blessed with talents but can you also feel my anxiety lol. My awkwardness?? Like, I’m not buff or even dangerous looking. If it’s looks, I’m more to bored all the fricking time. Please fear me not, people. I actually was touched by his honesty!!! I smiled and felt bad when I read his text. I apologized right awayyy.

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dudes, mi cabeza está a punto de explotar, sólo paso rápido a avisar que no he abandonado a nadie pero la universidad me tiene a full.
Btw, la buena noticia es que literal, en dos semanas termino, o sea literal termino la carrera, posiblemente entre en crisis existencial una semana más por no saber qué hacer con mi vida y ya después vengo con todo a responder.

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So..I showed my cleavage and…

I deadass post a picture of myself and note I have a bomb ass filter on lmao but I’m showing my cleavage and I had so many dudes message me and one sent me a dick pick and I’m shook tumblr is wild and I’m never showing anything again… ya’ll I’m shook .

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