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You invented teasing. Look at those thighs, those tits, your body, your hair. The things you do.

When your man says this too you. Well fuck. The confidence boost I got. The amount I love this man. He sees so much that no one else has ever seen before. He appreciates my cute quotes I send him. He finds it cute when I sing and dance, my obsession with Taylor swift, when I cry at movies. He doesn’t judge me for anything. He deserves the best and I want to show him that. I want to be the one who gives him that. He got so happy at being given one of my Taylor swift cds because no ones ever done something like that before for him. I guess we both need to show each other what a true happy relationship is really like. Neither of us have ever found it before. Now we have each other to find it, to show that just because someone else didn’t like that doesn’t mean the one who was meant for you won’t like it either. I want to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as I can because I know you’ll spend the rest of your life doing the same for me. The happiness we have found with each other is something we’ll never find again. If I lost you I don’t think my heart would ever mend. I love you more than anyone before because you see through my bullshit, my lies, when something’s wrong. You see me. You saved me. More than you’ll ever know. I love you to hell and back John.

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