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#Be patient

Fingers dancing on the keys
My heart bleeds a melody
I have heard countless times
The storm continues to rage inside
Those around me catch glimpses of its tail
But nothing more
The head is still buried deep down
Where no eyes can witness
Where no hands can save me

Those who have settled closest
Are the ones most blinded by its illusions
The dark magic it weaves
Runs circles ‘round my head
Until I feel far too tired to hold that silver thread
Within my trembling grasp
How much deeper will the pain continue to go?
Alas I fear it has consumed me entirely

First it stole my heart
It seized it fast
And slowly - ever so slowly
Carved it from my chest
So slowly that I ne’er felt it move
Until it ceased to beat
My heart - once a raging fire
Now lies still and cold
Far from my reach

Second it shattered my spirit
The breath of life I once held dear
Like a clock with missing gears
The hands seemed to shudder
With the effort of movement
My spirit - once a wild breeze
Grew cold and savage
Baring its fangs
Until the second hand stopped

Third it drowned my mind
The vivid wonderland I had built
Became so fragile
A hollow fortress
Flooded with thoughts
That were not my own
My mind - once a gentle stream
Became a raging tide
Choking me with despair

Fourth it ravaged my body
The empty place it had become
Crumbled in upon itself
As it could no longer sustain the weight
With no movement
Inside its barren halls
My body - once a sacred temple
Had fallen to ruin
A quivering husk in the void

~ Written by Olivia Caszatt, this poem depicts what it is like to suffer from depression. It is an endless, tiring war. If you notice something seems to be “off” about someone you know, reach out to them. Even if they don’t want to talk about it, making it clear that you are there for them and will be there to support them regardless is a huge help to the victims. Just be patient with them. The deeper the wound, the deeper the scar - and the more time and effort it takes to heal.
Love and light,
Olivia (goblin-goddess-of-frogs) ~

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This healing comes in waves. On some days you will drown, and on other days you will float. On some days you will feel broken, and on other days you will feel renewed. Be patient with yourself.” 🌊

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People from both sides of the spectrum need to realize that the world is just now changing, which means that on one side you need to stop being impatient when it’s someone’s first time hearing something about that particular subject, and on the other side you need to be as open-minded as possible. Because the world is changing, it’s just changing slowly.

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