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#Black Panther
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Pairing: Erik “Killmonger” Stevens x Reader (Any body type! <3)

Warnings: cursing, the nickname ‘lil mama or lil ma’ being repeated over and over and over and over an-, soft!erik (kinda.), you playin’ hard to get (cause you are giirrllaaa)

Part I, Part II

Summary: During a business trip you best friend since say one, T’Challa (’Challa), put you on, you get a text from shuri explaining what happened. When you get there, you’re face to face with the outsider king, who has taken an interest to you.

AN; im about to fight tumblr at this point. this mfer already crashed about 100 times while im writing this- catch. my. mfing. hands.


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X-Men: Storm’s Top 10 Costumes [X]

  1. The Original Suit (1975)
  2. Punk (1983)
  3. Goddess of Thunder
  4. Grey Suit (1988)
  5. Team Uniform (1991)
  6. Silver Suit (1991)
  7. Sporty (1996)
  8. X-Treme X-Men (2001)
  9. School Uniform (2003)
  10. Wedding Dress (2006)

Directed and produced by: Noah Sterling

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Song: Sulk from the album The Bends by Radiohead

Summary: T’Challa knows how to get you out of a bad mood.

Pairing: Neutral reader x T’Challa

Length: 635 words

A/N: Oral sex (male receiving). See here for what this is all about.


T’Challa has you pressed against the big, bare wall opposite the end of your bed. Biting at your earlobe, your neck, feeling you writhe against him in pleasure.

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A/N - Here is a Black Panther fic for y’all. I hope you enjoy, since I really did. I hope you like it and feel free to let me know what you think!!

Word Count: 1,367

           For the last month and a half, the only thoughts surging through the king’s head were negative. He never looked toward the future, only at a potential past. There were so many ‘what ifs’ flowing through his mind that he couldn’t escape this internal prison, only look outside of it every once and a while to fulfil limited duties for his people. No one seemed to mind though, as his nation knew their king was in mourning. This was only partly true. T’Challa was not only mourning Erik, he was mourning the man he should have grown up to be.

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