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“恭喜发财! 祝你们新年快乐, 万事如意! Happy Nebular Year of the Rat, Earthlings!”

—- —-

The period of prosperity and luck has dawned upon us! Happy Chinese New Year to the human Asians of Earth from fellow Solar System starlings of planetary opposites, Aquarius and Taurus! Even if you aren’t celebrating the occasion, happy holidays to you all!

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Hello tumblr

I am here to ask a favor. My girlfriends baby brother is in the hospital. James is 15 and has been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. It’s a type of bone cancer. He has just started his chemo and while he is going through this we would like to cheer him up and keep his spirits high. James is an avid lover of anime (especially one piece) is anyone is an artist or cosplayer and would like to maybe do a video in character with a nice message or even draw him a picture we would really appreciate it! You can Dm me for any extra details if you like. Thank you for your time.

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It’s so funny how my Gemini energy ‘clashes’ with my boyfriend’s Cancerian energy. Not even in the way that we fight so much, more like my laid-back whatsoever, light-hearted outlook on love versus his sole, intense and almost knightly fight for love, bonding and security. Having a lot of Cancer placements myself I think that is why I feel naturally drawn to Cancer energy and it doesn’t suffocate me so much as it normally would (in the past I happened to 'date’ 2 other Cancers ?? Idk don’t ask 🤷) – but also putting up so much with someone sheds a bright BIG light on the harsh contrast of our neighboring sun signs.

I love people with all my heart, but I don’t get stuck or fight an extremely idealistic love battle. I can look at love lightly from my sun sign perspective and just move on (without ever forgetting a person and all the great things someone has ever done to me – I’m still too Cancerian/water dominant for it to be totally heartless - it’s just in an unruly windy Mercury way.)

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hello! I hope your day was great! Thoughts on aries sun, cancer moon, and scorpio rising? Thank you!

Hard shell on the outside, but softie on the inside.

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what your soul came here to develop based on your ascendant sign:

aries: self-comfort

taurus: open-mindedness

gemini: sensitivity

cancer: confidence

leo: a sense of duty

virgo: inner balance

libra: discernment

scorpio: faith

sagittarius: applied ambition

capricorn: ingenuity

aquarius: transcendantlism

pisces: a fighting spirit

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Libra = Cardinal

My Libra placements (Sun & Mercury) lead the way into the future. Having my Moon in the 7th house cements this. Other cardinal placements I have are Eris, Mars, Uranus & Neptune. I am able to sense which way the world should go and help it get there. That’s why I’m never surprised when others begin to be like me or begin to show signs of liking the things I like, or emulate my behavior.

I’m a natural born leader. Of course this is going to happen! I welcome it. I’m USED to it. I do wish others are able to find themselves while enacting the blueprints I leave behind. If they keep going for everything I try, they might be all over the place in the end, & some people are not cut out for that. 😬

My Rising and Moon are opposite each other in a Mutable axis. I’m here to try it all and invite EVERYONE on board.

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telling stories about me getting drunk are funny because basically it’s i got drunk and i ended up crying.

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When I had cancer…

I had this great confidence within myself that I knew I would beat it. I never went “Why me?” I saw it as a bump in the road. You know what? After puking my guts out due to chemo, losing my hair (which I wanted to because in my mind it meant the chemo was working), and feeling weak all the time…I won. I knew I would and I did. That was in 2016.

So why in the hell has 2020 brought this depression to me? Why can’t I see it as a bump in the road? Why do I feel that I cannot beat depression? During chemo I wasn’t depressed at all. Maybe I was too sick to feel anything…I don’t know.

I’ve been giving into the urges to harm myself…and I know they do me no good. I’m seeing a doc for it too, learning ways to deal with it all over again.

Depression will not defeat me.

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Today was my first time back to yoga practice since surgery (recovery yoga, very gentle, only 20 minutes).

Some things are easier, sans pressure of the tumor in my gut. More flexibility, more reach from the abdomen. But wow, I hadn’t thought about cat-cow. Cow is HARD with a stomach zipper.

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‪It has come to my attention that one of my favorite authors has been diagnosed with cancer. I made this piece to help spread awareness and so that others will be aware and help what ever way they can. ‬


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