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C'è una cosa che mi fa abbastanza ridere: quest'anno, il 2020, è stato annunciato come “l'anno del Capricorno”, tutti gli astri, i satelliti, gli spiriti potenti e le streghe di Gabri Ponte sono dalla sua parte.

E poi ci sono io, Capricorno con ascendente Capricorno che:

  • il 4 gennaio finisco in ospedale
  • Il 5 gennaio entrano i carabinieri a casa mia
  • Il 6 gennaio litigo furiosamente con mia madre
  • Il 7 gennaio tento il suicidio
  • L'8 gennaio lascio io mio ragazzo e lo denuncio
  • Il 9 gennaio il gatto mi vomita dentro alle ciabatte

Caro amicone Paolo Fox, forse dovresti rivedere le tue priorità!

(Nah, scherzo, in realtà è successa una cosa bellissima proprio ieri, e io sono felice come una principessa della Disney, e nulla volevo soltanto dirvelo in modo inusuale.)

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Libra = Cardinal

My Libra placements (Sun & Mercury) lead the way into the future. Having my Moon in the 7th house cements this. Other cardinal placements I have are Eris, Mars, Uranus & Neptune. I am able to sense which way the world should go and help it get there. That’s why I’m never surprised when others begin to be like me or begin to show signs of liking the things I like, or emulate my behavior.

I’m a natural born leader. Of course this is going to happen! I welcome it. I’m USED to it. I do wish others are able to find themselves while enacting the blueprints I leave behind. If they keep going for everything I try, they might be all over the place in the end, & some people are not cut out for that. 😬

My Rising and Moon are opposite each other in a Mutable axis. I’m here to try it all and invite EVERYONE on board.

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New Moon 🌝♒️

I was writing about the new moon earlier this morning, got high and forgot so..

The New moon is in Aquarius. This is the first New Moon of this year. New Moon’s are considered fertile due to it being a new start, we’ll compare it to a seed in this case. This is the time to start a new journey. Pack your bags it’s time to get moving! Plant your seed in the soil of your garden then set foot upon your ship, New Moon Aquarius (all ships need a name..) Now set sail into the unknown. Wind gushing all directions. Shooken. Unstable. Your ship, New Moon Aquarius is breaking. Stand tall and strong. Firmly set your ground. Create the best out of this tough situation. Grab the wheel and stir the ship best you can lad. The Aquarius is full of spontaneous imaginative energy. This power will provide us to be a bit rebellious. Get prepared for unexpected changes, Aquarius is full of them. Maybe a friendship dissolving, new upsetting situations? Try to not let it stress you out so much and relax. Aquarius is full of creative power find better solutions and ways to react to these things. More care, more understanding, more ideas.

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☆ traditional, dreamer, stuck in the past, self-sufficient, independent

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Give placements to Characters

Hey, fellow astrology lovers,

I am in the middle of the process of creating characters and I was curious as to what placements would you think match them.

If you are interested, reach me out by DM and I’ll talk to you about them.

All I ask is for an opinion, there ain’t no right or wrong answer, so don’t be a stranger.

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Live sale tonight 8pm est! Here’s some Himalayan salt loving for your Friday new moon vibes! What are you manifesting? 💎🌑✨
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Pisces: *Watching Taurus pour two cans of Monster into their nitro coldbrew coffee*

Pisces: What are you doing?

Taurus *Completely monotone*: I’m trying to die Pisces.

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How do you get a Virgo sun and cap moon to open up to you 😩😩 Ik they say patience is key but dammm 😭😭

Uuuu everyone has their moments, with some you need to wait. Eventually they will. Also depends on their house placements and other personal factors.

Maybe you could ask them, why are they so private or if they are starting to feel more comfortable around you, or something of that sort. I have someone I love (romantically) who is one of my best friends, he is a cap sun/taurus moon well I waited a whole ass year until he started opening up to me.

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New Moon in Capricorn - Shravana

The season’s new moon takes place in the constellation of Shravana in the zodiac sign Capricorn. This section of the sky spans from 10-23:19 degrees and is demonstrative of the energies of manifestation through the power of intentional listening.

Shravana means “hearing” or “listening”, and is symbolized by an ear, 3 footprints, and arrow. This is not likened unto casual hearing, or listening for what we want to hear—but consciously connecting with another individual and listening for what may not be spoken in words. “Reading in-between the lines” is very much appropriate here. This constellation is ruled by the moon and has been referred to as “The Star of Learning”. The deity here is Lord Vishnu, the All-pervasive One; the One who harmonizes. 

Capricorn is the zodiac sign specifically connected with the energy of production, where what we truly desire to manifest in our lives, we also apply deliberate and consistent hard work. There is great vigilance here. It is also important to recognize the power of our manifestation as synonymous with our ability to listen and connect to our peers, our community and the society at large. 

This new moon seeks to transform or sharpen our intuitiveness, as we connect our hearts to the hearts of others and listen for the message that is most applicable to us at this time. Leaning away from purely self-motivated interests, this will enable us to see the bigger picture at hand, thereby hastening our ability to move forward in the fulfillment of the very things we desire. 

We are encouraged to rest quietly now, perhaps setting aside an intentional time of silence—for in-depth listening will be a theme at play over the next 30 days. Cleansing, repair, and regeneration are activities that work on more subtle levels now. Blessed New Moon!

The new moon in Capricorn is in accordance with the Sidereal Zodiac, as utilized in Vedic Astrology.

The Shravana new moon and its effects by Ascendant sign:

Aries Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 10th house. Re-connections with old business partners or past collaborators may surface. Harmonizing skills in relation to career interests—bringing peace to pursuits.

Taurus Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 9th house. Unexpected or eye-opening perceptual experiences can occur regarding spirituality, teachers and/or religious pursuits. Dissatisfaction may occur with the mundane.

Gemini Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 8th house. Transformations involving one’s position in romance. Perceptual changes may emerge that heighten sensitivity to the unseen world. Discussion concerning an acquisition may surface.

Cancer Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 7th house. Challenges may arise with contracts or business partners that emphasize renegotiations. New commitments can occur. Be attentive to personal harmony within relationships. 

Leo Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 6th house. Illuminations may surface with regards to finding pleasure in daily tasks. Renewal of health commitments and the giving or receiving of advice from an elder may arise.

Virgo Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 5th house. A new understanding of old vices may take place. New steps can be made to heal dysfunctions within relationships—particularly within the family or with children.

Libra Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 4th house. It may become necessary to take a risk in order to extradite the building of the home. Questions regarding one’s comfort zones may emerge. New boundaries may be set to enhance living conditions. Renewal of relations with mother or one’s inner divine feminine.

Scorpio Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 3rd house. One’s own deceptions or the deceptiveness of another may become apparent—particularly with regards to communications. Reconciling rivalry with one’s sibling(s). Renewing commitments to exchange in regular communications with a sibling or peer. May experience a boost in courage. 

Sagittarius Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 2nd house. Illuminations may surface regarding desires and one’s values. Transformation of the emotions may surface as there may be a preoccupation with wishing for what is unavailable. A close male friendship or one’s own inner divine masculine may experience a sudden change for the better.

Capricorn Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 1st house. Commitments to love and appreciate oneself can emerge. Care and concern for one’s physical appearance may become a preoccupation. There may be an extreme desire to share personal feelings or long-held secrets. 

Aquarius Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 12th house. One’s connection to the world of Spirit and one’s own intuitiveness may be revived. Commitments to anchor or ground oneself within the challenging condition of current events may take place. Resurgence of vision to enhance oneself through confinement.

Pisces Ascendant - The new moon takes place in your 11th house. Illumination of one’s vision and success may take precedence. Enhanced stamina to network and go the distance to secure one’s gains may be experienced. Dedication to increase ingenuity.

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Awww could I ask you of a BTS compatibility?? I really appreciate you doing these 😁 Cap sun, sag/cap rising, Gemini moon, Aquarius mars,Venus,Jupiter and sag mercury (Saturn in 3house/Aries) 💞💞💞

Obviously Angel 💞💞💞

1) Jimin

2) Taehyung

3) Jungkook

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It is most accurate for Rising/Ascendant signs but you can also look for Sun signs.

Libra Rising/Sun:

3 of Pentacles - This card is a positive sign of encouragement for you lovelies to continue your pursue of your goals/ideas/work-related stuff. Continue with passion and fire while using your effort and not quitting. It is also a team card, so perhaps you will need to do some teamwork in order to succeed quicker and more efficiently instead of just working alone, or maybe you will need to recognize somebody’s talents and gifts and it’ll help you. You will need to look through different viewpoints, different opinions, different offers and you will be on your way to success. Do not quit after the first failure. When it comes to love, for the singles maybe you will meet your s/o through the teamwork, through work, by doing your hobbies, reaching your goals. If you are already connected to someone, or have a relationship, it will only deepen the bond and you will understand how important it is to be a team and work on each other together.
The Emperor - Methods, strategy, structure. This card is an indicator that you should focus on those things in order to come closer to your goals. The Emperor is a masculine energy, the paternal instincts, working hard but with a plan that is executed strategically with principles and methods, he is the ruler of rulers after all. You will be in control of all this and you will lean away from your more feminine energy (I’m speaking of your Libra energies) toward the masculine, controlling, more aggressive energies.
Ace of Wands - Beginnings, focus, creativity. You will have this flow of ideas, creative flow that will bring your fantasy alive, so much energy you will also have. Enthusiasm and active energy toward achieving all of that, with the combination of The Emperor and Ace of wands you will have the two sides of a coin, the necessary strategic/methodical approach and the creative, playful side accompanied by courage and enthusiasm in order to start. Also in love, it is an exciting, even a bit immature but in a cute way, start that will bring you joy back into your life.

Scorpio Rising/Sun:

3 of Wands - Your horizons are broadening, you are taking shit seriously right now. You’ve grown a lot in 2019, so you understand it is time for you, as a being, to experience that growth and you will cling to more long-lasting commitments related to all fields of your life. You will look at options and opportunities carefully, which will bring you to choose the best option. Also in love you will be looking for a long-term commitment, you are done with ‘flings’, you have this new-found thirst for life and creating some that will actually grow and actually last.
Queen of Wands - Fiery, joyful energy. This Queen is exciting, uplifting, with your choices you will inspire, with your energy you will lift people up. This Queen is also a Queen which is loyal and stands by your side in thick and thin. I see you going through some challenges that are necessary for your growth, but you will come out victorious of course. Also you will have this light charisma that will attract people and perhaps a new love interest for your singles. This Queen is sexy, so you will be on your sexy phase over here.
Queen of Pentacles - Awesome balance. Boss bitch. Sexy and strategically ready for work. You will be super focused, determined, you will always have back up plans when it comes to work/school. This Queen will also bless you with sensuality, she is a sensual Queen who is very much grounded and is hard-working and present, she gets shit done. 

Sagittarius Rising/Sun:

4 of cups - Maybe you’ve begun, or you are beginning this year a bit on the down side, with apathy: “Whatever happens, happens.” But boo, you need to look around, you have so many different signs from the Universe, so many things that you are missing while you are looking down on things. You are not even giving the Universe a chance to surprise you, so many blessings are on your way, it is time to lift your head and look around baby.
The Hierophant - Morality, ethics, tradition. With the Hierophant here I am positive you will start making very strong, structured decisions that will cement the flow of your future. With the Hierophant come serious commitments, some things will get resolved for you. In love it also means marriage, maybe some of you are getting engaged/married or you will attend a big wedding. Or maybe you will be involved in other ceremonies.
Death Reversed: It is time for change, maybe some of you have been holding on to the past too tightly, it is time to let go. It is time to face the ‘now’, the present, embrace the past, let it go and embrace the changes that will maybe happen quickly because you’ve been holding tightly to the past. You are afraid it is okay, change is always good, but it is our perspective of when we understand that. When it comes to love, for the singles, maybe you are still holding onto some negative patterns/habits that aren’t letting you outgrow that, grow as a person. You need to work on that and let yourself flow toward the changes, let go all the negative connotation about love, love is lovely.

Capricorn Rising/Sun:

8 of swords - Aw! This is great, finally my babies are getting released. You will finally see through the blindfold you’ve put on yourself. Your anxieties may have been getting higher and higher, but you will come to a realization and you will free your mind, you will experience that release. It will feel amazing, because you put yourself in that mind-prison, hopelessness and now you will realize you are in control and from hopeless you will become hopeful. It will feel great, flow with it my loves!
The Fool - Great, new, positive changes. This year you will experience so many new things that will restore your innocence, because you will be so curious, so naive stepping into these new grounds with such enthusiasm it is so lovely! Enjoy these positive changes but also be careful of not being taken advantage in these happy moments by awful people, keep the valuables closest in these moments, share your enthusiasm!!
Ace of Pentacles - New beginnings, new material blessings from the Universe, abundance, material help. Success, focus, determination, hard-work but also rewards, something that will develop slowly, but securely and throughout the whole year. 

Aquarius Rising/Sun:

10 of Wands - Aw! Great, release, freedom! You will come to a point of completion of a cycle that has really put a tool on you, because you’ve been carrying your own weight and the weight of your closest ones on your little shoulders. That will be released, you will release and overcome this pain in 2020. Wow I feel such fresh, new energy.
Queen of Wands in reverse - You will come face to face with your own insecurities, you will work on yourself, so be gentle. You will definitely focus on other people this year instead of just yourself, you will be selfless rather than selfish. Listen to others more, be there for those same people more and it will be lovely. Work on yourself, self-love, self-care and patience also kindness to yourself and to others.
6 of Swords in reverse - You might have been resisting change, but do not hold grudges, do not hold the past, do not hold onto negative thoughts. Learn to release all that I believe with the completion of the 10 of wands this will also come to you, calm, tranquil changes and transitions.

Pisces Rising/Sun:

5 of Wands - More assertiveness, competitiveness from you lovelies. You will come in tough with your more assertive side and competitive side. You will compete for something you really love and believe in. You will be more able to express your thoughts and articulate them better in 2020. There is a negative connotation to this card but I do not get that feel, I just feel that power from this card. Also in love maybe you will start flirting with someone who has a teasy-kind-of-humor, which is kinda cute.
10 of Pentacles in reverse - Maybe something will end abruptly for you, for some relationships who are not fit for the long-run, but be careful financially. Try to find your focus, your determination in order to get back on your feet, do not get defeated by losing a battle, because you will get many more chances, but please pay attention to not getting lost in translation. Always have a way of getting alert, of having some resources.
The Wheel of Fortune - I feel you will experience a lot of karmic events, relationships, you will learn a lot in 2020 and you will attract a lot of fortune. 

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