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#Casey Gardner

Can I just say that I love

How Izzie is always on CLOUD FUCKING NINE whenever she gets to do anything intimate with Casey?

The dance? Girl lost herself, got ready for lovin’ in like 3 seconds- before she checked herself and blamed it on Casey lol

The hand hold in the car? I think I remember her doing a really languid closing of her eyes, as if she was just rushed by the euphoria of physical contact.

The goodbye kiss at the door? A giggling fucking fool.

Lord help her, I love every second of it lmao

Thank you, Fivel Stewart! 👏

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im finishing atypical season 3 right now and i have some thoughts. Having a lgbt storyline about casey is so amazing and needed! With that, Izzie is toxic and hurts Casey’s heart and i absolutely hate it. I want Casey to be in a relationship with a girl, i really REALLY do. I think Casey needs to work on herself before she gets into a relationship :) 


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as a bisexual the casey love triangle in atypical has me feeling all types of conflicted because imgine having to choose between




like fiejdlp dneodppdkfifk??? come again??

(also the conflicting feelings of wanting a queer couple but thinking evan treats casey better and isn’t as manipulative even if the chemistry isn’t as high just ???)

come kill me

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