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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#Character Design

I finally finished Benji’s design like I said I would two months later 😤

His outfit was difficult to come up with bc I wanted it to be. Something that a shapeshifter would wear LOL his clan are fans of lots of patterns and dangling jewelry so >:’D BUT I really like how it turned out so!!

Info on him is here and here if you’re curious!!



Everyone fall in love with Emilio challenge

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Inktober day 19: Sling

If my drawings of the prompts don’t match up with the meaning, is because i can’t figure out what the best translation of the word is for my portuguese speaking brain. Which is where today’s drawing comes from. I took one of the translations, which is throw

This is an angel hunter i drew last year, but now she’s a girl because i wanted XD


Inktober dia 19: Lançar

Se meus desenhos das prompts não correspondem com o significado é porque eu não consigo achar a melhor tradução pro português dessa palavra. Que é daonde veio o desenho de hoje. Eu peguei uma das traduções, que significa lançar.

Essa é a caçadora de anjos que eu desenhei ano passado, mas agora ela é uma garota porque eu quis XD

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Drawtober Day 19!

I really like this one 😁

Definitely a good base for further development 👍🏽

#art #drawing #characterdesign #character #faces #drawfromimagination #sketch #sketchbook #cecelyvart #studiomama0910 #draweveryday #dailysketch #portraitdrawing

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• Inktober Day 9: Gym Leader 3 •

Jasper, Dark type gym leader of Marisao City.

Owner and manager of the Marisao cafe. Will absolutely tell you about his Pokepuff recipes.

— • — • —

I think it’s an unwritten rule that anyone designing a fan-Pokémon region, has to have a dark type gym leader. There has never been one in cannon and honestly by this point it’s starting to get ridiculous.

Also in the process of this particular drawing did I learn that gen 4/Sinnoh has no pure dark type Pokémon besides Darkrai. Jasper is from Sinnoh, should have mentioned that, that’s why this matters.

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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll know I’m in the process of changing my style to experiment with more metaphorical and symbolic pieces. This is a taste of what I’m thinking of going with! This style will be on my other Instagram account: @hibiskiss_art, so if you’re interested please go check it out there!

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