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Working on another baradile adopt, this is Hollow! He’s a mix of two subspecies of baradiles that I wanna do pure versions of at some point. For now I’m working on finishing this guy up (just needs a full body image and his sheet is done) so I can have him available for purchase sometime next week. His sale will likely be conducted on FA. Here’s his lil flavor blurb that I wrote out to give me an idea to work with as I designed him.

Hollow is a cheerful spiny/caped baradile mix that can talk to the dead. His split heritage gives him prominent traits of both species; elongated spines down his back, a big prickly tail, and a unique, vibrant coloration. An opportunistic ghost possessing him caused most of his natural coloration to fade, but he doesn’t mind. The ghost (named “ghost”) has nearly taken over his entire body, but has no actual control over him. It hasn’t attempted taking full control in a long time. Hollow thinks this is because ghost has grown attached to him and would miss him if he was gone.

Ghost has no comment.

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