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#Custom Knight


After hours and hours of work (and a sleepless night) I finally finished the Little Hornet skin! 

Skin’s link: 

How to install the skin 

1: Open the files in this order: 

C:\Program Files (x86) 




Hollow Knight 



or just simply:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hollow Knight\hollow_knight_Data\Managed 

2: Drop the “Mods” file in the “Managed” file. 

3: Start the game. 

4: Look carefully if “CustomKnight: 1.2.0” is displayed at the top left of the main menu. 

5: Go to the settings to check if the CustomKnight mod is activated. 

And There you go ! Have fun with the skin! 


Après des heures et des heures de travails (et une nuit blanche) j'ai enfin terminé le skin Little Hornet ! 

Lien du skin: 

Comment installer le skin 

1: Ouvrez les fichiers dans cet ordre: 

C:\Program Files (x86) 




Hollow Knight 



ou tout simplement: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hollow Knight\hollow_knight_Data\Managed 

2: Déposez le fichier “Mods” dans le fichier “Managed”. 

3: Démarrez le jeu. 

4: Regardez bien si “CustomKnight : 1.2.0” est bien afficher en haut à gauche du menu principale. 

5: Allez dans les réglages pour vérifier si mod CustomKnight est bien activer. 

Et voilà ! Amusez vous bien avec le skin ! 

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Oh my, sorry! You misunderstood! I meant to say who seems to be in the lead for submissions?

Sorry for my mistake, the English is not my language.😅

The Project Custom Knight is a bit like a contest.

Entrants must reblog the post with a picture of their OC (Vessel) and the selected winners (Tumblr and Twitter) will receive a copy of the skin which they can use while playing the game.

The winners will be announced on January 20 on Twitter and Tumblr.

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Well Free 4-star ticket coming for NA

Torn between Frankenstein and Laturia. Both for aesthetic reasons. Hard torn. I got Enkidu, Lancer Kiyohime, and Karna for a Lancer team and then Nightingale, Herc and Kiyohime for my Berserker team. I am Conflict on who to choose…

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I saw your project to make a custom skin for the Knight. I am used to the mod "Custom Knight" and I played some run with different skins, but now I wanted to try creating a custom skin, too. Since you are going to do it, can I ask you how are you going to create a new skin? Are you going to draw over the top of the original skin or is it there a blank layer you can use as a base?

Sorry for the late, here how I make a skin.

Step 1: I use the software Paint Tool Sai 2

Step 2: I use these sprites


Step 3: I choose the file “Knight” first before use the other files.


Step 4: I make a new layer or more


Step 5: I reduce the opacity of Layer 1


Step 6: I drawing the skin on the new layer

Important! The skin must be positioned correctly.


Last step: After finish the skin, I put the files in this folder.




Important: You must keep the original files if you want to become the Knight again and the name of files must be exactly same that the original files. (otherwise the skin does not work)

And that’s all!

I hope my advice will be useful to you.

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