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how often does Izuku overwork himself? bonus: Shinsou finding out and brainwashing him to go sleep and then calling Aizawa so the man can force Izuku to take a day off by the threat of expulsion (Aizawa also calls All Might so Toshi can give Izuku his best disappointed dad stare)

this is completely canon in my heart

and wellll considering mido in recent anime-happenings has gotten bad enough w overworking himself that aoyama stepped in w the whole cheese surprise thing, and we know from the manga that his stress only Worsens, i think it’s safe to assume mido overwhelms himself,,a Lot

like hes naturally driven anyway and now that he has this quirk nd the fate of the future in his hands as well as the lives of his classmates once they become pros and start working together, he’s not gonna rest like at all

so yes,,shinsou tells him to go tf to sleep,,,uraraka and iida help carrying him to his room,,,pls,,i am crying i am beggnig this is all i want

also dadzawa and dad might?? absolute gold. i am in tatters, in tears, this is all i want

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Warning/s: This is not a reader insert fanfic, this is purely Shota Aizawa and his unequaled bond with class 1-A

Character/s: Shota Aizawa, Class 1-A

Tags: @mci-writing@savnofilter


Pain. White hot searing pain shot through his body with every single step he took, worsening by the second. Shota tried not to feel it. He tried because he didn’t deserve it.

Guilt and vexation filled his mind as the pain did to his damaged body. Never once did he blame anyone but himself. Hatred for himself and those loathsome villains made his entire body shake and tremor with sobs that morning as he recalled the horrific events that occurred only two nights before. The memories hit him like one punch after another, each harder than the last. Shota closed his eyes and inhaled sharply, shaking his head slightly. The screams of pain his students let out were like a flash flood in his ears, pulling at his heart.

Salty tears wet the dark pavement beneath the feet of several people who all seemed to be in the same distressed state of mind. It was a cold night and the wind was harsh, causing harsh coldness and hair to whip around rapidly.   

Shota would move him from his face, but both of his arms are twisted in a strained position by the man behind him. He was kneeling on the pavement. He knew he could get out of the position, but he was rendered sightless by the dark cloth around his eyes and it would be completely irrational to act out in such a situation. 

He was obviously surrounded and sightless, his capturers were most likely armed, and it would only put his students in more danger.

His students..

Panic slowly started to settle in as he realized that the whereabouts of his students were unbeknownst to him. Shota could hear his heart pounding, which did nothing to calm him, as he started to think of a plan. Quickly, he tore one of his hands towards his front, grimacing at the pain that was left in his shoulder in the result. The man behind him yelled out in surprise, quickly bending over to regain his grip over the male, and just as he did, Shota slammed his head back and heard a rather sickening crunch, and he knew he hit his target. 

Standing up, Shota moved to remove the cloth around his eyes but was frozen in place as a ‘bang’ rang throughout the air and was quickly replaced by a feminine scream of pain.


Shota thought as his eyes widened from behind the fold. Before he could react, a fist connected with his jaw, and then a foot to his head. Afterward, nothing. No sight. No control. No dominance. No consciousness

Sadness pulled at the strings of Shota’s heart as he breathed heavily, attempting to calm himself. As he slowly opened his eyes, he felt a wave of nausea hit like a tsunami, causing him to stumble down the steps he attempted to walk.

“Mr. Aizawa!” A soft voice called out to him as he recollected himself. He recognized the voice to be that of one of his student, Uraraka. “Are you okay?”

You aren’t He thought, but instead voiced a quick 'fine’ as he walked passed her, taking note of her limp and bruised body. It was like he was 65% guilt, and not water. Opening the door, Shota held it open for Uraraka as she caught up and walked in, closing the door behind him and facing the board ahead. He couldn’t face his students. Not after what happened. 

“Alright, today won’t be a very productive day, seeing as the events that….um…the uh, events that took place have injured quite a few of you.” He said, choking on his words before continuing. He was ashamed, and would never forgive himself. “You have-" 

“Mr. Aizawa?” Someone interrupted.

Shota instead decided to continue, unable to look at the class.

“Mr. Aizawa?” The same person whined out with much less patience.

“Ashido, do you not see I am in the middle of–” 

“Sir, If you don’t turn around right now I swear to god.”  ‘Ashido’ said, annoyance laced in her words.

“What is it this time?–”  Shota spun around, voice matching Ashido’s annoyance. Now frozen in place, Shota stood like a statue, confusion dead on his face. The sight before him could make even the blind stare in confusion.

His entire class stood with their backs to him with black jumpers lined in purple. They even got Katsuki in on it, not willingly of course. But, that’s not what really stood out; the jumpers had purple and black kitty ears on the hoods and the word 'I am being handled by the best teacher in the whole universe’ etched across the back in big, bubble letters.

Shota simply blinked as his students turned towards him, standing around or getting back into their seats. Mina skipped up to him with a grin spread across her face.

"We got Momo to make these for us! We saw that you were upset and decided to cheer you up.” She beamed, gesturing the taller female who just smiled and bowed slightly.

Shota felt a small grin force its way onto his face, fighting to keep it back. Sadly, his students managed to catch it and a couple of them started whooping and hollering and the rest just smiled, causing him to roll his eyes.

Sighing, Shota turned back around, letting his smile grow wider. “Idiots. All of you, now head back before I erase all of your quirks.”

“But Mr. Aizawa, you can’t do that–”

“Shut it.”

Shota was sitting in the teacher’s lounge with his best friend and fellow teacher, Hizashi, aka Present Mic.

"And they were all just standing there with them on.” He finished explaining the events from earlier on to his friend. Hizashi was laying on the couch with Shota.

“You really love them, huh?” Hizashi asked, laughed quietly as his friend started grumbling in response.

He smiled slightly at the slight vibrating feeling from his laugh. Sighing, he looked at the picture filled with his smiling students and flashed a smirk before averting his gaze once again. “Yeah, I guess I do.”


A/N: My trash self was bored so I decided to re watch Bnha from season 1, I almost forgot how I came to love Aizawa’s character in the first place. HE JUST NEEDS MORE APPRECIATION SO I TOOK THE HONOR AND GAVE WHAT HE DESERVES <3

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Biological Parent AUs are ok, but to me it means more to have a connection with someone without the question of “biological duty”, I guess. To be chosen for who you are and not where you came from or who you’re related to. There are some exceptions, of course, but on the whole, there’s just something special about watching two complete strangers getting to know each other and then one day it hits them, almost bowling them over, “this is my [kid/parent/sibling]. They filled a hole in my life and heart that I didn’t know I had. Is this what having a family feels like? I can’t loose them”

And then of course the agony that comes along with that realization of that, thinking “I can’t presume to take that place in their life… But I’ll stick by them and support them however I can.” Especially when both sides are agonizing over it at the same time. (Although I won’t lie, the “Alright, I’m your father now, kid.” is also GREAT.)

Just. Unconditional, unquestioning, whole hearted, platonic, familial love.

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for prompts um.. aizawa learning about ofa but in like a painful way? in a 'im telling you this because i have no choice/we're gonna die anyway so what does it matter' way? maybe? i also just want... people realizing that deku had a Hard Time and because of that its hard for him to really be like. thoroughly happy. he's so passively suicidal it hurts lol!

content warning for descriptions of serious injuries

Shouta is aware of how fast things can turn bad. USJ had gone from a training exercise to a desperate struggle to preserve 20 lives in a matter of seconds. 

So, he isn’t exactly surprised when he wakes from unconsciousness chained to a wall, still-blurred vision scanning the room - some kind of basement, two masked men, Midoriya chained up on the same wall. That suggests a lack of knowledge, that maybe they’d expected Shouta to be alone and grabbed the kid as a bonus, because chains aren’t exactly-

As if he’s brought it into being with the thought, power crackles along his students arms and the chains holding Midoriya break with an oddly-muted crack. Midoriya jumps to his feet, spinning the momentum straight into a kick that launches one of the men across the room. The other, instead of backing away from the 16-year-old explosion of power they’ve clearly vastly underestimated, steps in closer, and Shouta activates erasure with a lurch of panic in his gut.

Then, everything goes oddly still. Midoriya and the captor still on his feet just stand there, at an angle where Shouta can’t see what’s happened to make them stop. The man takes one step back, and still Midoriya just stands there, suspended, angled too far away for Shouta to be able to see his expression.

What he can see is the man in the corner starting to recover from the blow, dragging himself up - then stopping with pure panic in his eyes when he sees Midoriya. He bolts for the stairs, the other man backs up another step, and finally Shouta can see the knife embedded in his student’s abdomen.

Keep reading

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Midoriya Izami: Queen of the Underworld
by Nikkinight Joy

When Midoriya Izami was four she was supposed to get her quirk like all of the rest of the children her age, but the thing about her quirk is that it wasn’t like either of parents. She didn’t have the power to attract objects like her mother or breathe literal fire like her father. No, you see Midoriya Izami had the power of the shadows, controlling the darkness that lurked behind everyone, distorting and manipulating to their greatest fear.

This came as a type of curse to little Izami as it not only ostracized her from her other peers but her own family as well. Her father was never in the picture but she always thought that she would be able to count on her mother, oh how wrong she was.

Her mother, the woman that she thought was supposed to love her unconditionally began to fear her, hate her. When she came home covered in bruises, crying about the other kids, about Kachan her mother would turn a blind eye. Tell her to suck it up.

This would continue every day, only getting worse as she got older. Until one day it was stopped, stopped by four men that would become her everything, her saviors, her friends, her family.

Words 2130, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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Originally posted by justin-ripley

Pairing: Shouta Aizawa x Fem!Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: So y’all remember THIS request where I said I’d post the headcanons separately? Well here they are, and they took me waaaayyyy too fucking long to write. Sorry they’re shit, lol


  • You knew Shouta was bringing Eri to live with you at the end of the week
  • You’d done all the appropriate paperwork, so she’d officially be yours. 
  • Everything really depended on Eri, however.
  • Kohaku would have a big sister if Eri liked it there
  • You hadn’t met her yet, but Shouta assured you she was sweet
  • You two prepared the spare room for her to stay in
  • Neither of you knew what she liked
  • But you tried to make it as soft and warm as possible
  • You were more nervous than he was
  • You really wanted to give this little girl the life she deserved
  • He did warn you she was shy, you could understand why
  • You made sure everything was ready for when she got there
  • You spent the week cleaning and trying to make it as homey as possible.
  • You watched the clock, waiting anxiously for you husband to appear. He was bringing two students who made Eri comfortable with him.
  • Normally that was against his rules. But he wanted her to be as at ease as possible.
  • Kohaku was fussy, she didn’t feel like waiting for her dad and the others before she ate dinner.
  • Eri clung to Midoriya’s pants leg when Shouta brought her home. 
  • You’d been in the kitchen, feeding the baby.
  • Her large red eyes glancing around warily.
  • “No one here is going to hurt you,” Shouta assured her. 
  • “Yeah,” Mirio said with a grin. “You can have a real home now.”
  • Is this what a home is supposed to look like? she wondered.
  • Your husband called to you, and then lead them into where you were.
  • Eri hid when you smiled at her.
  • Kohaku gurgled happily, reaching for her father. She wriggled impatiently in her high chair.
  • “Eri, Mirio, this is my wife, [Name], and our daughter, Kohaku.”
  • “Your daughter is adorable!” Mirio cheered, and then grinned at you. “It’s nice to meet you Mrs Aizawa.”
  • “So you’re the famous Mirio I’ve heard about, it’s nice to finally meet you. And Midoriya, it’s good to see you again. It’s been a while since you’ve been in the nurse’s office.”
  • Midoriya blushed, muttering out a yeah.
  • You handed your daughter to Shouta giving him a peck on the cheek, then kneeled to Eri’s level.
  • “It’s nice to finally meet you too, Eri, I’ve heard a lot about you. Are you hungry? I just finished dinner.”
  • She stared at you, looking for approval from your husband. He nodded. Then she did when she turned back to you.
  • “I wasn’t sure what you liked. So I hope what I made is okay. - I made enough for everyone, of course." 
  • Shouta gestured to a seat. Slowly, Eri climbed into it. She was just barely big enough to see over the table.
  • "Do you want something to sit on?” your husband asked. Eri feverently shook her head. “It is okay to ask for things.” Eri just shook her head again. He took a seat next to her after putting Kohaku back in her high chair.
  • Mirio and Midoriya took a seat too. 
  • Mirio couldn’t resist playing with the baby. Kohaku gurgled and sputtered happily as he made faces at her. “She’s adorable, you guys should make another one!" 
  • Shouta rolled his eyes, while your face felt like it was burning.
  • You carried over plates and pots and bowls, then dished everything out before taking your seat on the other side of the high chair.
  • "Enjoy everyone!”
  • Eri was hesitant in eating what you made, at first. But soon began to happily stuff her face.
  • Midoriya was kind enough to help with the dishes after.
  • “We have a room ready for you,” Shouta said. “Do you want to go see it?”
  • Eri nodded, holding onto his pants leg. Mirio and Midoriya trailed after, Mirio cradling Kohaku in his arms.
  • “I hope you like it,” you said, opening the door.
  • Everything was warm, plush, and soft. There was a rug on the floor in soft colors, and the furniture was white. 
  • Her room had a window, so light streamed in through gauzy white curtains. The bed had a cute comforter, cushy pillows, and a few stuffed animals. 
  • You didn’t want it to feel like a prison.
  • “It’s all yours.” You gestured into the room. “Come see for yourself.”
  • She would definitely not go inside without holding onto someone.
  • Shouta had to give her a little shove, but she walked in and looked around.
  • “Mine?” Eri asked and hesitated before picking a stuffed rabbit off the bed.
  • Shouta nodded. “You don’t have to be in here all the time.”
  • It didn’t take long for Eri to climb on the bed and settle in to the warm. You could see some of her anxiety ease.
  • She fiddled with the stuffy animals and glanced around dreamily.
  • You and the guys were talking when you looked over to see Eri already comfortable and out like a light in the pile of pillows.
  • You ushered them to living room, so as not to wake her.
  • You were sure it would take some time before Eri was comfortable around you. But she was such a sweet girl and adored your husband. 
  • You were glad you were able to provide her some comfort.
  • You were sure she’d come to trust you, and see you all as her family in no time.
  • You were happy to patiently wait for that day.
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