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Imagine death has a daughter who has just turned 3. She’s gotten a habit of mimicking her father when he grunts and growls. She’ll even mimic what he says, accent and all, if she finds it funny enough. After she mimics him, she always giggles at him. They also have lovely conversations about why the sky is blue, and such. She always sounds so matter of fact. 馃挄

Death could admittedly live without the mockery. xD Having said that, he enjoys conversations with his daughter. He’s exceptionally knowledgeable about constellations and, although she may not fully retain much of what he’s saying, he makes an effort to pass his wisdom along even when the girl is young.

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mother and daughter 

my daughter asks me about love. she fears she is missing a piece. she tells me she tries to love but kisses fall deaf on her ears, bouncing around a hollow heart. she is terrified of the concept of inability. she tells me-

“i’m running backwards, bouncing between bodies, looking for something. what if i never find it?”

i tell her values matter more than hobbies. i tell her not to beat herself up over wasted time because time is never wasted. i tell her she is young. i tell her everything happens in due time. i tell her she is whole.

the bathroom mirror cracks under my heavy, demanding gaze.

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English: daughter

1. the female offspring of the human species

2. a female child of any age

3. a female descendant


- French: fils

- German: die Tochter

- Hindi: पुत्री

- Italian: figlia

- Portuguese: filha

- Spanish: hija


Thank you so much for being a member of our community!

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Proud of my daughter’s art!!! 🥰


I think I’m hiring her to do some garden art 🖼🙃


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…his big beautiful cock, stroking the walls of your daughters tight, young white pussy for the first time.

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heya pepper! could you please give me a couple of face claims for liam gallagher’s children. male and female please, both suggestions being 16-20 mark. thanks :)


· Daughter: Odessa Adlon, Thomasin McKenzie, Esme Creed Miles, Alice Pagani, Lola Flanery.

· Son: Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Lucas Jade Zumann, Harry Gilby, Owen Teague, Graham Verchere.

Hope it helps c:

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To my future daughter,

I know life is getting harder. You’re in your teen years and sometimes, you like to be by yourself. I don’t like the sudden exclusion from your life but I want you to know that I understand, there was a time that had happened with me and my mother as well.

I know you really loved that person. I know it’s so hard to breathe when they have shattered your soul. It’s difficult to keep moving forward when all you want is to hit rewind and stay when the time was right, when everything was perfect. I know you’re crying near your bathtub, with your make up smudged. Your tears have gotten black, and you don’t recognize your face anymore.

I know your grades aren’t the best at the moment and you’re struggling to meet my eyes because you believe you’ve disappointed me.

I know you have no clue about the future and you wish it came easier to you. I know you want to have a good life, you just don’t know how.

I know these things sweetie, because I am just like you. I’m crying my eyes out over a guy who just doesn’t care, my grades aren’t the best, I can’t decide what to do with my life, I can’t imagine having a beautiful family, having you. I’m struggling with so many things, sometimes I’m genuinely concerned and worry if I’ll make it. I know, sweetie. I know. I know you.

So, just open the door, get off the floor, wash your face and let me in. Let me be there, for amongst so many things I would like to say to comfort you, I just want you to know - I know.

- excerpts from a book I’ll never write, r.a.

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