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“Who are you?”

“Your true love!”

“Can I get a new one?”


“Its not that I’m against my destiny, but you gotta agree: its bullshit.”


“Look, I didn’t ram my ex-husband after our divorce to become a disney princess, so you can either buck up and shoot the damn thing or suck so much dick you get carpet burn.”


“So you got two options-”


“Shell or get selled.”


“She got 5 seconds to make a decision before I shoot her. I ain’t got all day.”

“I’ll shoot it!”

“Why are you telling me? Do it.”

“Oh……you actually did it.”


“My parents died and I had to live with my Grandma but then she got arrested for possession.”

“Posession of what? Weed?”

“Methamphetamine and illegal fire arms.”


“She was a teen mother.”


“Have you ever killed a man?”

“I was 13 and bit a chunk from a man’s neck when he kidnapped me and watched him bleed out.”


“Wanna see?”



“What? Don’t tell me you’ve never seen a man dress like an e-girl?”

“While skinning corpses?!”

“I can multitask.”


“Dad, I’m gay.”

“Son, I’m playing Mario Kart.”


“Disgraceful stain on society.”

“You watch lesbian porn and discriminate against gay men.”

“Excuse me?”

“Sorry. Cavemen sentences: Toxic Man, Little PP. Get hobby.”


“Imagine having organs.”

“Sid, how are you alive?”

“By eating kids.”

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Person A: I feel like my life happens after 2AM.

Person B: Every other minute of the day except 2:00 AM is after 2AM somehow.

Person A: That explains it.

Person A: You know how they say that nothing good happens after 2AM?

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Headcanon - Classic Who Doctors Favorite Book Series
First Doctor: The Once and Future King Series.
Second Doctor: The Narnia Chronicles; Mary Poppins Series.
Third Doctor: The d'Artagnan Romances; Sherlock Holmes Series; Hercule Poirot Series.
Fourth Doctor: The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series; John Carter of Mars Series; Discworld Series.
Fifth Doctor: Miss Marple Series; Peter Pan Series; Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys Series.
Sixth Doctor: The Allan Quatermain Series; The Vampire Chronicles.
Seventh Doctor: Tolkien's Legendarium; Land of Oz Series.
Eight Doctor: The Chronicles of Prydain; The Belgariad Series; Eragon Series; The Earthsea Cycle.
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Person A: “We have a problem.”

Person B: “Aww Don’t call them that! I’m sure (Person C) has lots of positive qualities hidden somewhere.”

Person C: “……I hate you so fucking much.”

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Me: so let me get this straight, bruh.

Friend: yeah, bruh?

Me: Bruh, so if I tell brosef, Andy, that I think they’ve got nice thighs, lips, butt or eyes— then I’m flirting?

Friend: indeed, my dude. Why?

Me: Doesn’t matter. what if I compliment their ears?

Friend: weird

Me: feet

Friend: fetish

Me: stomach

Friend: they’ll think you think they’re fat

*I groan at the injustice.*

Me: but how do I tell a fellow bruh that I like them but not like like them in a romo way but in a deeper, spiritual broski way. I wanna cuddle, be vulnerable and stare gaze together. Like deep broski stuff, ya feel me?

*Friend puts hand on my shoulder and sighs*

Friend: I don’t get it, but I think brosef Andy will understand if ya tell ‘em what ya said to me.

*I hide my head in my lap.*

Me: Broski stuff is tougher than I thought, bruh. Can I bruh-kiss ya, dude? I think I really need that rn.

Friend: sure, bruh. I know ya can do it with Andy. They’ll understand.

*Friend and I do a quick peck on each other’s cheeks as we lay under a starry night sky.*



<Quintessential Aromance>

Redefine Bromance as Aromance.

Take Bromance from the straights and allos.

It’s our destiny as the No Romo Gang.




<—————- ____________ Script Pause

For more aro broski action, keep on putting out the Aro message that we’re taking THE BRUH.

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Prompt #12

“I don’t think you quite understand the…severity of your case.”

“Oh I totally get it, Doctor. No worries though. This is so dope!”

“This magic wasn’t meant for your body. It has already begun twisting and reshaping it into something that can withstand it. The process is excruciatingly painful and it is extremely unlikely that you will survive to see the end of the transformation. It is in no way ‘dope.’”

“Dude, I know! I’ll probably die but if not I’m gonna be a bomb ass magic hybrid with incredible powers! See? Dope.”

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“Was there ever a dog that could fly?”

“Yes,” replied Rowf promptly, “but the whitecoats cut off its wings to see what would happen.”

“What did happen?”

“It couldn’t fly.”

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You walk outside on a clear night, you’ve always been fascinated by the stars. A strange man suddenly walks up to you. There was something, inhuman about him.

 "My princess,“ he says, bowing. ” We have finally found you. “

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AU. AU dialogue? Sorta? It revolves around Noctis. I liked the idea but I can’t seem to add to it. (So if you want to expand on it. Go ahead.)

“It’s scary when you let your foot hang off the side of the bed and something reaches out from the open space underneath and grabs you.”


“It’s even worst when something grabs your foot from under the bed and there’s no empty space down there for something to hide. “

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Dialogue Prompt

“There are two things you need to know. First, I had been shot. Second, everyone blamed A, except A who blamed B, which made B quite offended.”

- submission by emo_goose on Instagram

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Dialogue Prompt

“Your myths and legends have always said that the old gods have turned into stars, so that their subjects may never be alone. But you humans have forgotten one important fact.”

“And what is that?”

“As all myths are true, so are these. Your ignorance has led you to your ruin, and it continues to do so. You must accept the legends as fact, and look up to the stars for guidance. That is the only way to save your world.”

- submission by adenadanvers.teenblog on Instagram

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