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A merm Aquara!

I wanted a visual change for her when she’s in water, but it doesn’t change or enhance her abilities at all, she just is a mermaid cus she can breathe underwater! Although she does have the water walking spell, during which she does not turn into a merm.

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A warlock, cleric, tiefling rogue and warrior with family heirloom weapon become a party. In short order they find out that the cleric actually worships the tieflings ancestor, who made a pact with thr warlock, and eho forged the magic sword of the warrior.

Thry are the firnds little pet project/personal hitmen in training

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Internet was out at work so I messed around with a palette challenge. Cheated a bit to make the form a little more clear.

I’ll probably be doing another one for Brand soon.

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Yoooooo, this is the Aqusitions Incorporated party I’m dming for! They’re all chaotic bastards!

From the left:

  • Julien (Paladin Teifling) can Teiflings even be gold? idk, who cares!
  • Livia (Warlock Assimar) Her patron is the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Adrie (Trickery Cleric Elf) rebellious teen ™
  • Airika (Ranger Genasi) Air she gets all these puns is anybody’s gas, all I know is that they’re heliumious
  • Kindash ort (Rogue Elf) the mans an elf at 5’0 ft…
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