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I know your ship is Sambucky, but have you ever thought of writing a fully SamErik fic?

Originally posted by giffinggif

Anon, I’m telling you, any ship that places Sam Wilson at the centre of the narrative where:

1. He is cherished

2. Is loved on

3. Gets dicked down within an inch of his life

Is a good ship to me. It’s a rarepair, but writing their interactions recently has made me want to explore writing more for them.

The important question is would anyone read it?

Thank you!

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SUMMARY |  When Erik makes his way back to Wakanda to fight for his spot. And along the way he runs into a familiar face.


WORD COUNT | 3.2K (sorry if this is too long)


Wakanda 2018
             Finally, months after being on a strenuous mission in Europe [Your Name] was home in Wakanda. She smiled as she flew into the city, an overwhelming feeling of happiness washed over her. Soon, she would be able to see her family after debriefing with her superiors about her mission.

Unbuckling herself she made her way to the front of the carrier sitting next to Xoliswa, she smiled at the Dora before looking onto Wakanda once again.

“As many times as I’ve seen this view, I never tire of it.”

“I feel the exact same way, [Your Name]. Especially the sunset, it’s truly breathtaking.”  Xoliswa responded.

An uneasy feeling settled upon [Your Name] as the sunset was mentioned. Nodding agreeing with Xoliswa, as the carrier started to land. The two made small talk as they gathered their items making their way off the aircraft, where they were met with another member of the Dora and [Your Name]’s older brother. As they made their way onto the runway she noticed a worried expression on the faces of her the Dora and her brother.

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I Would Like To See It

Erik ‘Dadmonger’ Stevens x Black PlusSized Reader

Another mini #supersizedfic. So I seen this video on twitter and instantly thought of our little princess. Hopefully you enjoy!


The members of the Wakandan council sat in their self assigned seats, looking to the King as he spoke on the events of the upcoming week. T’Challa spoke in his usual monotone ‘meeting’ voice. His hands moved with every few words as he sat at the head of the table. On the other hand, Erik sat across from him at the opposite end of the table. His usual laid back demeanor on display as he half-listened to his cousin.

Every once in a while he shifted slightly in his seat so he wouldn’t lose focus, smoothing his shirt. It helped the meeting pass somewhat, but not as much as the texts he snuck to you when he thought no one was paying attention to him. One of the tribe leaders spoke to T’Challa as Erik felt his African printed Apple Watch vibrate. Which he preferred to keep on his right wrist, opposite of his kimoyo beads.

He couldn’t help the small smile that tugged at his lips as he thought of you. The image of you dancing around the kitchen as you fixed breakfast with a happy Amari on your hip this morning still fresh on his mind. Your matching yellow sundresses and sandals were the cutest to him, earning a photo for him to set as his new wallpaper. He’d made sure to get a dance for himself with you both before he’d left.

Tapping the small device, it’s screen came to life and he seen the notification was from you. He gave his cousin a final glance before looking to the video. With an AirPod in his ear, he lowered the volume a little in case it was too loud. Amari was the first sound that greeted him.

His little princess laid in her playpen, looking up to the camera. Relaxing on the soft white furs of a baby shower gift from M’Baku, Amari focused on what he assumes was you behind the camera. Though when the bottle came into view, he had to force down a chuckle. Baby girl loved her bottle. Her legs got to kicking and her arms flapped, a smile on her lips as she giggled and cooed.

Calming down when you’d moved it away from her, she instantly began her happy dance again when you brought the bottle back to her. Another trait she’d gotten from you, just as silly. Amari tried her best at words, reaching for the bottle happily. He was for sure smiling from ear to ear, and it was instantly confirmed by his cousin.

“I hope whatever you’re smiling at is an addition to this meeting, Erik.” T’Challa’s voice pulled Erik’s eyes from his watch. Gathering the eyes of the council as well. His aunt gave him an eyebrow raise as they awaited his answer.

Erik calmed the smile on his lips a bit, chuckling as he nodded to the device. “It’s a video of Amari, actually. If you wanna see it.”

Queen Mother, as well as Okoye, leaned forward a bit with interest. She gave a big smile to her nephew at the sound of her little princess’ name. “Actually, I would like to see it.” Followed with a very low ‘I second that’ from Okoye. T’Challa gave a soft look of shock at his mother, allowing her to give his hand a soft pat of dismiss. “Eh. It’ll only take a moment, my son.. Erik, put it up for us to watch sweetie.”

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Originally posted by shewaitingforsuperman

A/N: Ahhhhh shit. Whewwwwww. My babies. All I got to say is do NOT read this shit around anybody you don’t mind seeing your phone and/or computer because gotdamn. I’m STILL blushing after writing this shit. Thanks to @gdharpo for this awesome request, I hope I delivered for you, my good man :) Keep reading for the filth with the naughty kitty and please don’t hesitate to comment! Also let me know if you want to be tagged. I love you all!!!

Pairing: Erik Stevens x Thick Black Reader

“Be in position when I get home, sugar.”

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Hey, y’all. I’m trying something new where I’ll have a set update day for this fic. No more drive-by updates! So expect an update on this fic every Friday.

I want to thank y’all for all the love you gave the first chapter of this fic. It honestly means a lot to me. I have a taglist for this fic and a permanent taglist so if you want me to add you let me know.

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Pairing: Erik Killmonger x reader

Summary: Erik knows exactly what he’s doing to her.

Word Count: 533


his aura ~ she can feel it when he walks into a room, like lightening whispering across her skin in the most pleasurable way, chills through her body, shivers up her spine. He stands in the corner, speaking quietly to T’Challa, one hand tucked lazily into his pocket, the other tapping a slow pattern on the side of his leg. He’s larger than life, larger than her hopes, wants, desires, and she doubts he even knows it. T’Challa moves across the room, and he moves with him. She can feel when he leaves, just as she can feel his eyes lingering on her, less like lightening and more like a gentle spring storm.

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Summary: N’Jobu, Califia, and Erik face some dire straits…

“First I blame you, then I want you
Fucking hate you, then I love you
I can’t help myself, no
When I have you, wanna leave you
If you go, that’s when I need you
I can’t help myself, no

You come in waves, waves, waves
Every hour, every day, day, day
You come in waves…”

Normani Feat. 6lack – “Waves”

Califia found Erik sitting on the sand of the beach she had once trampled on as a teenager. It was a cool day in Oak Bluffs, and Erik wore a beige sweater and jeans with a pair of new kicks on his feet.

She watched him throw a few ragged shells into the water.

“JaJa, come eat,” she called out.

Erik’s head snapped around to stare at her, his face absent of the normal joyful expressions he had for her. They were not in a good place together and it was her fault. She had refused to allow him to contact his father. She’d taken away his phone and pulled it apart before they left Oakland. She had a burner phone for herself and she told no one where she and Erik were staying for the last two weeks.

N'Jobu had returned from Wakanda the previous week and she knew he was probably frantic trying to find them. She left him a message on his phone once she knew he was in the air and unable to track her. The only information she left him was that she and Erik had taken a little vacation together and would be back in another week. She had even allowed Erik to say hello on the message so that everything sounded normal. They had taken trips before when N'Jobu was gone. Except this time, she didn’t come back right away.

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You know what would be funny with Multiverse of Madness? Wanda and Strange randomly popping to into a universe where the version of either Chris Evans or Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch exist and them just going Cap? or Wait is that T’Challa’s cousin?

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The Red Door Pt. 8 “Opened”


Summary: You and Erik have a lot of shared history together but because of recent events you’re scared that you’re going to lose your best friend. Maybe he’s still there … behind that red door?

Author’s Note: Hi guyssss! It’s a been a long time coming with this story! It will be coming to an end soon. I hope you guys have enjoyed the journey thus far! Please leave a comment for ya girl! I love you guys and thank you for reading! 

You sat at your desk and chewed your bottom lip incessantly while blankly staring at your computer screen. You found it incredibly hard to focus on your assignments at work after the gruesomely detailed bomb Erik dropped on you in the middle of the week.

“Marley, I-I saw her head roll to my feet. Marie decapitated her,” he said.

Those words seamlessly replayed over and over in your mind. You memorized the slightest gestures he made as he revealed the naked truth to you. You watched his jaw clench each time the name Marie muttered off his tongue while the scrunch in his eyebrows deepened as he searched for the words to accurately describe how he felt that night. You recalled the pain in his eyes and the heaviness of his voice. It was evident to you that his once light and airy voice was weighed down by trauma. You remembered how his Adam’s apple moved subtly as he swallowed his emotion to better showcase his pride. The melancholic look on his face was heart-breaking. It’s an image that is sadly, permanently embedded in your brain.

In your all-black computer chair, you shifted again. The left leg crossed over the right presently. You pressed the mouse gently to open your email.

“Work M, just work,” you whispered to yourself.

 You began scanning through the unread messages and prayed that you would be able to stay focused for the remaining hours of your workday. You began jotting down due dates onto your yellow sticky notes and placed them on their correct folders that were full of paperwork. You diligently sorted, filed, and organized until you were interrupted by your coworker Giselle.

You watched her beige oval-shaped fingernails drum across the dark wood of your desk. Her fingertips gently stroked the petals of the dark red rose that sat before you.

“You don’t water her enough,” she said.

Your eyes met her light honey-colored eyes as you let a small grin form across your lips. 

“Her? Giselle, it’s a flower and what makes you think it’s female anyway?” you quizzed while chuckling awkwardly.

Giselle was your fellow co-worker. You picked up three things from working with her over this past year. She was quiet, quirky, and extremely observant. You didn’t find it strange that she noticed your slightly wilting rose…you just found Giselle strange in general, but very intriguing nonetheless. She always submitted her assignments a day early, unapologetically spoke her mind, and kept others in check tastefully. She even gifted you with a cupcake and card on your birthday. You admired and respected her. 

“Some things I just know. And since we’re on the subject of noticing things, I notice you don’t seem like yourself today.” Giselle answered.

Giselle wore a white blouse and a tan pencil skirt which complimented her figure nicely. Her braids were a honey blond mixed with a small hint of brown that rested in a neat high bun. Her braids seemed to enhance her natural beauty. Her full lips were painted with dark red lipstick and she wore gold stud earrings.

“I’m just tired. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.” you sighed while massaging your left temple.

“Can I be frank with you?” Giselle questioned with an ever-growing smirk on her face.

“I’d rather you no-”

“You need a night out. Come hang out with me tonight. Please?” she begged.

“That’s not what I thought you were going to say.” you chuckled.

“Oh, I know. You thought I was going to say you need some d-” 

“Giselle!” you whispered somewhat aggressively.

You watched Giselle cover her mouth and giggle to herself.

“Well, is that a yes or a yes?” she quizzed.

“It’s a yes.” you sighed.

“Good! I’ll give you all the information before you leave today,” she said before leaving your desk.

 You looked over at your rose again. You weren’t sure if it was the lack of sleep or stress making you delirious, but your lifeless rose was in full bloom. 

Giselle stepped outside to make a brief phone call.

“Mistress, it is done. I will have Marley tonight,” she said.

“Excellent. I trust you know what to do.” Marie responded.

“I know exactly what to do to bring Erik to you,” she answered before ending the call.


*Three months prior*

Erik’s dreads messily rested on his forehead. One woman caught his eye in the sea of bodies that danced drunkenly in the club. He couldn’t describe her essence but it was powerful and alluring. He thought about how powerless she would look under him as he would relentlessly pound into her. Or how weak she would look limping out of his apartment. After minutes of contemplating, he decided to make his way to the upper level of the club to approach this nameless caramel beauty. He pulled his short dreads into a pony-tail as he walked up the steps. He licked his full lips and stood boldly in front of her.


The woman looked Erik up and down and smirked before biting her lip. She raised her glass to him and started walking away.

“Aye, ma where you going? Don’t act like you haven’t been eyeing me all night,” he yelled.

The woman looked back at him and stroked her long blond braids.

“Do you usually flatter yourself to get women?” she questioned.

“You right, lemme start over. I’m Erik and you beautiful?” he asked while rubbing his thumb over her arm.

The woman watched Erik caress her arm and pulled it back swiftly. In one touch alone, she felt a great sense of loss and darkness. She looked into his dark brown eyes and received confirmation. She found Erik Stevens who is now known as the “One Who Consumes Life.” So far, he has ruthlessly killed 12 witches in the last month.

“I think you are well aware of who I am.” she spat.

“You mean what you are? I know, I could smell you from across the room. You reek of power but that’s not what I’m here for.” he said while eyeing her body.

The woman snapped her fingers swiftly and the entire club became still. Everything that resided in the club was totally under her influence except for Erik who stood in front of her. She leaned into Erik and reached for the back of his neck to bring her lips to his ear.

“GiGi. Short for Giselle and you should know I don’t fear you,” she whispered in his ear.

Erik chuckled and grabbed her by the neck giving it a firm squeeze.

“Be good,” he said while throwing her against the wall.

She giggled and took his hand off of her neck and inserted two of his fingers into her mouth and sucked them sensually.

“Yo, you’re crazy as fuck. You kinky b-”

“Witch.” she corrected.

“Now I have indulged you, how about you indulge me,” she said while magically forcing Erik into a chair. She tapped the hem of her dress three times before turning away from him. To her command, her dress unzipped and unraveled off of her flawless skin. Erik’s eyes now holding her bareback in his view. If only she would turn around he thought as he watched the dress puddle at her feet. Her long braids covered the curve of her ass making his mouth water. This is the kind of torture he wanted. That he needed.

“What do you want?” he questioned with wandering eyes.

She moved her honeyed color braids to the side showcasing her full ass. 

“I want to know how to kill you. But first, I need to get to the person that you’re working for.”

She took a step closer to him and then another.

She kissed Erik’s lips softly and straddled him boldly. She grinded into his erection carelessly, fearlessly. 

“I can’t be killed,” he whispered watching her wind into him. His eyes following the rhythm of her hips. 

“Maybe not. But you can be freed,” she said while kissing on his neck.

She fed off of his arousal. With each touch, kiss, rub, and lick she gathered more information. The saying is true, actions do speak louder than words. She decided to free him from her spell so he could engage more deeply. She was almost there, she just had to dig a little deeper.

“Freed?” he asked while cupping her ass and smacking it. 

“Don’t be fucking with me,” he warned as his eyes turned pitch black.

“Enter me, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know,” she said slyly.

Erik did just that. He slammed into her like a crashing wave against the shore. He felt his dick drowning in her tidal waves. Her screams were purely sinful which complemented his devilish grunts. Erik had a plan of his own. He wanted Giselle to read him. He wanted her to see everything. He didn’t know why and he couldn’t explain it. He looked at her and saw hope. It wasn’t her attraction or her power that pulled him in. But her light. 

Giselle grabbed a hold of his face and looked at him with satisfaction.

“Ah, now I understand,” she said breathlessly.

“What you see?” he asked.

“The daughter of the Great Mother and that she’s coming back for her son. There’s a great spell on you Erik. It is blocking you from seeing the full truth. I will find her so you can be free. But you must do one thing for me.” she said while caressing his face.

“I don’t trust you. I just wanted to fuck you. I did that.” he said while pushing her off of his lap. 

Giselle snickered.

“I think it’s me that did the fucking,” she said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he said while pulling a knife out of the sleeve of his shirt and pointing it at her.

“Marley is such a pretty name.” she spat.

Erik lodged at her aiming for her throat. Giselle quickly moved to the side and dodged every jab and punch that he threw at her. She laughed at his feeble attempts and smiled at him tauntingly. She clapped her hands three times and the party resumed. Time was no longer frozen in the club. 

Giselle used her magic and pulled the blade from Erik’s hand. She forced the knife into his side secretly as others crowded their space with drunken laughter and sensual swaying bodies.

“She is your salvation. Your freedom. You’ll see in time. Oh! And before I forget, this is for my fallen sisters and brothers. I hope it stings like a witch.” she said while twisting the knife into his flesh.

 Giselle danced her way into the crowd and blew a kiss to Erik who was left crouched down on the floor. He pulled the knife from his side and tossed it on the floor. Erik realized that it had been 6 months too long. Maybe Giselle was right? Maybe Marley is the key to it all or maybe she was just a crazy bitch. Erik stood slowly planting both feet on the floor firmly. Either way, it was time for him to see her. It was time for him to open his red door. 

Giselle left the club knowing everything. Erik Stevens was the son of death and life making him the most powerful being to ever walk the earth. The spell on Erik was great but she knew something greater. The love that Erik had for Marley. Marley is the key to unlocking Erik’s true power, his true destiny. In an appointed time, she will fuel him to end the Sons of Feu (fire).

“Marley here I come baby,” she whispered to herself.



Part 7

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Pairing: Erik “Killmonger” Stevens x Reader (Any body type! <3)

Warnings: cursing, the nickname ‘lil mama or lil ma’ being repeated over and over and over and over an-, soft!erik (kinda.), you playin’ hard to get (cause you are giirrllaaa)

Part 1

Summary: During a business trip you best friend since say one, T’Challa (’Challa), put you on, you get a text from shuri explaining what happened. When you get there, you’re face to face with the outsider king, who has taken an interest to you.

AN; yall- i am so sorry that i was so lazy to do this. i spent all last night and today after my work was done to complete this. I’m sorry if this sucks thooo. <3  please enjoy if you can-


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Summary: Erik gets swept into Stark’s private world…

“Don’t want to be on top of your list,
Phenomenally and properly kissed
We overcome in 60 seconds with the strength we have together.
But for now, emotional ties they stay severed.
And where there’s trust there’ll be treats
When we funk we’ll hear beats,

You and her walking through the suburbs
No, not exactly lovers
You’re a couple, specially when you’re body’s double.
Duplicate and then you wait…”


Erik stepped back from Maria the moment he felt his cell vibrate. Pulling it from his pocket, he unfolded the thin frame and swiped Athena’s avatar.

“I’m about to order appetizers, are you on your way?”

“Yeah, give me a minute.”

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Summary: Every time you go to club, you see a familiar face.

Erik Killmonger x Black! Reader

A/N: This is based off the song Recognize by PartyNextDoor. Good ass song and I felt like it fit Erik’s vibe. I picked the slow version because….just imaginnnneeee! Oh chilleeeee!

Warning: Sex. Sex. Oral Sex. And Sex


Originally posted by beachdeath

     “I want you to turn up on me every night I see you. Better recognize when I see you.”

   You and your friend, Naomi, always went to the club every other Saturday to celebrate surviving the work week. It was something you did to remind yourself that you were allowed to have fun. 

   “Oh shit, it’s live up in here.”, Naomi laughed. She parked the car and you grabbed your clutch bag. “It’s like this every Saturday.”, you laughed and stepped out the car. Your heels clacked on the pavement and you and Naomi made the way to the front of the club. “Hey mamas. Let me treat you.”, a dude from the side of the building called out to you. Naomi pulled you closer, “You can’t even afford to get in the club. Why would she wanna be around yo broke ass?!”, she yelled. Some people in a nearby crowd laughed. “You didn’t have to do that.”, you covered your mouth to keep from laughing. “I did. Niggas like that disgust me. Ew.”, she frowned up. Reaching the entrance, both you and Naomi showed the bouncer your IDs and walked in.

   “And they already playing my song!”, Naomi exclaimed with excitement. She dragged you to the bar and sat you down. “One shot or two?”, she asked you pulling out some money. “I’ll start off with one, considering how things went last weekend.”, you adjusted yourself on the stool and scanned the club. You made eye contact with a familiar face. He smiled revealing a gold grill. His gold chains sat comfortably on his simple black t-shirt. He gestured for you to come over and turned away. Naomi sat a shot on front of you, “Drink up baby girl.” You took the shot and winced, feeling the liquor go down. “Imma go dance.”, Naomi finished her shots. “And leave me?”, you whined. “Um yesss? Unless you want to come with me.”, she held out her hand and you looked at it, “Okay fine.” She pulled you to the dance floor, closer and closer to the guy you saw. You scanned around again and you couldn’t find him. “Who you looking for?”, someone whispered in your ear and you jumped, letting go of Naomi’s hand. You turned to see the same guy you were looking for, “What the-?” Naomi looked to, “Girl what are you- You look familiar. Have I seen you before?”, she asked the guy. “Only here.”, he was still looking at you, “Erik.” Naomi stood back and watched Erik and you,”You danced with him last weekend. Remember?” You glanced at her, “Yeah, I remember.” 

      “Surprising since you were drunk. I also helped your friend carry you back to the car.”, Erik laughed. The lights reflected on his grill. You smiled, “Happens to the best of us.”, you shrugged. “I guess so.”, Erik looked at you. 

     “I’ll leave y’all to it then.”, Naomi disappeared into the crowd and you and Erik were left just staring at each other. “Can’t talk?”, he teased. You tilted your head and smiled, “Nah.” He smiled, “So you gon dance with a nigga or not?”, he asked. He smirked, waiting for your response. You walked further onto the dance floor with Erik tailing behind you. Reaching the middle, Erik had hunger in his eyes as if he had been waiting for this all night. He was behind you, dancing with a steady beat as you danced in front of him, a slow grind. He held you closer to him, hand wrapped around your waist, the palm of his hand resting on your stomach, bringing you closer to him. “Every night you see me, you know what to do.”, he whispered in your ear. The way he whispered in your ear sent chills down your body. You faced him and he smiled, “Yeah, like that Princess.”, his hands rested on your ass and you and him continued to grind each other.  He turned you back around and bent you over, and you moved against his dick. 

     “You betta recognize baby girl. I don’t wanna see you dance on none of these sorry ass niggas.”, Erik grinned as watched you. Your plump ass moving to the beat and it was tempting Erik. His mouth was practically watering watching you move up and down on him.You faced him again, your eyes teasing him. 

     “Bathroom?”, Erik asked, his head nodding towards the suggested location. A sly smile spread on your face, “Lead the way Erik.”, you put your hand in his as both you made the way to the private bathroom. Erik pulled you inside and picked you up, sitting you on the bathroom counter. You began peeling off your dress as Erik lifted your legs up, his tongue instantly on your throbbing pussy. “Ohh fuuuuck.”, you moaned as your hand rested on top his head. His tongue circled your jumping clit and he locked his lips around and sucked gently. Erik opened your legs wider, holding your right leg down with his hand. He inserted two fingers, thrusting as he continued to lick, pausing to stimulate your clit with his thumb. He licked up every drop of your nectar as you wriggled helplessly on the bathroom counter, enjoying every moment, every lick and suck that Erik provided. He inserted a third finger, thrusting a little faster as your toes arched and Erik’s chains clinked together. He looked in your eyes, hungry for more, as if he could eat your pussy whole. 

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Summary: Erik and Yani face a new reality…

“I’m gonna look for my body, yeah
I’ll be back like real soon
I’m gonna look for my body, yeah
I’ll be back like real soon
I’m gonna look for my body, yeah
I’ll be back like real soon

But you know that a king is only a man
With flesh and bones he bleeds just like you do
He said "Where does that leave you”
And “Do you belong?” I do I do

Be leery ‘bout your place in the world
You’re feeling like you’re chasing the world
You’re leaving not a trace in the world
But you’re facing the world…"

Solange – “Weary”

Erik stood in the lobby of the hospital and stared at the information desk. His feet felt like one hundred-pound weights were attached to them. Pulling out his cell he looked at Twyla’s number and rested his fingers on the call button. His stomach churned and his chest felt like someone was stepping down on it.


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Summary: He backed off when she asked, but her rejection only led to Erik’s growing obsession with her.

Pairing: Erik ‘Killmonger’ Stevens x Black Female OC [Yasmine]

Word Count: 3266

Inspo: That Should Be Me by Justin Bieber (lmao)

Warnings: crazy love-sick Erik, slight smut, voyeurism, cliffhanger? (ah ha ha!)

A.N: Y’all really seemed to enjoy Just Friends, and with the help of an anon officially asking for a part 2, I decided to make one! lmao enjoy! (p.s. for the purposes of this part, I’ll switch between using the names Erik and N’Jadaka lol you’ll see why)


It had been about a year since Yasmine’s last encounter with Erik. After he basically lost his mind publicly in front of her friends, she told him she never wanted to see him again; surprisingly, he kept his distance… or so she thought.
Due to his military training, Erik had practically mastered the art of becoming a shadow. He could hide in plain sight easily, which had been such an advantage for him in the past year. Yes, Yasmine told him to keep his distance and he respected that for a while, until…


Erik had entered Whole Foods to stock up his fridge. He always took pride in his appearance and he knew that eating healthily for the most part will help him maintain that. While going down aisle 5, he spotted Julie and Sabrina, panic struck him instantly. Luckily for him, the aisle itself was full of people, so he hid behind two older women talking about their grandchildren. Erik didn’t mean to eavesdrop on the girls who stood a few feet away, but he did; he didn’t like what he was hearing either.

“I’m so glad Yas has a new man in her life. He treats her so well!” Julie exclaimed, grabbing almond butter and placing it in the cart.

“He really does. She seems so happy! It’s crazy timing though… it’s been what? Four months since that whole thing with that Erik guy?” Sabrina questioned, folding her arms as she watched Julie grab another item from the shelf.

“Yeah! That was so scary… but she met this dude literally two days after! She really likes him too. I’m so happy for them!” 

Hearing this bit of information filled Erik with sudden rage. He let out a heavy grunt, startling the two women he stood behind. He apologized abruptly and left the aisle before the girls could see him.

She didn’t want to get serious with him, but she got serious with someone else? And only after two days when she told him that she never wanted to see him again? Part of him felt sick to his stomach, so he abandoned his cart and stomped out of Whole Foods.

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Our Secret

Erik x Black Female

Warning: Slightly Smutty 👌🏼

Disclosure: fanFICTION

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The next morning Maya woke up to loud talking and laughing. Confused since it was only 11am and she didn’t normally get up till at least 2. She pulled her pillow over her head but could still hear the ruckus. She threw her comforter and pillow off her and onto the left side of the bed. She stood up and brushed her teeth, washed her face, peed and got dressed. She threw on a ripped blue jean skirt, white cropped tank top with no bra and her platform Vans. She put on some large gold hoops and her baby girl necklace. She wore her hair in a half up, half down style. She finished her look with her Chanel perfume that Julian got her for her birthday a year ago. She grabbed her simple crossbody bag and went downstairs.

“Finally you’re woke, Maya” mom said as Maya walked into the living room.

“Erik?” Maya said surprised to see him…looking so fine in a cute black beater and black basketball shorts, Black/True Red-White Retro Bred 11s, gold chain, diamond earrings, he had in a gold grill and his hair was braided back. He looked up removing his sunglasss and making eye contact with her. He smiled showing her his grill.


“Maya, don’t be rude. Say hi to Erik” mom got up to walk into the kitchen.

“And put a damn bra on!”

“Hi Erik…” Maya said shyly. Erik stood up and walked towards her. He stood in front of her leaving no distance between them. Maya could feel Erik’s minty breath on her. He towered over her short 5’5 frame with his tall 6’9 muscular body.

“You look good lil bit” he whispered and then before walking away, he reached out to pinch her pierced nipple causing her to let out a soft moan. She folded her arms across her chest and ran into the bathroom slamming the door shut to check her panties…sure enough, she was wet. She let out a sign.

“Fuck you Erik” she said fixing her clothes and walking back out the bathroom running right into Erik…again.

“You ready?” He asked standing there with his arms folded.

“Ready?” Maya asked.

“Yea. You running errands with me and Julian wants to see you. He’s at his PO’s office right now”

“My mom can take me-“

“It’s cool. I told your mom I got it”


“Aye. Quit talking so damn much. You gon give me a headache having to hear that whiny ass voice” Erik said walking outside and climbing into his 2020 Mustang.

“Wow. You must have a bunch of nice cars…what’s the other one called that you had?” Maya asked getting into the car.

“Still talking…” Erik mumbled.

“This is dope. I keep begging Julian to buy me a car but-“ Maya was rambling on. Erik reached over and gripped her thick caramel thigh with his right hand immediately shutting her up.

“Lil bit, imma need you to shut the fuck up for a minute. I’m hungover, sick and my head is killing me” as he continued talking, he slid his hand further up her skirt. Her eyes got wider and focused on his.

“Just like that. You gon be quiet?” He asked licking his lips. Maya slowly nodded her head yes but Erik still inched his hand up further and deeper into her thighs.

“Use your words girl. You gon shut the fuck up?” He asked again. Maya didn’t answer, she was too hot and turned on by Erik and his curious fingers. She spread her legs apart so Erik had access to her fully.

“Nah don’t do that. Close your fucking legs” he said removing his hand from her thigh and starting his car. Maya blinked fast trying to pull herself together. She fixed her skirt and adjusted herself in the seat.

The drive to see Julian was quiet. Erik didn’t cut any music on and he didn’t say anything to Maya. It was an awkward silence. Maybe he wasn’t flirting with her. Maybe he was actually being nice and she took it too far…le sigh.

Erik pulled the car into a vacant parking spot downtown.

“Let’s go” he said cutting the car off and climbing out. Maya kept her purse in the car and grabbed her cellphone as she climbed out the car. Her and Erik looked both ways before crossing the street. Maya slowed down to take in Erik’s huge, muscular, hefty, frame. His shoulders swayed slightly as he walked. He also had a nice little ass on him. Maya bit her lip.

Erik held the door open for Maya and let her walk in first.

“Yea we here to see Julian Acosta” Erik said to the receptionist.

“Just a moment. Please take a seat.

Maya was sitting in her chair with her left leg crossed over her right leg. She used her phone avoiding eye contact with Erik. She was beyond embarrassed. Erik sat next to her leaning forward and rubbing his hands together.

“Acosta” a young attractive black lady called walking out with a clipboard in one hand and a coffee in the other. She had a gun holstered at her side. Erik and Maya stood up and followed her to an office. Once they walked in they seen Julian.

“Julian!” Maya yelled jumping into his arms. He hugged her tight and kissed her forehead.

“I missed you sis” he said releasing the hug.

“You fucking idiot! You promised to stay out for good!” Maya said punching him in the arm.

“I know. I fucked up”

“Thanks for bringing her bruh” Julian said dapping up Erik.

“It’s all good bruh” Erik said.

“How much time are you getting?” Maya asked rubbing her arm. She was nervous to hear his answer. Julian was locked up from 19 to 26. He got out and was doing good but got right back into the drug game. He had probation for 5 years…he made it 3 ½…

Julian shifted from his left foot to his right foot and cleared his throat.

“How much time Julian?” Maya asked again.

“8 years…” he said.

Maya closed her eyes. Her heart sank into her stomach. He would be away for 8 years over dumb shit. He wouldn’t be here to protect her…he wouldn’t be here to piss her off. By the time he got out, she would be his age…29. Her lymph nodes began to tingle and her eyes began to water. She quickly wiped her eyes since she knew Julian hated her crying. He called her a crybaby.

“Maya-“Julian said reaching out to hug her but Maya slapped his hand away and ran out the room to get air outside. She ran to Erik’s car and collapsed on the ground next to the passenger side crying into her knees.

“Fuck!” Julian said punching the wall behind him.

“Hey! Break my shit and I’ll break my foot off in your ass Acosta!” His PO yelled from the other room.

“I’ll go talk to her bruh” Erik volunteered since Julian wasn’t allowed to leave the office.

“Thanks man, tell her I’ll get to be home all day tomorrow. But after that…I’ll be gone”

“Shit, how you pull that off?” Erik asked.

“Perks of fucking your PO…she got a nice piece of ass, I had to try” they both laughed.

Maya looked up to see Erik walking out the building and crossing the street towards her.

“Yo. Get up off that nasty ass ground” Erik said unlocking his car doors. Maya got up and dusted her ass off before climbing into the passenger seat. Erik climbed in and shut his door.

“Ayo look, Julian said he’ll be home tomorrow then the day after he has to be back here. Spend tomorrow with him and enjoy y’all time together. Stop crying” Erik said looking over at Maya who wouldn’t stop crying.



“Yo! Shut the fuck up!” Erik yelled. Maya stopped crying and looked over at him.

“Did you hear me?

“Yea…Julian will be home tomorrow”

“Yes. So stop crying and enjoy the time you got left with him” he reached over and wiped a tear from her face with his thumb.

“You wouldn’t understand…Julian is basically my dad. He’s taken care of me and mom since our dad died. Julian has always made sure we were straight. Now he’s leaving for 8 years…what will we do?” Maya started crying again. Erik rolled his eyes. His hangover hitting him hard.

“Maya…I’m here for you and ya moms. Don’t worry about all that. Me and Julian already talked about all that shit”

“Oh…okay…” she said lowly.

“Yea so go back inside and say goodbye to him. We got shit to handle” Erik said climbing out the car. Maya and Erik went back inside to talk to Julian some more and then say goodbye.

“Yea let me get two cheesesteaks, everything on it” Erik said ordering from Max’s.

“Go find us a seat” Erik said to Maya. She rolled her eyes and went to find a table by the windows. She sat down and pulled her phone out seeing a few texts from her girls.

Mariah: Hey bitch. I heard about Julian….sorry. If you need anything, let me know..I love you babe.

Kat: Sorry about J…I love you. We’re here for you.

Maya didn’t respond to either. She just cut her phone off and laid it face down. Erik walked to the table and sat down.

“You good?” He asked.

Maya shrugged her shoulders and looked out the window.

“Stevens? Here’s your order” a lady said placing the food and drinks on the table.

“Thanks beautiful” Erik said smiling at the waitress.

“You are such a freaking flirt” maya said rolling her eyes.

“And you’re a fucking tease..” he said taking a bite of his cheesesteak. Contents falling out onto the foil.

Maya tried her hardest to ignore that comment but deep down inside, she had to know what he was referring to.

“How am I a tease?” She asked looking down into her lap playing with the fray bits on her skirt.

“You got on that short ass skirt, I can see your ass whenever you bend over. You got on that tight ass shirt with no bra and your nipples are pierced….you like getting attention from niggas obviously” he took a sip of whatever he was drinking.

“Actually I don’t. I never have…”

“Well they give you attention when they fucking you so close enough”

Maya looked away hoping Erik wouldn’t find her out.

He snorted. “You a virgin…” he laughed. “No wonder you were acting weird and shit in the car when all I did was put my hand on your leg”

“Excuse me? No, you were rubbing on my thigh and on purpose too. You touched my thigh the other night at my house, you referenced my tongue at the party, you pinched my nipples earlier. You’re flirting with me” Maya said in an accusatory voice.

He took another sip of his drink.

“What if I am?” He shrugged and raised an eyebrow at her. Maya’s hands started shaking. She was so nervous. She was about to open her mouth to say something but Erik crushed her on the spot.

“It don’t even matter. I got a girlfriend already” he said wrapping his leftovers up in the foil.

“You have a girlfriend?”

“Yea. Two years”

“Wow…so why are you flirting with me? You like humiliating me? This is embarrassing…” Maya said sinking into her seat.

“Im not trying to embarrass or humiliate you. It’s just you and me here. And I flirt because I think you’re beautiful and you’re my type…”

“Can you take me home please” Maya said standing up and walking outside. Erik jogged after her catching her by her arm.

“Hold up. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to give you mixed messages. Yes I have a girlfriend and your brother is my best friend. I wouldn’t do anything with you anyways”

Maya snatched her arm away from his grip.

“Take me home Erik” she snapped.

The ride home was silent besides the radio playing lightly in the background. Erik kept glancing over at Maya wishing he could read her mind. He felt bad for sending her the wrong message. He was a touchy guy. He didn’t know she would mistake it for flirting. His tongue comment was flirting. Him pinching her nipples….okay that was flirting too. He wanted to make it up to her since the next 8 years he would be taking care of Maya and her mom.

“Wanna play COD?” He asked focusing on the road.

Maya looked over at him. “Sure…but I’ll have to clean up first”

“Na we playing at my crib”


“Nah my girl won’t be there” he cut her off.


Erik pulls into his garage where four other cars are parked. He cuts the car off then climbs out.

“Lets go girl” he said closing the garage and walking into his huge loft.


“Damn. This is nice” Maya said stepping inside. It was a huge older building with exposed brick walls and a beautiful view of downtown.

“Yea it used to be an old warehouse. I bought it and made it my own” Erik said tossing his keys on the kitchen island.

“Just put your purse wherever and get comfortable” he said grabbing two waters out the fridge. He walked back into the living room to see Maya looking out the huge windows.

“This is beautiful” she said.

Erik flopped down on the couch checking his phone. Nothing. Then cutting on the ps4. Maya turned around and walked to sit on the right corner of the couch. Erik grabbed a red controller and handed it to her to her.

“Why you sitting so far away? You won’t be able to see from over there” he laughed.

“I’m okay” she replied and Erik shrugged his shoulders.

15 minutes later, Maya ended up scooting closer to Erik since he was right, she couldn’t see and she was determined to prove to Erik that she was good.

“On your left Maya! On your left!”

“Stop yelling at me Erik!”

“Then pay attention. Damn”

“Bitch” she whispered.

25 minutes later.

“You hungry?” Erik asked.

“Starving” Maya said. She was finally comfortable in his house. Her shoes were off and she was sitting on the couch on her knees.

“Cool. I’ll order us some food” Erik said getting up to go through his drawer full of sauce packets, plastic ware and takeout menus.

“Where’s your bathroom?” Maya asked.

“Down that hall on the right” he said smiling at her.

Maya took the hallway and found the bathroom. It was nice and big. She shut and locked the door so she would have privacy. She decided to snoop through his things to see what he had going on. There was no sign of a female in his house. Was he lying about his girlfriend? No hairbrushes, ties, tampons, lotions, nothing. Hmm..

She opened a closet in the bathroom that led her to a whole other room. She stepped inside and it was freezing cold. She cut the small light on and seen there were guns lined up neatly against the walls and sprawled out on a table top. She seen a few passports opened on the table. All with Erik’s face but different names. There was a duffle bag on the floor she nearly kicked by accident. She dropped to her knees and looked through it picking up a thick stack of $100 bills. “Wow” she said. She dropped it back in the bag and continued snooping. She reached the edge of the room seeing two samurai swords hung on the wall. She touched it and sliced her finger slightly. She stuck her bleeding finger in her mouth. Turning around to leave, she seen another duffle on another table top, it was full of knives. Sharp, thick knives. Why did he need so many? Maya thought. There was a knock at the bathroom door. She ran out the room and lightly closed the door.

“Maya. What the hell are you doing in there?” Erik called through the door.

“Shit….hold on!” She yelled.

“Nah open the fucking door, I’m not playing” he said. He started to sound like he was getting upset.

Fuck…Maya thought. He knew. She needed to find a way to throw him off….

Maya dropped her panties and sat on the edge of the bathtub. She spread her legs wide and started playing with herself. Erik knocked again but she ignored him.

“Aight I’m coming in” he warned and kicked the door in. He stood there taking in the view of Maya playing with herself on his tub. He wasn’t expecting to find her doing this. He was worried she went through his closet and found something she shouldn’t have.

“My bad. I’ll leave…..The food is almost here…” he turned to walk away shutting the door.

As he walked down the hallway, he couldn’t stop thinking about what he just seen. Maya had a nice little pussy on her. And it looked wet. He wouldn’t mind putting his face in it. He was sexually frustrated. Him and his girl haven’t had sex in a week since she’s been in Houston visiting her family and wouldn’t be back for another two weeks. He sighed and rubbed his face with his hands. He didn’t know what to do.

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