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[notes] growing up, I suffered with nightmares all the time, sometimes night terrors as well. I had insomnia because of it. It scared me so bad that I couldn’t sleep by myself without a light. Now, as an adult, since I also have psychosis, I sleep with a lamp on in my room. I don’t turn it off. Anyway’s, I’m currently feeling depressed, and unsure of myself once again. :/ (I was also trying to comfort myself, but I really can’t when I’m dealing with my mental illness.)

[pairings] Minor Krii7y.

[wc] 749.

[warning] nightmares. angst. ptsd. mental illness. crying. comfort. platonic/romantic moment. literal sleeping together. panic attack. 

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can i be undone?
by lanestreets

“Why can’t I do those things? What’s wrong with them?”

Hawks sighs, and pushes his hair back out of his face. “It’s not that they’re wrong, they’re just different, and that’s wrong. The more you’re different, the more reason people have to distrust you, yeah? And if people distrust you, how can you be a hero? I want you to be safe, and not have to deal with all that scrutiny.”

Hawks was really only trying to help Tokoyami. He never meant for it to go so far sideways.

Words: 7118, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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And to all the other young creators out there.

For the first time in a very long time, I went back to my old account on to see what interests I had on there. I remember being passionate about characters and stories, but not exactly what that passion lead to. Upon reading the summaries of my old stories, I found myself cringing. The over use of the ^_^ face was everywhere, the side parenthesis filled with me just saying what I went for instead of trying to write it, and the general lack of understanding how to spell check.

I’m not going to lie. It hurt for a few seconds, as I felt embarrassment for my younger self. It only lasted for a short while though, as I opened my old fics. What became apparent quickly is where that passion went.

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Not Yet
by PommeGraphics

Not Yet is a Kiribaku story because I fell in love with the ship before I even started watching MHA, and I’ve seen a million sentence prompts.

Anyway, I’m not entirely sure where this (the story) is going. It’d be cool if you took a look and maybe stuck around. There will also be some tododeku, and no quirks.

The chapters are gonna be fairly short just to help myself keep interested and to the point. I will be trying to write lots of them though. Also, please understand that I’ve probably changed lots of stuff, like, basically, characters names are canon and that’s it…

Many uses of profanity!
Mentions of abuse!

Words: 8878, Chapters: 11/?, Language: English

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You guys know any good (longish) Harry Potter fanfics were he calls Riddle, My lord? Like Harry joining him as a Death eater? I don’t care if they are slash or not. I’m just in a Harry joining the Dark Lord and actually respecting him. I’m also in a Harry and Barty friendship/mentorship kinda mood. So if you know any please let me know. Thanks. 

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shades of green
by anonymity

He peers around the corner to see Izuku… and Todoroki. Just sitting in the kitchen and talking. Something curdles uncomfortably in Eijirou’s chest. He should move, he thinks, either go fully into the kitchen or leave.

Or, Eijirou lets his jealousy get the better of him and overhears something he shouldn’t have.

Words: 666, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Would anyone be interested in doing a cover or a montage photo set for “Hello Darkness, My Old Friend”? I’m outling the story now and it’s gonna be long. I’d love to have a cover or something to make it easier to identify. I’m not good at photoshop or anything so I can’t do it 😅

If you’re gracious enough to help out, please let me know! I’d be happy to write you a story in return 😄


Originally posted by velvetmotel

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What are your thoughts on using someone’s fanart as the image for the small thumbnail on the side of How would I go about asking for permission to use the fanart?

I’ve heard of people commissioning fanart to be used for a cover for a Fanfic, but here I’m talking about using fanart that’s already been created. Let me know what you think.

submitted by /u/sandalsf
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from FanFiction: Where Magical Ponies battle Imperial Titans
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(Something I might be working on in the future)

Apollo couldn’t stop staring at the paper in his shaking hands with wide eyes. There was no way this was real, no way this is what happened. There was no way this was the truth. He felt like crying, breaking down and sobbing until he passed out. Then at least he could pretend this wasn’t actually happening.

But he couldn’t, Apollo couldn’t let himself be lost in despair. Not when someone he loved cared about was in trouble. Not when there was still a reason to search for the truth. No matter how painful. Mr. Wright had said that the only time a lawyer can cry was once it was all over. And Apollo planned on crying a lot once this was all said and done.

The defense attorney shoved his phone into his pocket and rushed around his apartment for his badge. He didn’t bother to get changed into his usual suit, it would take too long and he needed to get down to the detention center last week. As he rushed out the door, Apollo took one last glance at the abandoned paper sitting on the table, in bold black letters, the headline reading:

“Rockstar Klavier Gavin Attempts to Flee the Country After Killing His Brother”

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to my followers—

i know i’ve been posting a lot of fics that are based on prompts, but fic requests are not open, so please stop sending them. any fic i have posted recently/in the near future that are prompt-based are from old prompts in my inbox, and i don’t need new ones. i’m really glad you guys like my work and want more of it! i have a lot of stories to tell, but i can’t do requests or prompts.

if you have an idea you really want me to write, you can consider commissioning me. if you’re interested in that, you can ask me for more information; otherwise, i’m not going to write whatever it is you want me to.

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Part One

The teacher droned on and on in a seemingly pointless lecture as the students were scribbling down notes within their notebooks. Except for one student… her eyes were glued to the margins of her notebook as she doodled small cartoon-like sketches. Her leg nervously bouncing up and down as she tried to settle the growing anxiety in her mind. She began tapping her pencil against the desk as her eyes glanced up at the clock above the blackboard. 

“When’s the class going to end?” She mumbled to herself as she watched the second hand on the clock seemingly tick even slower now. 

Her mind wouldn’t stop racing with concern over her cousin and his increasingly bizarre and concerning behaviors. “I have to check on him,” she whispered to herself as she continued to draw more.

“Rebecca James!”

Her eyes snapped up to find her teacher staring at her. Shifting nervously in her seat as the eyes of her fellow students fell on her with their teasing stares, Rebecca flashed an embarrassed smile. “Y-yes?”

“Care to join in on the lesson?” The teacher asked, placing his hands on his hips.

“Oh no, it’s just easier for me to remember information when I draw,” she explained, setting her pencil down. 

Her teacher shook his head in disappointment as he turned back to the blackboard allowing Rebecca to let out a small sigh of relief. Her eyes moved back to the clock overhead. Just a couple more minutes and the bell would cause the class to break for lunch…

“Come on…” she mumbled as her leg once again began to bounce. She nearly jumped when she felt the gentle touch against her leg from the person next to her. She glanced to the side to see Embeth Pegg, an underclassman who managed to make it into senior-level writing classes, reaching out to comfort her as her leg finally stopped bouncing. “Sorry,” Rebecca ushered in a hushed tone. 

Embeth smiled through her dark lipstick. “Hey it’s okay Becca,” she said. “What’s been going on? You look so nervous…”

“…has-has Tibby been okay?”

Her friend’s eyebrows rose in confusion… and almost disbelief at the question. “He’s fine,” she replied. “Why?”

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Excerpt from my Tokyo Ghoul story, Sacrifice, featuring my OC, Corie Masataka. 

*The moment I questioned my sanity while writing this story*

Corie burst into the so-called ‘hobby room’, a large chamber with a black-and-white checkered floor.

The entire place smelled of Kaneki’s blood, but to her despair, the boy was nowhere in sight.

However, a large mess of a ghoul with a half-kakuja rested on the floor, writhing in clear agony.  It was hard to believe that was the same ghoul who had beaten her up two weeks ago.

She quickly went over to him and knelt down beside him.  “You are going to tell me everything that happened or I’m going to make you wish that whoever did this to you had finished you off.  Start talking.”

Yamori continued whining and wailing unintelligibly.  “1000…minus 7…993…”

Corie released her kagune and stabbed him directly in the back which caused him to scream.  “I said start talking.”

“That…that kid,” he mustered out.  “That little punk.  He-he did this.  I’ll…I’ll kill him!  Minus 7…986…979.”

“Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that Kaneki, a kid who can barely defend himself, did this to you?”  Her face hardened when she realized what that meant.  “What did you do to him?”

Yamori continued groaning and mumbling more random numbers.

Corie stood up straight and kicked him so that he rolled onto his back.  Then she stepped over him and stood directly above his waist.

“You know, the last time you saw me, I believe I promised that I was going to rip your heart out.  Well, never let it be said that I don’t keep my promises.”

She let out a scream and plunged her hand directly into his chest which caused Yamori to cry out in agony.

Corie yanked her hand out with the massive organ in question.  It remained beating in her palm despite leaving its owner.

“Well, how about that?  Jason does have a heart.”

Staring down at the ghoul who wheezed and gasped for breath with his only life force gone, Corie slowly crushed the heart in her hand.  Blood and gore dripped down her arm until the organ was nothing but a pile of mush.  She let the pile fall from her hand directly onto Yamori.

Running footsteps sounded from outside the chamber along with several voices she knew belonged to no ghoul.

Corie smirked.  “The fearsome Jason of the 13th ward, downed by a teenager, a woman, and an investigator.  How humiliating for you.”

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Me Thinking Someone I Admire Might See My Stuff: It could happen! It’s up! Maybe they’ll like it! Maybe they’ll comment! Maybe we’ll inspire each other and become coauthors and soul mates and stuff!

Also Me Thinking Someone I Admire Might See My Stuff: They’ll probably hate it. Not up to scratch. Not their cup o’ tea at all. Maybe they’ll disagree so vehemently with my views that any comment I make on their work in the future will go deleted unread.

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