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Honestly, I’m VERY disappointed in how popular culture portrays crocodilians as a uniform green or brown color, because in reality they are BEAUTIFUL animals with a LOT of color variation.

Like, here are some of the more striking specimens I could find of various species (keeping in mind that there tends to be a lot of variation even within each species):

American Crocodile


Smooth-Fronted Caiman


Yacare Caiman


Mugger Crocodile


Black Caiman


Gharial (the dark blues on this one are amazing)


Cuban Crocodile (the lighting’s pretty reddish but you can still see the speckled pattern very well, and its freakishly long limbs)


American Alligator (I’m ESPECIALLY salty that the gorgeous blacks and blue-grays of these guys tend to be turned into green for cartoons and such)


Orinoco Crocodile


And the crown jewel of beautiful crocodilians, the Tomistoma 

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Mother’s Little Headful, Chambal River, India

A female gharial hangs out in the water while her babies use her head as a basking perch. She is one of a colony of gharials that have nested at this riverbank site. The mothers keep watch from the river, with the female acting as chief guard for 100 or so hatchlings. Adults will protect the young for at least a month until the monsoon rains arrive and they move down river to feed in deeper water. Gharials are under pressure from illegal sand‑mining in nesting areas, illegal fishing, egg collection and pollution.

Photograph: Udayan Rao Pawar/ Unforgettable

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Espécie de crocodilo do gênero Gavialis, família Gavialidae. Pode ser encontrado nos rios da Índia e Nepal.
. 🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊🐊
#Repost @varun_alagar
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15 metres. That’s how close I was to this young male.
One of the rarest crocodiles on the planet, these animals are the icons of the Chambal landscape.

I was very lucky to be filming them so close in the wild and it was one of the best moments I would cherish all my life. The male just popped up and basked very close to me, which is rare. I spent a good five hours with them. All care was taken to refrain from disturbing them.

Shot on assignment.

#wildlifecameraman #naturalhistoryfilmmaking #gharial #chambal #onlocation
#onassignment #newoffice #wildlife #nature #animals @natgeowild @natgeoyourshot @natgeo @bbcearth @sachtlersystems @sony @sony.bbcearthhd @animalplanetindia @animalplanet @discoverychannel #bio #biology #biologo #biologosnarede #biologia #gavial

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No Armbands Necessary. ..

Just three weeks old, and these gharial are strong little swimmers for their size. They can swim from day one - out the egg and into the water!   It’s useful for keeping safe from land-based predators (or suspicious animals like prying zoologists with cameras and ethograms) to be able to swim, and when there are threats from the depths (like a bloody zoologist in a boat) they climb up into the vegetation, onto the shore, or onto mummy’s head. 🐊

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