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Klaus *after Ben punched him*: I must stay clean, I must stay clean, I must stay clean

Ben : I see you really doing it seriously this time. Is it because a certain Dave, maybe?

Klaus : yes, I want to see him again

Ben *romantically *: ah yes, the power of love

Klaus :and think about all the ghost sex we’re going to have

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parp just lost me a wonderful john roleplayer who was talking to my ghost!dave and it was really great and then msparp petered out. christ.

so if that was you, let me know!! you were wonderful aaah and i’d love to continue sometime if you’re up for that uwu

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3 Ghosts in my House

So as you may or may not know I have two ghost cats that roam around my house and knock down my plants sometimes.

But now another ghost has either appeared or came through the portal idk but I know his name is Dave and he likes to bang on my closed closet door and when I open it he is happy and he also likes to take my flannels and put them on my chair he is a little goofball. I’m gunna try to communicate with him tonight and ask why he is here and if he needs help.

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