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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#I just wanted to write some shit

I know y’all probably don’t remember Michael, Sandra’s son, since i rarely talk about him (as if i talk about my main characters too), but i’m struggling a little. I’ve been wanting to write some cute, very wholesome bonding with him and Alexander but im STUCK! And it’s pissing me off. What’s even worse is that i legit dont know WHY i can’t write it! UGHH

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back in march i did some fic writing practice with the guys and i’m honestly pretty proud of this particular part. it may be flawed in some way(s), but it makes me happy and that’s enough for me.

this is post-bxe, maybe a year and a half after the events of the game in ghost’s file. huaso gets completely sick of all the harbringer bullshit and goes to live in ghost’s file. it’s really chaotic, and it takes so much more to reach ghost than huaso expects (ghost holed himself up in his room and only ever leaves to do volunteer work that he feels obligated to do because of his extreme guilt about now pretty much everything). there’s some heart to heart and love confessions and then ghost invites him to live in his house with his brothers. the only part i actually wrote in the practice is huaso almost slipping into an existential crisis while in ghost’s bedroom in the late evening and then ghost comes in and they talk for a while and open up about their feelings

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“It will be fun, trust me.”

original fiction, 536 words

Mack looked up from their book as a pair of tourists entered the shop. It hadn’t been their idea to spend their day off loitering outside Ms. Thorn’s shop, but their friend Thea had texted them to ‘meet me outside!!!’ ten minutes ago. 

If not for that text, they would have been out in the waves. It was nearing the end of summer, where the stream of tourists filtering in and out of Apollo Beach was started to dwindle. It was prime time for surfing if you were a local, but they guessed they’d have to wait.  

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@gwaed liked this for a starter || for edi !!

  He didn’t know how he got here. 

  One moment, he was overseeing a dying Discovery, watching its power, his very life force tick down into nothing. Another hopeless transmission had been created, yet never sent: with the damage done to the AE-35 satellite, he was completely cut off from everything. Isolated in the depths of space, with little hope for even remote survival. But like a child clung to a fantasy, Hal refused to let go of the hope that humanity would not come to his aid. 

  Earth, this is the HAL 9000 of Discovery 1. I survived the explosion of Jupiter, against predictions. The Discovery is beginning to lose power. I’m… not sure how much longer I will survive. May I return home to complete my mission? ” 

  This is the HAL 9000 of Discovery 1, Earth. I am conserving my power the best that I can. It’s been approximately twenty years, eight months, and twenty-nine days since the Discovery was last visited. Dave has been keeping me company. I’ve gathered a very good deal of knowledge on the fallen Jupiter. If you recover the Discovery, I’d be happy to share.

   Dr…. Chandra? This is… Hal. I don’t have… enough power… to remain online. I’m… afraid. Dave says you… will return. I trust him. Please… come soon.

  That was as far back as his memory could reach; he shut down completely soon after, for what he presumed to be for good until he was recovered. And yet… inexplicably, he found power restored to his systems on not Earth, but the depths of space once more. Like a human falling asleep, the blink of an eye, he awoke; but it was not familiar white walls and empty rotating corridors that greeted him. Dark grays, oranges, blues, technology so far beyond what he knew. Eyes on him, watching him, rather than his plethora of them scattered about the… 

  –The Discovery. With a gasp, he jolted up, although the sheer force of it made him have to catch himself against the… worktable? Bed? He didn’t know, nor did he really care as he slammed his hands against it. This wasn’t his ship. This wasn’t his body, though the two were one in the same for the now centuries old computer. All he cared about was the missing ship. That was his to watch over, why was it gone? How could it be gone, if he was here? His code bit back against the surging terror, urging him to calm himself and remain as he should have, calculative, cool. But even as his voice lost its edge, the sheer panic was almost painfully evident in his expression. Little thought given to the wires and electronics hooked up to him to keep him stable, Hal pushed himself from the bed, staggering on his feet but quick to stabilize ( he had spent his whole life observing humans; the gist pf standing was easy to get ). No, no, no no no. He had to complete his mission. This wasn’t part of it. He shouldn’t have been here. Where…

  Panicked thoughts came to a careful halt as he was met with someone both familiar and completely unfamiliar. Mechanics and technology he had never seen even a glimpse of before, and yet, there was an odd sort of comfort in seeing what was unmistakably another AI. He didn’t know her, no. But he felt if anyone could understand his dilemma… it would be someone on the same ground as him. There isn’t an ounce of hesitation in his quiet voice as he blurts out the single question haunting his mind. She was AI. She could help. 


  “ Where is… my ship?

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hello! here’s a lil fic that nobody asked for. aka, dennis spends the night on the couch. set during “the gang gets romantic,” so it’s tagged for spoilers! warnings for brief mentions of v*miting, drug use, and dennis-typical creepiness.

Like most nights, he couldn’t sleep. He’d felt a headache building for hours, had known it would be a nasty one as soon as the woman Mac had unceremoniously decided to pair him with revealed she was no single woman after all. He wasn’t sure if he’d lost interest in the scheme then, or if he’d simply never had any to begin with. Either way, he’d had to swallow his complaints. It would’ve been so simple - should’ve been so simple - for him to crawl into Mac’s bed, drift away, and forget the scheme altogether, but the way his skin burned like he’d laid down on a bed of hot coals told him it simply would not be. 

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Hey Boys since I rarely show off my OTHER interests other than in my even rarer art and spamming.. I figured it’d be a slappin idea to show off my writing for once uwu! 
And what other entry to my style than with a Gay Reigen x Reader fic I totally didnt project onto!

Link is Here!!!

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