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#I need friends

Hi!!!! I want some online friends but I’m anxious and I dont know how to act around other people but heres some stuff about me if you think we’d get along pls DM me I’m really nice!!

Stuff about me

- my name is Samuel Lovette but I go by Sam

-im a nonbinary boy my pronouns are he/him or they/them

-i do have dysphoria however I do not belive you have to have dysphoria to be trans

-im polyamorous

-im an artist

- I write short stories and poetry

-i love all things having to do with romance

-i have tourettes

-i like talking about politics

-im not religious but I dont ID as an atheist because I do believe on other spiritual things

-im a cancer * I’m literally what first comes to mind when you think of a cancer (emotional, caring, shy, etc.)*

-im a really nice person

- I’m an age regressor *I regress to cope with trauma and stuff*

-im queer I’d date anyone regardless or gender so I could ID as pan but I’m not comfortable putting that label on myself so I use queer

-im demiromantic/sexual

Stuff I like:

my hero academia

Queer stuff

Hello kitty






Talking to people

Soooooo uh yeah if you think we’d get along please DM me I want more friends!!:3

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Falling back into a hole,

Everything is moving,

Everyone is gone.

It feels like everything around me

Is so much faster than my brain can comprehend.

I just want it to end.

Losing, losing, losing.

Friendships, and the hold on my life.

Everything is out of control.

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💖 looking for a best friend in Texas, 18+ 💖

totally platonic ofc. dont be gross and weird lol.

lgbtq+ friendly.

im 420 & alchohol friendly.

I can hang out pretty much everyday.

Psychology major, womans studies, art, and sociology minor.

I read horror manga and love cute things but also gore. :(

I’m super serious. If we click, we click. I’m looking for someone to be my best friend. 🥰

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2.18.20 today’s emotions

sometimes i feel so lonely

so cold

so distant

so alone

so much that i dont know what to do

the loneliness takes over me

it envelopes me in a blanket of false security

and i let it

because having that is better than having




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it sucks being the friend who reaches out to everyone but doesn’t get the same vibe in return i just wanna feel that love back is that too much to ask

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I know this is kinda pathetic but if anyone wants to be mutuals or friends please hmu I’m very anxious so I won’t reach out first I’m sorry and I’m lonely

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➫ hi i need friends so reblog if you’re into any of these and i’ll dm you!

ミ★ resident evil

ミ★ upisnotjump

ミ★ the vampire diaries

ミ★ legacies

ミ★ wynonna earp

ミ★ captain marvel

ミ★ marvel

ミ★ poofesure

ミ★ graystillplays

ミ★ markiplier

ミ★ pewdiepie

ミ★ willne

ミ★ memeulous

ミ★ james marriott

ミ★ quackity

ミ★ callmecarson

ミ★ YouTube tbh

ミ★ minecraft

ミ★ overwatch

ミ★ nintendo

ミ★ literally so many more so just ask

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