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I write my best poetry when I’m drunk or in love

Right now, I am definitely at least one of those things and, unfortunately, have the potential to be the other. In any case, here’s a poem about love or something:

Hey, if I accidentally end up not getting over you,

shoot me in the fucking heart.

You heard me.

Take out a .32 and just go ham.

It takes absolute rejection for me to move on.

And you—

Fuck, I don’t even know who the fuck I’m writing to anymore—

Anyways, you really deserve someone who makes you so happy.

You deserve someone who can see all the goodness in you.

You are good.

Good at loving people.

Good at making people want to love you back.

Good at being completely and utterly you, which is all anyone can really ask for, anyways.

Just listen to me, okay? You are good enough; certainly for me.

But I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that I may never be good enough for you.

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ok as for the voice thing lemme think... i'd say that i think you have a voice that's good for speaking! u seem like u enunciate clearly, that ur voice is strong and resonant sounding, and maybe it's a tiny bit higher-pitched than average

this is so detailed, thank you! and more or less what people have told me when it’s come up. i mean, who knows what their voice actually sounds like. loving the very gracious “tiny bit higher-pitched than average”

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Trying to think of a pantheon for the world, names are subject to change later, but have this sort of introduction to the deities of Faedaal:

It is unknown when the gods created this world, we call Faedaal, or why they did so. What we do know is that gods are often as mysterious as kind as they are forthright and cruel. Within this land, you may find a variety of pantheons among the different residents or even none at all, but I promise you, they do exist, trust me, and they have not forsaken you. At least not yet. Though if you ask me, perhaps that time should come. But you are not here for the musings of a strange traveler, are you? No, you seek answers for what have they to do with you.

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my friend invited me to an opening at one of the bigger theaters here and i said yes ofc because not only is it a free show at a quality theater but it’s an OPENING which means tons of free booze and food and i always run into people i know so it’ll be good

but the problem is i forgot to ask what show it is and their website doesn’t list it on the calendar so like

i have no idea what show i’m going into and this is gonna be really interesting 

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