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There’s this one fic on ao3 that I read forever ago then lost for whatever god awful reason. It’s irondad and basically Tony goes on a mission to take down a Hydra hideout or whatever, and all is good and fine till they get stranded. The jet is broken and everything is down so they can’t call for help either. Now, eventually they fix the ship with little to no incident but as they get closer Tony’s suit isn’t connecting to the tower and it should be ‘cause Friday, right? Tony starts panicking because it should be connecting, why isn’t it connecting. I don’t remember clearly what happens after but basically either Jarvis connects to Tony’s suit or they get back to the compound or tower - again memory is kinda fuzzy - and he connects to Jarvis. Rhodey comes out and is like “why were you guys gone so long. p.s. your kid was terrified and replaced Friday with Jarvis in an effort to find you then bonding, 

Overall it’s a really good fic and I can’t find it and I find that so upsetting and y’know, preach to the choir, but like please? Help?

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Tony: [pours cereal then milk into his bowl]

Harley: [pours milk then cereal into his bowl]

Shuri: [pours cereal then orange juice into her bowl]

Peter: [pours milk on the table, then pours cereal on milk, then puts the bowl on top]

Tony: you all should be put on register, I don’t care which, but someone with some sort of power needs to be watching you at all times.

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Peter: Old MacDonald had a farm-
Tony: He's not special. Lots of people have farms. Why do people insist on focusing on him?
Peter: I am TRYING to put your DAUGHTER to SLEEP
Morgan: Dad's jealous because he doesn't have a farm
Tony: [pulling out his phone]
Pepper, from the other room: Tony! Don't even THINK about it!
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I wanted to make this blog because I have so many songs that I always connect with Peter, and primarily Peter and Tony’s father-son relationship!

I always love daydreaming to them, or just getting all in my feels about them. So I love finding new songs that I see Peter and Tony in! Or just songs for Peter and his life! Or his relationships with anyone!

So I’m going to be sharing all of my songs on here when I have the time, and please share your songs/soundtracks! Submit a post or send an ask or private message- doesn’t matter! And whether it’s happy/sad/really niche- doesn’t matter! I love song recs so please send them in!

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Every week we hope to spotlight an Irondad author. We’ve compiled a few questions for each author to answer to help everyone get to know them better. This week’s author spotlight is…


1. When did you first start writing?

I technically first started writing fanfic in 2016, when I got really into Hamilton (the Broadway Musical) but I started writing IronDad specifically in July of 2017 after I went and saw SM: Homecoming (so I’ve been writing IronDad fanfic for around 2 ½, almost 3 years). It still blows my mind, to be honest, because I started writing IronDad fic when I was in 11th grade and now I’m in college. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and then other times, it feels like a million-years-ago, it’s crazy.

2. What was your first story?

My first IronDad story was “A Stark Contrast To The Expected” (published in August of 2017). To be honest, this isn’t my favorite story I’ve ever written (I had NO IDEA what I was doing, who the characters were really, because I was just fresh out of watching Homecoming for the first time and the whole thing is really, really OOC) but it holds a special place in my heart by being my first IronDad fic (even though I hardcore cringe when re-reading it now 😆). 

3. What inspires you to write?

Hmmm, this one’s kind of tricky 😂. I think it’s mostly because I get to see something completed. It’s something to be proud of. Because when you think of an idea (or get a prompt) for a story, you literally start with ONLY that and your imagination/skills.  The fact that people (not just me but every single amazing author in this fandom) can take something as small as an idea and turn it into a full-blown fanfic (and are willing to SHARE THAT with everyone FOR FREE) is mind-blowing and I’m honestly just flattered to be apart of it. 😁

4. Favorite character to write?

Ahhh this one’s even more tricky ??. I honestly have to say Tony for this one. Writing his protectiveness of Peter, their banter back and forth, and his anxiety when it comes to certain things comes almost naturally to me in a way and it’s just a really interesting experience to share that in a fic. Peter is a VERY close second though, with Happy taking third place.

5. Favorite story of yours?

Never-mind what I said earlier, THIS ONE is the most trickiest of them all. I literally spent 10 minutes scrolling through my AO3 debating on which fic to pick 🤣. I think though, I’m going to go with “5 Times A Spider-Baby Got Dad Smooched” because I just re-read it and it’s literally so cute 😍. Here’s the link if you need it: 5 Times A Spider-Baby Got Dad Smooched

6. Why Irondad?

I’ve always loved Tony (he was my favorite character/superhero when I watched the first Avengers movie way back in 2012) and I’ve always had a love for the found-family trope, so combining the two just seemed right 😊.  I haven’t looked back since.

7. Any fun random facts that you want to share?

Oh God, uhhhh… My favorite IronDad trope is Tony playing with Peter’s hair/cuddling, I don’t really like Field Trips fics that much, I’ve written 266,041 words in the past 2 ½ years and I don’t like eating oranges but I like orange juice lol

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UR WRITING IS SO GOOD AHHH 💕💕 if it’s alright could u make a rec list of bio!son peter and dad tony? 🥺🥺 thank u !

BOY CAN I EVER. Also thank you so much, y’all are all making me cry, this is like a dream come true with everyone enjoying my writing sm.

I apologize for taking so long on responding to this, I got very busy. And realized that, for as much as I love bio au, really don’t read a lot of it.

BUT, because it’s a necessary self promo…

Peter Stark’s Twitter Adventures (Series) by me :)

I have two fics in this series so far, @StarkSon being by far the most popular of the two. I am working on the third installment currently (albeit very, very slowly lmao). It’s, as the name implies, a Twitter AU, but it does have plot and I think it’s funny, and so far people have enjoyed it! (Sorry, I’m rambling ahaha.)

Hardest Lessons (Softest Results) (Series) by @riseuplikeglitterandgold

A very heart-warming, fulfilling series of bio!kid Peter by my bestest friend. You will not regret reading every word, I promise you. Baby’s Firsts is my personal favorite and actually what helped to inspire me to write fanfiction for Iron Dad.

Stars, Hide Your Fires by @yellowdistress

So frickin’ good. Every time I think about Bio Aus, this is one of the first that comes to mind. Just the summary gets me. “Starks didn’t create beautiful things… But when the four-year-old’s wide eyes blinked at him, Tony was struck with the sudden realization that maybe that had been a lie.” fucking CHEFS KISS MY GUY so good. The whole What We Are series is A+

A Gift of Time by TheEclecticSoul

This is the second story in their series, A Gift of Blood, which… yeah, you definitely need to read the first to understand this one. I just particularly liked a Gift of Time because it’s toddler/four-year old Peter. :’)

Hold On, To Me As We Go by GLWilliams97

I’m weirdly particular about grammar (I’m not saying this in a bad way, I swear), but this is one I can ignore it because I just love the story. <3 Rhodey seeing baby Tony in Peter always gets me with the big bro Rhodey feels.

We are human after all (Series) by yourgaydad

I admittedly haven’t read all of this, because I’m losing time to be able to read fics, but I have read the first two, and honestly? Yes.

Anyway, I really don’t have a lot because, like I said, I don’t read a lot of bio aus. Regardless, I hope there’s a couple of new ones on here for you to read! There’s plenty of great fics on AO3, and I’m sure plenty I have missed. (If you know anyone’s @, pls lmk because I suck at finding people’s tumblrs lmao.)

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