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#Iron dad and Spider son
Peter: Old MacDonald had a farm-
Tony: He's not special. Lots of people have farms. Why do people insist on focusing on him?
Peter: I am TRYING to put your DAUGHTER to SLEEP
Morgan: Dad's jealous because he doesn't have a farm
Tony: [pulling out his phone]
Pepper, from the other room: Tony! Don't even THINK about it!
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UR WRITING IS SO GOOD AHHH 💕💕 if it’s alright could u make a rec list of bio!son peter and dad tony? 🥺🥺 thank u !

BOY CAN I EVER. Also thank you so much, y’all are all making me cry, this is like a dream come true with everyone enjoying my writing sm.

I apologize for taking so long on responding to this, I got very busy. And realized that, for as much as I love bio au, really don’t read a lot of it.

BUT, because it’s a necessary self promo…

Peter Stark’s Twitter Adventures (Series) by me :)

I have two fics in this series so far, @StarkSon being by far the most popular of the two. I am working on the third installment currently (albeit very, very slowly lmao). It’s, as the name implies, a Twitter AU, but it does have plot and I think it’s funny, and so far people have enjoyed it! (Sorry, I’m rambling ahaha.)

Hardest Lessons (Softest Results) (Series) by @riseuplikeglitterandgold

A very heart-warming, fulfilling series of bio!kid Peter by my bestest friend. You will not regret reading every word, I promise you. Baby’s Firsts is my personal favorite and actually what helped to inspire me to write fanfiction for Iron Dad.

Stars, Hide Your Fires by @yellowdistress

So frickin’ good. Every time I think about Bio Aus, this is one of the first that comes to mind. Just the summary gets me. “Starks didn’t create beautiful things… But when the four-year-old’s wide eyes blinked at him, Tony was struck with the sudden realization that maybe that had been a lie.” fucking CHEFS KISS MY GUY so good. The whole What We Are series is A+

A Gift of Time by TheEclecticSoul

This is the second story in their series, A Gift of Blood, which… yeah, you definitely need to read the first to understand this one. I just particularly liked a Gift of Time because it’s toddler/four-year old Peter. :’)

Hold On, To Me As We Go by GLWilliams97

I’m weirdly particular about grammar (I’m not saying this in a bad way, I swear), but this is one I can ignore it because I just love the story. <3 Rhodey seeing baby Tony in Peter always gets me with the big bro Rhodey feels.

We are human after all (Series) by yourgaydad

I admittedly haven’t read all of this, because I’m losing time to be able to read fics, but I have read the first two, and honestly? Yes.

Anyway, I really don’t have a lot because, like I said, I don’t read a lot of bio aus. Regardless, I hope there’s a couple of new ones on here for you to read! There’s plenty of great fics on AO3, and I’m sure plenty I have missed. (If you know anyone’s @, pls lmk because I suck at finding people’s tumblrs lmao.)

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Peter: You know when someone's being weird-
Tony: GOD yes
Peter:, okay, anyway-
Tony: It's you. You're weird. All the time.
Peter: Cool. Well, when they're being weird-
Tony: Like you! Every second of every day!
Peter: Can I finish my sentence?
Tony: I'm simply making a point.
Tony: That you're weird
Peter: Yeah, I think I got that
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Bucky: I could protect you from anything
Peter: Aw, that's nice, Mr-
Bucky: But I won't
Peter: Ouch, that's harsh
Bucky: I also have a lot of knives so don't provoke me
Peter: ...okay?
Tony: Anyway, you've met Barnes now-
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Irondad Fic Rec

Sorry I disappeared! I was rereading a long fic, writing one, and have been working full time. I might make these less frequent to make it easier on me but I have no plans to stop anytime soon. Today’s fic is

Hero by lady_oneder

Summary: Time travel is fickle, and Tony is busting out his dad moves. Peter just wants to take the physics test he studied hard for.


Tony, Morgan, and Peter accidentally travel back and time and meet Howard and Maria Stark


Can this be a trope please? I absolutely love all the tension and interactions between Howard, Maria, Jarvis, and Tony, Peter, and Morgan. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this and I really just want to read about 50 more fics just like it. Howard Stark’s A+ parenting is my favorite tag because it’s so sassy and never means what it says. The juxtaposition of Howard’s parenting vs. Tony’s parenting is truly beautiful.

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Peter: Can you edit my essay?
Tony: That depends, what's it about?
Peter: You
Tony: Oh, well in that case, absolutely
Tony: Peter, why is the word 'bastard' in the title?
Tony: Is this an essay of all the times I've wronged you?
Peter: Check out page three
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Rhodey: who is this child?

Tony: what child? Where child?

*Peter is literally hanging out on the ceiling with his book*

Rhodey: what’s your name?

Peter: *whispering* dangeeeeer

Tony: *internal screaming*

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On sleepless roads the sleepless go

Marvel Cinematic Universe


Peter Parker, Tony Stark, May Parker, James Rhodes,Thor Odinson, Bruce Banner

Peter Parker + Tony Stark, Peter Parker + May Parker, May Parker/Ben Parker

“So let’s address the sleep deprived elephant in the room,” Tony says conversationally. “What’s going on, kid?”

“Nothing,” Peter says, quickly shoving an entire strip of bacon into his mouth as a show of alertness. “M’fine!”

“God, Tony, he’s even worse than you,” Rhodey snorts. Peter grins at the comment, as does Tony, and they share a chuckle while Rhodey groans in playful dismay. 

“Deny it all you want, kiddo,” Tony twirls his fork close to Peter’s face, “the craters beneath your eyes are giving away all your secrets.”


Peter and sleep have been avoiding each other lately. Enter Tony Stark, the man with many plans.


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I read this hc that Tony has a British accent because he was practically raised by Jarvis and Peggy, and I couldn’t help but imagine…

None of the other Avengers really questions why Tony suddenly develops a British accent when he’s tired. Tony has always been eccentric at best, and when he’s tired he’s just Plain Weird™. Like the time he asked Clint to balance a tennis ball on his nose, pouted a little when Clint refused, and then pouted even more when Clint tried and failed. So, yeah, they think it’s weird that when Tony starts faking an accent when he’s tired, but he’s done weirder, so it’s not a big deal.

But then Spidey is injured (nothing too bad, but Tony doesn’t care about details like that) while doing something heroic and Tony flips out. “What the hell were you thinking, you could’ve been killed! If you do something like that one more time I’ll have a bloody aneurysm!”

And everyone just…stares at him. Because Tony slept last night, didn’t he? And Tony sees Peter’s wide eyes and then looks around at everyone else and says, “What are you looking at? What did I do?” (American accent again). And he’s genuinely confused.

And so they finally have to ask. “Tony, why do you sometimes have a British accent?” Bruce says. And Tony is a bit surprised, because he’d never realized that the Avengers might’ve noticed that, and that they didn’t ever ask. But he explains anyway.

When Howard, a negligent/abusive dad, realized his son has a different accent than him and his wife, he was furious, because that’s “un-American” and “gives people the wrong idea,” and was therefore bad for PR. Tony was forced by Howard (either directly or indirectly in that Maria, Jarvis, and Peggy were trying to protect Tony from him) to work with a dialect coach to “fix” or at least hide his British accent.

So every time Tony uses an American accent, that’s a conscious effort. But when he’s sleep-deprived, he doesn’t have the energy nor the patience to hide his accent (this may be the reason he still has it, as opposed to having lost it after a lifetime of living in the US and consciously trying to hide it).

And everyone is appalled by this, as they should be, since it shows how absent his parents really were, and that, contrary to popular belief, Tony really does think before he speaks.

They also realize that this means Peggy (because it couldn’t have been Jarvis) frequently made threats of aneurysm when Tony was being dumb.

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