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#Iron man
Umm can you do 16 with Tony Stark please??

I am Iron Man

Tony Stark Prompt Oneshot

16: “Why do you care?!” “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!”


You had been working for your boss, Tony, for years now. He wasn’t as hard to work for as everyone warned you he would be. He was caring, left you little gifts after hard weeks, and gave you practically unlimited sick days. He was truly the best boss you’d ever had.

Over the years, you and Tony grew insanely close. You had even fallen in love with him, not that he knew. His charming smile and flirty jokes had you hooked. The way he’d wink at you from across the room at his business related parties enchanted you. You couldn’t help but adore the man.

You were about to clock out, but decided to check up on him in his lab; having known he had a mission and wanting to put your worried mind at ease. To your horror, Tony stood, hunched over, leaning on a table with blood pouring out of his arm.

“Oh my god! Are you alright?” You asked, rushing over to him. Tony groaned and nodded. “Yes, (Y/N). I’m fine. Can you just hand me that Band-Aid please?” He said in a pained voice. “I don’t think a Band-Aid is gonna cut it, Tony.” You said quietly, examining the deep cut on his arm.

“Here, let me-” you started, trying to put pressure on the wound. “No! I got this. Just go back to work. Why do you even care?!” He hissed in pain, dark eyes filled with annoyance. “Because I love you! Now let me help you.” You said, grabbing his non-injured arm and leading him to a chair, not even realizing what you had said.

“You…love me?” Tony asked quietly, as you cleaned and bandaged his arm. “Uh, I mean, in a professional way. You’re a great boss?” You tried to cover your slip up, but it came out as a question. He chuckled, his brown eyes looking up at you with something you didn’t recognize in them. “It’s alright, (Y/N). I love you, too.” He said with a snicker. You rolled your eyes and lightly pushed his shoulder. “Don’t make fun of me.” You said with a pout. “I’m teasing, honey.” He said with a smile, before standing up and pulling you to him.

“So, what do you say to me and you, Saturday night, at the best restaurant in town?” Tony asked, his smirk firmly in place and eyebrow raised in expectation. “I’d love to, Tony.” You chuckled, leaning up and kissing him softly.

“Oh, by the way, Iron Man has a press conference soon that I want you at.” Tony said with a chuckle. “You and your last minute invitations. You’ve really got to work on that.” You smiled. He shrugged.

“It’s just the way I roll, baby.”

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I watched The Avenger’s: Endgame a few days again & I have to admit, It was amazing!! :D, I enjoyed every second of it, I’m sad we won’t be seeing Black Widow, Captain America or Iron Man in Phrase 4 of the MCU movies, but that was to be expected :3

Honestly it broke my heart when Iron Man & Black Widow died, I honestly thought Hawkeye was the one who was going to sacrifice himself for the soul stone & when Iron Man died stopping Thanos, It surprised me, but I do like how they brought back most the heroes in the final battle & I love how they brought Gamora as kinda a blank slate, So I look forward to see how the Guardians will recruit her again, That’s hopefully if they do, It’s going to be a lot funnier with Thor around XD

Soon I’ll be able to watch Spider Man: Far From Home because I want to see how Spider Man improves after the lose of Iron Man his idol, I also hope to see more of Ant Man, Valkyrie & a few of the other heroes in their own movies (It be nice if they did a Black Widow movie based on her past :D)

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Peter: Happy Birthday, Mister Stark! [hands him a gift]

Tony, eyes welling up with tears: Aw, kid. You shouldn’t have.

Stephen, while at dinner with Tony: Happy Birthday, douchebag.

Tony, kissing his cheek: Thanks, asshole.

Steve: Happy Birthday, Tony.

Tony: Fuck off, Rogers.

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