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#Izuku Midoriya
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Prompt 16: submissive


[Villain/Yandere Midoriya Izuku x pro hero female reader]

[Warnings: slight mentions of blood, drugging, nonconsensual(kinda), choking, creampie.]

[I don’t own any of the characters or art, all credit goes to original creators.]




“Poor little hero~ you’re on the brink of death and you’re still trying to save her.” Deku… no Izuku Midoriya spoke as he brought the young girl over, the one you promised to save.

You were on the ground, trying to catch your breath, but you couldn’t, you were slipping in and out of consciousness, blood dripping from your nose and your temple.

You were covered in dirt, bruises and blood, blood that was a mixture of your own and the enemies you had taken down along side the other pro heroes.

There was a barrier between you, Ground Zero, Red Riot and Uravity. They were trying their best to bash through the invisible force that had been holding then back from helping you.

The young girl you were trying to save was… Eri.

She was so young and innocent, yet Overhaul, her previous guardian abused her, but somehow…

Izuku Midoriya had gotten hold of her and when you got wind of it, you immediately made a move to save her.

But you weren’t expecting Izuku to be so strong…

Where the hell had he gotten his quirk from? From what Katsuki told you, he was quirkless.

You came into this with the full intent of taking him down but that was the exact opposite of what happened.

“L… let her go…” you choked out, trying to push yourself up from the ground. You managed to get onto your knees, your hands keeping you from falling.

“Or what? Hmm little hero? You’ll kill me? Don’t be so damn pathetic.” He snapped, that grin he wore turned into a scowl.

“Your friends are so desperate to save you both, but they won’t be able to. One of you will be able to leave but not both.” As he spoke it clicked in your head what he was trying to say.

“You… want ngh…” a grunt escaped your lips, your ribs had been broken.

“Me… you’ll get me, let her go.” Sacrificing yourself for a girl who would change the balance of the hero world, was far better than having her in the hands of a group of villains who would no doubt use her to destroy what heroes had so peacefully built.

“Oh what a smart little hero you are, you see your power… those two quirks you have will be very much needed, you’re a very rare case apparently. The ability to heal and destroy.” The green haired male grinned again.

“We are gonna use that to its fullest extent, y/n.” As he spoke you groaned again.

“Too bad your quirk can’t heal those wounds you have. It’s a shame.” He said.

“All right Eri-chan~ go on to Kacchan.” As he spoke he pushed the little girl forward and she ran towards the group of heroes trying to save their friend and the girl.

A purple mist opened up behind Izuku who picked you up bridal style.

You were too weak to fight back in that moment, but you saw it, you saw how Katsuki slammed himself into the shield as Urakaka checked on the girl.

You mouthed ‘sorry’ to him before you blacked out and were carried into the purple mist.


By the time you had awoken you were bandaged up, your wounds mostly healed.

Your hero suit which was sewn back into one piece was hung up on a coat hanger on a coat rack.

“Oh, she finally woke up~” Izuku cooed as you shot up, but winced from the pain in your abdomen.

“Don’t get too jumpy pet.” He said as he traced a finger along your cheek, green cold hues staring down at you as if you were a simple toy and nothing more.

He brought over a pill and a glass of water which you refused to take.

It was… weird, you were bound down or in an uncomfortable spot not yet at least perhaps he wanted you to heal up before breaking you down.

You heard whispers from the underground saying what kind of man Izuku-… Deku was.

He was strong, dangerous and above all else calculated…

“We didn’t tie you down because if you try to run away we’ll end up killing someone you care about, perhaps Kacchan or that red head idiot that follows him around.” His voice sent shivers down your spine, his hand threading through your hair, pushing the loose strands out of your face so he could look at your bruised face properly.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t want them to die.”

“What are you planning…” your voice was hoarse, itchy, you wanted water but you didn’t want to take the pill with it. No matter what it was.

“Hmm a lot~ now. You have to promise me a few things pet.” As he spoke he got onto the bed straddling your lap, a strong hand gripping your throat forcing you to look up at him.

“Take the pill.” He ordered handing you the water, which you took, he dangled the pill in front of your mouth as you sipped the water. Once you had water in your mouth he shoved the pill into your mouth. Forcing you to swallow it.

Gods you hated pills.

He just smiled before answering your question.

“What…?” Your voice was quiet.

“Well first thing, your loyalty to me. Only me. You don’t take orders from anyone other than me, of course unless I give the order.” He started.

“Second, you submit to me.” It was a short request.

Your hands gripped the sheets of the bed as you stared into those green hues.

He had a few scars on his face which you never noticed, but now staring at him you did… especially since he was in such close proximity to your face.

“Submit…? What do you mean submit…?” Your voice was still quiet.

“Mind, body and soul little bunny, I don’t want you saying no to me. If I want to fuck you, beat you or make you run errands for me, you will. No questions asked. You won’t fight back, you’ll take it like a good little bunny~” his words made your body tense up.

You were becoming a… puppet.

A puppet for him to control and probably destroy your friends with…

“The other promises, well. You’ll hear them in due time, just those two are the main ones. If you say yes I won’t kill all your friends, Kacchan included.” His tone was cold when he said his childhood friends name, you weren’t really surprised.

You heard from Katsuki how he threatened Izuku when they were in middle school. How he told him to kill himself.

Even after all these years Katsuki felt like he was the reason Izuku became a villain…

“Even if I say yes… there will be casualties that can’t be avoided…” you whispered, his hand left your throat, but he took your chin between his calloused fingers.

“Of course not, but those that you care a lot about will be fine~” he lied, you didn’t know he was lying.


“Good little bunny, you’ll hop when I tell you to. You’ll bite when I tell you too and above all else…” his lips grazed yours briefly, groaning slightly at how soft your lips were, regardless of how dry they looked.

He pulled back.

“You’ll fuck me when I want, which lucky for your pretty little face I want right now~ all your major injuries are healed. So I’ll take control for now…” he mumbled as he peeled the white sheet back, you were in a nightgown, it was a bit frilly, hugging your body.

You didn’t fight it, calloused hands gripped your thighs, rubbing and stroking the exposed skin, but he slowly eased up the skirt, bunching it up around your waist.

You had forgot, you never bothered with panties since they slowly your agility especially in such a tight hero suit.

“My, it was quite a shock to see that the pretty little bunny didn’t have panties on beneath her little outfit~ honestly… it made me want to ravish you more~” his words were guttural almost as his head moved down, dipping between your thighs as his arms wrapped around your thighs, licking at your folds, before driving his appendage into her hole.

It wiggled about for a moment before he rubbed it against the sweet spot he had found, which you indeed by the way your legs had flexed and the tone of your moans, your fingers were tugging at his green hair, you wanted to push him away but you felt an overwhelming pleasure hit you.

His nose rubbing against your clit as he kept up the movement with his tongue before pulling back, a trail of saliva connecting from his lips to your lower ones.

“You taste better than I expected little bunny~ oh gods I can’t hold back any longer~” he groaned as he palmed the bulge forming in his jeans.

A whimper escaped your lips as he proceeded to unzip his pants, exposing his cock, he was hard… and big, slightly bigger than Katsuki in both width and length.

“Is it bigger than Kacchans?” He asked as he rubbed himself against you, letting out a grunt as you gave him a surprised look.

Yeah, you and Katsuki have had sex, multiple times in fact. The first time was because you were both drunk and needy, but the other times was solely for fun because you enjoyed how good he made you feel and you both agreed that it was a friends with benefits kind of thing.

“Oh don’t look surprised, I know Kacchan wouldn’t hold back from fucking…” a groan escaped his lips as he slid himself inside you, spreading out your walls better than Katsuki ever could. Earning a desperate moan from you.

“Such a pretty little thing~ see I’m better than him~ in every…” he pulled back his hips before slamming himself deep inside you, his tip kissing you womb, making you almost gasp for air, you felt slightly winded, but a very audible moan escaped your lips.

“Single aspect…” his words were lustful, territorial.

The way his hand wrapped around your throat, it was his way of saying;

'You’re mine and gods if anyone else touches this body, they’ll be killed gruesomely.’

“Do you like it…? The feeling of me buried deep inside… ngh.. your pussy? Just like Kacchan was?” Your brows furrowed a little but the way his hips moved were making it hard for you to formulate a sentence especially since he started squeezing your throat.

Choking mixed in with your moans.

Of course you hated it.

But your body was starting to feel a level of pleasure that you haven’t felt with Katsuki, it was almost as if you were given a drug of sorts.


“Y-yes…” you choked out, lying to the male.

“Look at that pretty little.. bunny…” he groaned as he pulled his hand away from your throat and gripped both your thighs, pushing them against your chest as his thrust became deeper, far more vicious.

Green hues staring down at your pleasure filled face, the moment he felt your pussy walls tighten around his cock, was the moment his hips moved as fast as they could, almost as if he was using his quirk.

His cock throbbed within your tight pussy and you both had become undone, his hips pressed flush against yours a guttural groan escaping his mouth.

His seed flowing inside you and your love juices squirting out covering his cock.

“F-fuck…~♡” you managed to moan out.

“Theres… my bunny~” he cooed pulling out.

He had that smug smirk on his face again and you were still trying to catch your breath.

“So will you submit to me? Mind, body and soul?”

And all you had to do was nod slowly in response.

And he took that answer.

“We still so much more ahead of us pretty little bunny~ get some rest~” he cooed before standing up and pulling on his clothes.

“I’ll let you shower tomorrow morning.” He added.



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I See You
by BirdAntlers

Midoriya Izuku is a quirkless child, blind from birth. Yagi Toshinori is the most powerful man in the world, loved by millions. They could not be more different, and yet their loneliness is the same.

From a pair of AU posts on Tumblr that got way out of hand; I wanted to put it here because it turned into more of a fic than a “what-if.” It’s basically a vessel for me to vomit as much Dadmight fluff as I can.

Words: 2974, Chapters: 1/2, Language: English

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I See You
by BirdAntlers

Midoriya Izuku is a quirkless child, blind from birth. Yagi Toshinori is the most powerful man in the world, loved by millions. They could not be more different, and yet their loneliness is the same.

From a pair of AU posts on Tumblr that got way out of hand; I wanted to put it here because it turned into more of a fic than a “what-if.” It’s basically a vessel for me to vomit as much Dadmight fluff as I can.

Words: 2974, Chapters: 1/2, Language: English

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I See You
by BirdAntlers

Midoriya Izuku is a quirkless child, blind from birth. Yagi Toshinori is the most powerful man in the world, loved by millions. They could not be more different, and yet their loneliness is the same.

From a pair of AU posts on Tumblr that got way out of hand; I wanted to put it here because it turned into more of a fic than a “what-if.” It’s basically a vessel for me to vomit as much Dadmight fluff as I can.

Words: 2974, Chapters: 1/2, Language: English

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Read all about ‘em here ;)

sfjdlkjdsf that was kind of ominous, but yes! Here it is!! The winner of my marginally successful 10k milestone event!!! It’s gna have 2 or 3 chapters, and I have yet to decide which, so those will be up eVeNtUaLLy. I didn’t want to keep y’all waiting any longer for it, so I decided to post a chapter 1 now instead of waiting to write the whole thing before posting it. It ends at a satisfying stopping point anyway, so hopefully it’s fine for now lol.

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Someone: *Is rude to Deku*


The person: …Didn’t you threaten to blow him up yesterday?


Deku: *Blushing, smiling*

Bakugo: What’re you smiling about?!

Deku: …Nothin’.

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The Prodigal Son
by GrimmBear

After making his statement to Japan, Izuku makes his next move, and when the idea of creating a protector, a machine that could help his Titan program improve in protection. With the help of his friend/assistant Mei they did so, they never knew one of their greatest creations could become one of the world’s greatest’s threats.(Non-Canon Spin Off for Apotheosis: By Lorde Wolfe)

Words: 3201, Chapters: 2, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

Read Here:

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okay but like as much as i love tenya iida with all my heart - i can’t find it in me to write for him because all you hoes can’t appreciate him which means that whenever i write him - which might i add - takes a lot of time, i don’t get nearly enough appreciation that i deserve. i would spend three hours on an iida scenario and get barely double digits whilst i’d post a bakugo scenario and it’ll get high double digits, comments and reblogs in just a mere amount of minutes.

yes i understand that there are going to be characters that are way more popular than others but come on, iida isn’t lacking anything, neither is kaminari, and all the other underrated bois.

please love them equally.

thank you for coming to my ted talk.

p.s. if you’ve come this far, why don’t you check out my iida fics? or even better - my blog?!

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Below the Calm Sea
by MeguMegane san

Drown.Sink.Sea.Acceptance is hard. From the death of her beloved mother to accepting the reality she always kept denying. all she could do is sink to the bottom of the abyss. But below the calm sea, something… ominous was in there. it wanted her. calling out to her. and before she knew it, strange things began to happen around her.(Fem!Izuku.)

Words: 5266, Chapters: 2, Status: In-Progress, Language: English

Read Here:

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[ t e n y a i i d a ]

prompt 3 - take my jacket


Originally posted by leorjo

tears were overflowing non stop. your legs were hurting from running for so long. you didn’t even know where you were going. until you realised -

huh, muscle memory i guess.

you were stood outside of tenya iida’s work building, and right on time, your hero was leaving the building with a cup of coffee and his car keys in his hand, a chuckle leaving his lips till the bluenette saw you with a devastated expression slapped onto your face.

his smile dropped.

he quickly rushed to you, shoving his keys in his pocket roughly.

taking your puffy red face in his gentle hands, iida searches your eyes with his, trying to understand without words what has gotten you to this state.

however, without words you crashed your head into his firm chest, hugging your arms around his waist gripping for dear life.

sobs racked your chest and iida’s heart broke just listening to you struggle for breath.

he could feel you shiver in his arms.

taking your face in his hands once again, he gently wipes off the wet tears off your face with a kind smile.

“here you go my love, you’re shivering,”

“take my jacket.”

tenya swoops off his jacket and places it on you, making him internally swoon and coo at how small you looked. shaking his head frantically he realised that this really wasn’t the time to be thinking that.

you hiccuped a small thank you as you forced yourself to calm down.

tenya iida was patient and waited the whole time patiently until you were settled.

“let’s go home sweetheart. you can tell me all about what happened there.”

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