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okay okay i need to talk about ep 9 after izzie kisses casey at school, in front of everyone and casey says “that was pretty weird”, izzie is just so scared of getting rejected, of having ruined this amazing thing forever, and she goes “bad weird?🥺” she was preparing for the worst outcome, and her face of pure and innocent joy when casey pulls her in … i.. have feelings…

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izzie is the bravest lesbian out there, making up that forehead promise on the spot? truly iconic

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izzie not feeling casey next to her and being all confused about it, its so cute like she goes downstairs so fast to find out where the heck she’s gone and is all nervous and cute in her borrowed shirt

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You were always running away from me

In my head and in my dreams

We were making our own castle

Of pillows and silky sheets


You were escaping your world

And I let you in mine

Making promises with our forheads

That everything will be allright


But just like in practice I fell for you

The way you made my heart smile

Holding hands at slurpie night

And asking me if I could stay a little while


But I was scared that you didn’t feel the same

And I had a boyfriend already anyway

You said we were just “friends”

Like all the time

While I was secretly going out of my mind


I was so jealous when i looked at him

Boys always ruin everything

I had to tell her how I felt

I couldn’t keep it in


What was I thinking when I kissed her that night

I knew it was wrong, but it felt like fireworks in the sky

I never thought I was going to be the one that hurt him

But it isn’t fair for him so I had to say goodbye


After you chose me I realised I didn’t know what to do

Nobody could know how I felt about you

You were my weak spot but I was so scared

That I did stupid things and make it seem like I didn’t care


Why does she hurt me so bad

After everything I did and said

She made me so agry with her stupid games

And still I couldn’t help but want to play


I knew I hurt her again and it was breaking my heart

I had to push my fears away and hoping she would forgive me

Because not talking to her and being apart

Made me realise she’s everything I need


She kissed me in the hallway and said please believe me

I really like you and I want you to stay

And I knew it wouldn’t be easy

But I wasn’t looking for easy anyway

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