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Hellooo, it's me (Samn, dude). I'm so proud of you, congratulations seriously! Now 💙 (hear this one, what if Kit dies while he's saving Ty because Livvy went nuts... I mean... It could be?) lol, just a suggestion, ILY! Also 💎 and I want a dumb Gif too please (but I didn't know who it was 😞🦄) 🧢 Other ship that you love as much as Kitty? It doesn't have to be from tsc

Hiiii love!! Thank you 🙏🏾

Well about your Kitty thoughts.. I’m completely sure Livvy’s gonna go bananas.. I’ve had some theories that you can find here, but basically- yes, Livvy loses herself and that will of course put Ty in mortal danger and Kit will try to come for the rescue.. but I actually think the true tragedy will be the loss of Livvy. Firstly - her soul, her true self. What makes her the sweet goddess that she was/is. Secondly, and that is my theory - I think Ty will be the one to kill/banish her. She will no longer be the sister that he had, and she will probably put in danger not only him but others that he love. It will be heartbreaking, if it happens, but I’m sure she’s at least the center of one of the main catastrophes of TWP.


Here’s a banner just for you! ESPECIALLY FOR YOU.


And why not continue with this:

And for your final question… there’s no other ship I love as much as Kitty.

I totally love Wessa, Sizzy and I’m a sucker for Malec.. but I NEVER got this attached to any ship. And I’m an old lady :)

Love you 😘

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Congratulations for 300! 👏🏻😍 💙 After three years and a reunit Kit and Ty are in the roof of the LA Institute, the sun goes down, and Ty thinks Kit is beautiful in the red, golden and orange lights 😍

The golden palette of the night

Weaves your skin to mine,


Like a private glamour

And your touch is an armor around my heart

In your eyes,

As they look through all that I had been

To all that I am

Melted honey on your lips

A feathered kiss of a heron in the sky

I find the plainest truth

A whisper clasped between our hands

We are one


Thank you for that

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Kit: I am completely over Ty. I’ve been dating this girl for like two years, it’s fine. I am literally happy. oh. We’re...going to L.A. Nice. Yeah that’s chill. Kit, seeing ty for the first time in three years: yeah I’m fine. Ty smiles: Kit: FUCK

How dare him smile?? That was unfair. Poor Kit, having to fall all over again 😭

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Everyone thinks Kit will be the one to tell Ty off but what about this. kit walking over to Ty after a meeting thing and trying to talk to him. The rooms cleared out and Kit try’s to tap his shoulder to get his attention and Ty snaps “don’t touch me” in a cold, hostile voice and Kits like “right okay we stopped talking on a rough-“ “no. Fuck you. Fuck you and that “we stopped talking” bullshit. You fucking left me. After my sister fucking DIED you asshole! You couldn’t have given me time?” Pt1

And Kits like “wait what” because he doesn’t see why Tu suddenly snapped at him. And Ty continues on “you just up and left! Dropping the I love you crap! After my sister died! You couldn’t have given me a day? Or hell a couple hours to get myself together!?!?” And it’s the first ad last time Ty ever cusses because it’s super heavy


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Fosters needed immediately for bottle babies. And plenty of kittens need homes. #kittens #kitty #furbaby -
Video taken 6/26/19. -
♥️❤️♥️North Central Shelter is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. Sunday 11 am to 5 pm. (Closed on Mondays). 🐶🐾💝
All North Central animals come spayed/neutered, microchipped and current on all their shots (including rabies). North Central LA City shelter; 3201 Lacy St., Los Angeles, CA; 213­-485­-5767.
——————-@northcentralshelter #northcentral
#needshelp #adopttoday #fostersneeded #fosterssavelives #adoptionrocks #adopt #foster #rescue @laanimalservices (at Friends of North Central Shelter - Los Angeles Animal Services)

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