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Generation of miracles with a S/O who’s better than them at basketball but is shy about it/doesn’t show off too much headcanons plz! 🙌🏼😁🤩😁🙌🏼

A/N: Heyy anon,,these were fun to write so we hope you like them hehe ~Bliss & Lily


Originally posted by stuff-y


  • You knew your boyfriend, Aomine, was a really really good basketball player
  • He was also really intimidating on the court
  • Which was why you never told him you could play
  • Of course he found out eventually when he invited you to play 2v2 with him against Kagami and Kuroko
  • He honestly didn’t think you’d be able to play well and just thought you’d look cute playing
  • He was right about one thing
  • You were extremely cute when playing
  • But you were also extremely good
  • Like he barely gets to touch the ball and you guys were winning??
  • Let’s just say Aomine was confused and just stood there with a dazed look on his face
  • “Oi Y/n, why didn’t you ever tell me you were good at basketball?”
  • “Ummm…”
  • “Nevermind, I know now,” he said with a smirk
  • He proceeded to practically kick Kagami and Kuroko out of the court and challenged you to one-on-one
  • In which you beat him
  • When the game ended, he just stared at you with the same dazed face except this time you could see his eyes were brimming with happiness and love
  • Having an s/o who not only plays basketball but can beat him in it was the best thing he could ever ask for
  • “Guess I’m not the only one who can beat me now”
  • You blushed at his words
  • From then on, you guys would spend lots of time playing basketball
  • You’d teach each other different skills and challenge the heck out of each other
  • The scariest thing is when you two team up
  • Once you played together a bit and got used to each other, you two became unstoppable
  • At the end of every game you play and win together, Aomine would now say “The only one that can beat us is us.”

Originally posted by kunikidaz


  • Akashi didn’t you were good at basketball
  • He didn’t even know you could play
  • So it came as a shock to him when you told him you were on the school team and that you were playing a game the next day
  • He got over his initial shock pretty quickly and decided to support you fully at the game
  • The game was about to start and he saw you lead your team onto the court and go to shake hands with a person from the other team
  • So you were captain, just like him
  • Your team got into position and Akashi noted that you were in the point guard’s position
  • When he actually saw you play though, he was beyond impressed
  • Your skills were on par with his, maybe even better
  • You dribbled fast and confused all your opponents
  • They couldn’t steal the ball from you either no matter how hard they tried
  • Pretty soon, the gap between the scores started increasing
  • Akashi smirked as the first half ended
  • I’m gonna need to challenge y/n sometime…
  • The second half started and the opponent seemed to play better, quickly equalizing
  • Akashi started to worry a little until he saw a glint in your eye
  • Suddenly, your movements became faster and more refined
  • Akashi looked closely and saw you were in the zone
  • Not only that, you managed to put your entire team in zone too
  • Just like he did
  • He was bursting with pride and admiration at this point
  • When the game ended, you met him outside the gym where he congratulated you on your win
  • He then went into an in-depth analysis of your skills and the game
  • Basically he was just complimenting you fancily
  • He really was impressed tho
  • And he looked forward to playing with, as well as against, you in the future

Originally posted by strifeshart


  • It was when he told you he would teach you how to play basketball as his partner
  • For him, it was a date for how romantic it is
  • At first he teaches you the basics, he dribbles the ball from left to right and a crossover
  • And so the game begins
  • Standing at the center of the court, pressure is all you could feel
  • With the stance that can have your reflexes actioned well, Kise is dribbling the ball slowly enough for you to follow its steps
  • You as the defender, follows his footsteps as fast as lightning
  • You are about to catch him and you did- it’s because he retrieved his last step, placing his right forwarded foot earlier backward and so he enters the shooting position, lifts the ball in the air and shoot
  • You are amazed for he did Midorima’s high projectile three
  • The game continued with the ball in his possession again but with faster dribbling
  • You are no prodigy, well, you are no basketball player either
  • But the second you stole the ball from Kise’s fast dribbling results him stunned by your surprising entry
  • Now, thanks to him earlier, you are able to shoot from the center line, just by seeing it 
  • “Woah Y/N-cchi! You didn’t tell me you can play!”
  • You performed it just exactly as him, not an inch of difference was distinguished
  • And Kise is amazed, for he already knows that your specialty is also the same as his, COPYING.
  • And so the battle of the cats begins!
  • Both with the talent who can copy the other’s movements 
  • You don’t expect a good game but who can copy the most?

Originally posted by zechs


  • Surprisingly for Midorima, you two went on a date
  • It’s your way home, when a ball hit your boyfriend’s head from behind
  • “OMG ARE YOU OKAY?!” You redirect your sight to the lively public court nearby, being played with a bunch of 5 old-looking highschoolers
  • You could only tell it was on purpose for they are laughing at your boyfriend
  • You are about to tell them off but Midorima stops you by grasping your hand
  • “It’s okay Y/N. Don’t mind them-nanodayo.”
  •  “But-”
  • “Hey tall megane! Come join us for fun!”
  • You look at Midorima, only to hear a “no”, he tells you he didn’t want to ruin the day but it was ruined beforehand
  • You sigh, and raise your right hand to seize attention
  • “I’ll play. 5 vs 2, how about that?”
  • “Y/N, when did you start learning how to play basket-”
  • The game starts with perseverance in both teams
  • It’s this moment that pride comes first
  • The ball is on the other side’s possession, he’s about to shoot it when Midorima blocks it
  • The ball bounces off within your reach, you dribble it and make your way to shoot it from a nearer distance
  • You surpass every opponent’s defense, and as a high jumper, you jump as high as you could and dunk it in
  • They are surprised, but Midorima’s reaction is the one you want to see the most
  • The day ended with you and your boyfriend winning, while walking towards your home he complimented you many times as if diamonds and jewels

Originally posted by zechs


  • You and your boyfriend were on a date
  • Where your date turned out to be watching an official basketball game
  • You were sitting together at the front seats while eating chips and sweets he bought 
  • You were thrilled watching the game, but not as thrilled when the host called you unexpectedly
  • It was a one time event where the hosts get to pick from the crowd randomly, and fortunately it landed on you
  • The chosen one then must shoot from the center line, with the prize of a 100,000 dollars if they succeed 
  • You glanced at Murasakibara to gain confidence, thinking whether you could do it or not 
  • But hesitations diminished when he cheered for you, “Y/N-chin, I know you can do it.” 
  • You took a deep breath and positioned yourself at the center line of the court
  • You could hear every roar from the crowd, but your boyfriend’s cute cheering overshadowed all of it
  • Yes.. everything is going to be fine because Atsushi is here, you thought.
  • Now the challenge had started, the host gave you the ball and the crowd got quiet, waiting for your venture
  • Some thought, “There is no way a girl could shoot that,” but some was just waiting for you to strive
  • You bent your knees for a better balance, extended your arms to the air and threw!
  • Your instincts took over you, without any calculations nor logic 
  • And yet you succeeded, winning over thousands of dollars
  • “WOAAAAAAAAH!” The crowd yelled in great surprise and amazement, deafening but you were satisfied with their cheer
  • The challenge ended with you winning as well as the basketball game, the two of you decided to go home
  • It ended already, but your boyfriend couldn’t shut up about what you did earlier
  • “Y/N-chin, how did you do that? I could never.”
  • “Now don’t be such a pretender, you’re pro!”
  • “Well, I’ve never expected you know how to play.”
  • “Hahaha you just never asked,”
  • “Then let’s play tomorrow. You were really good, Y/N-chin.”
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pairing: Nijimura Shuuzou/Haizaki Shougo

summary: a Hogwarts au where Haizaki struggles to avoid Nijimura more than his own problems

“Well,” Haizaki says, “goodie two shoes charm doesn’t work on everyone. The Gryffindor team might be shit.” He thinks of Nijimura’s neat hair. “He probably sucks.”

Agile. He has complete control over the broom, over his form. He blocks a quick shot from Ravenclaw’s best chaser - their third blocked shot in a minute.

As a keeper, Nijimura is weighed down by protective gear but shows no hindrance in his movement. Somehow, he seems lighter than everyone else in the air.

Haizaki hears someone behind him in the stands say: “It’s hard to believe he’s a mudblood, isn’t it?”

Haizaki can’t look away.

Read on AO3

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Hi! I can order a hc for Riko, Momoi and Chihiro with a small FEM! S / O who appears to be harmless, fragile and naive, but is a badass and talented martial arts athlete?

Keep reading

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Hi! Can I request domestic GoM (and by that I mean plus Kuroko)? Thank you!!



Originally posted by kaworubunga-surfs-up-shinji-kun


  • First thing you knew about this boi was that he was lazy af
  • So if you guys are living together, don’t expect him to help out with chores or anything
  • There were only a few times he actually helped out and that was when you threatened to destroy his basket a or to throw away his shoe collection.
  • Despite not helping much with cleaning he’s actually a pretty decent cook
  • He’s no kagami but he can do enough to get by
  • On the days you’d come home tired, aomine would whip up some of your favorite foods or just order takeout
  • Aomine isn’t a messy person but he isn’t exactly organized either 
  • But since he’s living with you now, he makes more of an effort to keep him things tidy
  • Lest you find yet another thing to complain about
  • Basically this homeboy wouldn’t really bother to help out much at first
  • But that’s mostly because he’s lazy
  • Over time though, he grows more mature and actually starts becoming quality hubby material 
  • (Wears an apron around the house as he cooks and cleans lmao. Jkjk he wouldn’t actually do that…but maybe??)

Originally posted by reehlia


  • When you told Akashi you wanted to live together, you didn’t think you’d actually be living together in his mansion
  • But then again, it is Akashi. You couldn’t really expect much different.
  • You guys could literally spend all day cuddling or doing whatever and not have to worry about cleaning or even about the food.
  • One of the perks of having a rich boyfriend lol
  • After awhile though, you proposed living together alone, no maids or butlers. Just to see if you two could make it.
  • He was a bit taken aback by your request but soon saw it as an opportunity to gain more skills.
  • And so you guys started actually living together 
  • And it was…pretty hectic if we’re being honest
  • As perfect as Akashi was, he didn’t know how to live the life of a normal man.
  • You had to teach him how to wash the dishes, how to use the laundry machine, how to vacuum, and all the other things
  • He had a pretty bad case of spoiled rich boi
  • But he tried to learn
  • That’s what mattered
  • It was really cute seeing him just try to do housework tho

Originally posted by midorihope-blog1


  • He’d always give you your lucky item for the day
  • The most practical one out of the bunch
  • He’s very detailed about expenses and is pretty good at accounting and managing your finances
  • A terrible cook so you would have to do the cooking
  • Brooming the floor is his forte
  • Very organized, not a single thing misplaced
  • Has his own room for his lucky items
  • He doesn’t get easily angry with you
  • But of course, would mostly scold you for a wrong thing you’ve done
  • But once he has cooled off, would apologize for rebuking you 
  • As the tsundere guy he is, he wouldn’t be straightforward when complimenting you
  • He doesn’t allow buying and eating takeouts for it is unhealthy, so you two are stuck eating the food you or he had cooked 

Originally posted by knbgfx


  • This boy is the cutest one to live with
  • Would always  compliment you of how beautiful you look
  • He has his own room for his clothes considering how many clothes he has
  • Has great fashion sense too so you two could pick out clothes to wear for each other when going out
  • You two could bond either with skin care, fashion or makeup- well, that is if you are into girly stuff
  • If not, he would surely step you out from your comfort zone but without force
  • He’s organized with his things
  • Will be very flirty with you inside the house
  • Really takes his time staring at himself at the mirror
  • Does chores but barely
  • Always not home for his model career 
  • But will always make his time to help you in your home

Originally posted by orisamurai


  • You really expect he would help doing house chores?
  • He does.. 
  • Only when he’s ran out of sweets and doesn’t have anything to do
  • He’s your personal ladder! 
  • When you are reaching for something up high, he wouldn’t help you reach for it by reaching it himself but would carry you instead 
  • He slouches his way to the sofa and eats his sweets
  • He isn’t very organized, but knows how to clean after his own mess 
  • You two would casually bond sitting on the sofa, watching tv and eating sweets
  • A good baker! 
  • Desserts wouldn’t be a problem for the both of you, the main dishes are
  • A mature part of him would flash around the house every once in a while
  • Very clingy towards you

Originally posted by kurokolovesakashi


  • Kuroko is probably the most helpful of the bunch
  • He’s good enough at house chores
  • But most importantly 
  • He actually bothers to help out
  • I cannot stress how helpful he’ll be
  • Oh the dishes need to be washed?
  • Bam done
  • What about the laundry?
  • Don’t worry already taken care of
  • Ran out of groceries?
  • He already dropped by the grocery store on the way home. Check your fridge it’s full.
  • The one thing he’ll ask of you daily is for you to make him a vanilla milkshake
  • Yes he could’ve bought it outside but…it’s not the same to him as when you make it🥺
  • You guys go out to walk Nigou every once in a while too
  • Whether it’s to the park where Kuroko might sometimes go play basketball with the rest of the GOM
  • Or just around the neighborhood
  • The two of you consider Nigou-walking time as a relaxing activity to wind down from a tough or stressful day
  • All in all, Kuroko is really sweet and living together has only deepened your relationship with him
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Salute! It's my first time here and I liked it. Can I ask for a scenario about Kirisaki Daichi (+Matsumoto, for every guy)? They've had a fight with their fem s/o and haven't spoken for two or three days. And suddenly they heard a guy (not from the team) talking to his friends about their s/o: "If they break up, then I will not miss my chance."And then this guy spots their s/o at the end of the corridor and heads toward her. Thank you for your creativity)

I’m glad you’re enjoying my writing!

Hanamiya: He supposed he had let this go on long enough. There were slimier guys in this school than himself, and he was well aware. You were standing by your locker, like a gazelle at a watering hole, and it was so fun to slam his hand on the lockers on either side of you, trapping you. When you didn’t give much of a reaction, he knew you were still mad. It was probably justified, so he wasn’t going to bring it up. No. He just wanted to make up, and he wanted to make a scene of it so that guy knew what was up. “I’m an asshole,” he admitted with a soft sigh. “But I need you to kiss me right now so I know that I’m your asshole.” Far from a romantic gesture, but you couldn’t help but comply.

Hara: In any other situation, he would have let this go on until you were the one to cave. But knowing that there were wolves lurking about, ready to pounce on you at the first chance, he realized he wasn’t willing to risk your entire relationship for the sake of pettiness. He was approaching you from behind and already had the pack of gum in his hand, ready to offer you a piece. The bubble he had been blowing popped when he finally reached you. “It’s mean of you to make me apologize,” he complained softly. “But I don’t want to fight anymore, so I’m sorry.”

Furuhashi: Enough of this. He didn’t bother with any words as he grabbed onto your arm and turned you to face him. Without giving you a second to register whose face you were looking at, he slammed his mouth against yours. He stared directly at the guy for a moment as he felt you melt into the kiss, almost as if he were trying to turn him to stone. But your touch was able to send such waves of euphoria through him, pretty soon his eyes fluttered shut as well and it was just the two of you in the moment.

Yamazaki: Enter panic mode. You hadn’t even looked at him since the fight, which was already making him nervous, but now he had to worry about someone trying to weasel their way into his place as your boyfriend? He seemed composed, maybe a bit angry, as he made his way swiftly toward you, although anxiety was bubbling underneath his skin. “Are you still mad at me?” Straight to the point. He didn’t have time to waste trying to play petty games with you. “Not so much,” was your reply, which earned you a soft sigh of relief as he wrapped his arms around you.

Seto: This was more annoying than anything else. He would have been just fine giving you the space you needed to cool down, but hearing what that guy said actually motivated him for once. He approached you from behind and, when he was close enough, he slipped his icy hand in yours, startling you slightly. He leaned over you, pressing his nose into your hair almost affectionately. “I know we’re not breaking up soon, but if I ever see you around that guy, I’ll have to beat the shit out of him.”

Matsumoto: He had to pass the guy who made the comment on his way towards you, so he took the opportunity to “bump” into him, nearly knocking the guy into the lockers. The noise drew your attention to him, which wasn’t planned but also wasn’t unwelcome in the slightest. Your arms were folded across your chest, which wasn’t a good sign, but he managed to approach you while maintaining his composure. “We’re not breaking up,” he told you sternly. With a raised brow, you simply responded, “Well duh.”

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