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#Kagamine Len

Len: So… I guess we all have a crush on Piko, huh?

Iroha: If it’s okay with everyone I don’t mind sharing

Fukase: Like I would share Piko with a pair of losers

Iroha: Says the guy who’s too insecure to admit he keeps a stuffed doll as a comfort object

Fukase: WHO TOLD YOU ABOUT PO- I mean… C-Comfort object, what’s that?

Iroha: Poor poor Fuka. Don´t try to lie to me. You can’t. 


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A few not-so-well-known but rlly good vocaloid songs in my opinion.

(Mostly the Kagamines cause im biased :v) (an answer to My R by Kurage-P) (the answer to Dream Eating Monochrome Baku by Nem, just the Eng Sub tho the official one’s at (of course an Evillious song would be here sksksks)

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hatsune miku in smash?

ok hear me out: i think miku is gonna be in smash. first of all, she’s literally be a perfect fit for the game, bubbly and bright. but what about sakurai saying there’s not gonna be any character from anime or manga in the game? ok but she’s not “anime or manga” genius. she’s basically the mascot of vocaloid, a voice synthesizing software. if you still think that this is disproving my point think R.O.B. ok anyways, her moveset would be so unique. her green onions for side tilt, some kind of singing aura up tilt, you get the idea. we all know that there are more characters being added after challenger pack 1, but if you put it this way, there hasn’t been any females in the challenger pack yet. nintendo obviously has to keep up with the feminists, not saying i am one, but if they don’t add one, the feminists are gonna be upset. i’m also not saying that nintendo is the kind of company that only puts up with this just for consumer demand. ok last and final point. her new game, project diva mega39, is being released in japan in february 2020. when did sakurai say all the fighters’ pass characters would be out? february 2020. one more thing. nintendo is obviously involved with sega and atlus, with joker being in the fighters’ pass as well. sakurai stated in the banjo release video after the direct that he is very excited to have this big of a crossover and can’t wait to show us what he has in store for us. vocaloid is a lot more popular in japan so i could see why the american audience wouldn’t be too hyped about it. also i think a great addition would to add the other characters as alternates :)

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365/365 | #2922

End of Year 8 on this blog!

So many changes in my toy collection this year. Way more nendoroids and a lot fewer action figures. I’ve also started collecting more vinyl/art toys again after a drop in interest a few years ago 😐, along with more scale figures.

As always thanks to those who have stuck around 😘

Also, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Miku now has a friend to celebrate it with 😄

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