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#Kasamatsu Yukio

Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x Reader
Rating: K+
A/N: I wanted to write this yesterday, but i fell asleep after work LOL. oops.. So I found time to write it before i fell asleep again . Hope you guys like this one too C:


You had zero intention of attending the practice match against Kaijou.

Kise was begging you to attend, wanting his sister to be his biggest fan… Yet you kept denying him, coming up with excuses for why you couldn’t attend.

It was too far. You had a test to study for. Mom was busy so she couldn’t drive you… 

And yet, despite all the trouble you went through to tell him ‘NO’… You found yourself at Kaijou’s front entrance, staring with widened hues.. No wonder Ryouta wanted to attend this school.. It was definitely bigger than Seirin… The grounds themselves had their own aura, and you found yourself to be slightly intimidated as you stepped foot on their grounds. Truthfully, you only had Kagami’s map to go by, and boy did it suck.

But you somehow managed to understand his scribbles, along with the loud screams of your brother’s name… You let out a loud sigh… Right… your brother was famous.. Some days you forgot how popular he was, mostly because people seem to forget you exist. During Teiko, you weren’t followed or hounded by any of his fangirls, despite being around the Generation of Miracles.. They’d speak with Momoi, but yet… it was as if you were invisible…

'Like Tetsu-kun..' You muse, a gentle smile on your lips. 

Your feet carried you towards the sounds, the pheromones from the men filled the air. There were girls screaming and cluttering around the gym doors… Oh man.. How in the world could you sneak in now? You frown, getting down on your hands and knees, and crawl under their legs, growling when a few of the girls’ legs trapped you. You should’ve just stayed home…

You managed to get through the sea of women, sneaking between a couple of guys who were on Kaijou’s team… Oh… so their practice match was during their regular practice? You hum quietly, golden hues scanning the crowd… Your brother is there, taking on Kagami once more… but you hear a stern voice… and it sends shivers down your spine.. In that moment, your golden eyes widen, lips part in shock as they land on the very same boy you met in the guitar shop a few weeks ago…

The same raven hair… Those same piercing steel-blue hues… His handsome scowl… You blink then, a soft frown on your lips… 

“Handsome? Since when do I consider Kasamatsu-senpai handsome?”

Sure, since that day you thought about him a lot… How he would be Kise’s senpai… You had an inkling suspicion he played basketball, from seeing his muscles that day.. But your suspicions were confirmed the day Ryouta complained about his new captain… You smile at that memory, watching the match with a renewed interest.


“I hate my new captain _____-cchi!”

You roll your eyes, laying down on your bed as you attempt to study. It’s the first week in, and already you were loaded with homework, a frown on your lips. Your brother came home for the weekend, barging into your room as always and laid beside you, crocodile tears in his eyes.

“What did he do this time? Tell you, you were too pretty to play basketball?”

He pouts, resting his face on your arm, ignoring your squirming.

“He was talking down to me!! Saying I should respect them because they’ve been playing basketball longer than me… That it doesn’t matter if I’m a Generation of Miracle…”

You pause your writing, turning your gaze to meet his, watching the emotions flicker in his eyes.. He seems to be in a daze, as if contemplating the last sentence.. He looks at you then, and the room is silent for a few moments, before you sigh softly, resting your pen on the blanket before gently rubbing your brother’s hair.

“So he treats you like a regular person instead of a famous one? Isn’t that a good thing ?”

His mouth opens a little, as if wanting to retort. But he immediately shuts it, rolling onto his side fully and curling up with you.. As if you were children going down for a nap, you smile.

“Truthfully, I don’t know…” he admits, sighing softly. “I was really angry when it first happened… But as the days go by…” he stops, as if playing the words in his mind. He then meets your gaze, an unknown emotion swirling in those golden hues. “I find that 'Kise of Kaijou’ has a nice ring to it.”

Your eyes widen at his words, before they close and a soft smile curls on your lips.

“Well then… I’m looking forward to seeing how you grow… Ryo-chan.”

You don’t see the way his eyes widen, or how they sparkle with happiness at your words.. Instead, you’re left to fend off your brother, who smothers you in loving hugs and kisses on the cheek, until the two of you land on the floor, and he has a bump on his head from being smacked.


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Anime: Kuroko no Basuke
Pairing: Kasamatsu Yukio x reader 
Rating: K+
A/N: So… I’ve started to write yet another series…. Only this time, it’s with the help of @kaijos-orca . The gist is you’re Kise’s twin sister and you meet Kasamatsu before Kise enters Kaijou. Because I love the idea of reader being Kise’s twin sister, I decided to turn it into a mini series depicting the relationship… She also attends Seirin, instead of Kaijou until a certain point in the story.. (You’ll understand why). I’ve uploaded it onto my AO3 because it’s easier to keep track of the chapters there C: . If you guys have any ideas or want to see me writing a particular scenario, feel free to drop suggestions.. :D WIthout further ado, I hope you enjoy!


The end of the school year couldn’t have come fast enough. Watching your brother grow throughout the past couple years had left an imprint in your memory.. One you wish to forget… How could he have become such a cold person? 

“I’m going to be attending Kaijou… _____-cchi, decide where you’ll be attending… Spots are filling up fast and the school year is going to start in a couple weeks…”

Golden hues dimmed in sadness, but you shook your head, clutching your hands into small fists… While your brother became a stranger, dedicating himself to modelling and basketball, you were determined to bring him back.. Even if it was a small part of his old self…

Before you knew it, you found yourself in a guitar shop. You turn your head back, as if wondering when you walked through the door before turning back around, golden hues assessing the interior. It had a rather, aesthetic feel, one that brought you inner peace you’d been seeking for the last few weeks.. Things at home were tense, suffocating. Flashes of your brother’s smile came to mind, and you shook your head, releasing a breath…


 "Is something wrong?“

Head snapping up at the voice, you turn around, a light blush dusting your cheeks at being caught off guard… The young male standing behind you raised an eyebrow, his presence domineering yet alluring… A frown marred your features then, shaking your head.

"What the heck _____? Get it together!”

“N….No…” you whisper, clearing your throat when you realize your voice was quiet… “I.. I just came in here to get away from the heat…”

Truthfully, you had hoped to come across your brother around town.. Wanting to surprise him with a small shopping trip… Instead, you wound up lost, and decided to come here because it was the closest store that appealed to your senses… Music has always calmed you..

The raven-haired blinks, assessing your posture with a slight blush to his cheeks… You were beautiful, and he’d have to say you’re a couple years younger than him.. But why would someone like you be in a shop like this? He thought you would have more interest in make-up or clothing… But upon taking another look at your appearance, he realized your hair was in a long ponytail, accompanied with a thin cardigan sweater and black skirt… 

Kasamatsu releases a sigh, pressing his hand to the bridge of his nose, before retreating to the back of the store, grabbing a bottle of water from the mini fridge. Returning to you, he gently presses the bottle into your hand, stunning you.

“…H…Here…” he whispers, a bit gruff, “I don’t want you fainting from this heat.”

The kind gesture was enough to ignite a blush to your cheeks, and you bite your bottom lip, golden hues softening at his gesture. Looking up at him, you offer a tiny smile before taking a sip, unable to meet his alluring eyes. Ah, you’ve never been flustered because of a guy before… But there’s something… different about this man… He’s a bit rough, but sincere and honest.. That much you can tell from looking at him… 

“….T…Thank you…”

He scratches the back of his head, releasing a soft sigh. He nods his head, guiding you towards the chair resting in the corner. He carefully picks up the guitar, lazily strumming the strings as a way to collect his thoughts.. He can tell something is bothering you, but doesn’t want to pry… 

“Y…You know….” he begins, feeling your gaze on him, “W…When I was entering high school, I came to this same place.” he starts, feeling a small smile curl on his lips. Focusing his attention on the guitar helps his nerves, and it helps him find the courage to speak with you.

“I’m not sure if you’re experiencing the same issue as I did…. But I’ve always found comfort in hobbies I like.. When it came to making big decisions…”

Your golden hues widen, a slight hitch in your breath at his words… How did he know you were having that issue? Well.. He did say he experienced something similar…You scratch the back of your head, fidgeting slightly. The strumming of the guitar soothes you, if only a little, and suddenly, you find the words spilling out of your lips.

“I’m not sure where I wanna go…” you admit, biting your bottom lip. “My brother… He seems to have a different path in mind… And I’m not sure I want to follow down that path with him… I love him dearly…” you hesitate, watching his steel-blue hues meet yours, “But I’m concerned for his wellbeing.. I just don’t want to chase him down…”

If there’s one thing Kise Ryouta hates, it’s being tied down.. You never wanted to make him feel that way with your relationship… Of course, you kept these feelings to yourself, because the idea of expressing them leaves a bitter taste in your throat. You don’t understand why you’re telling a stranger these things… But there’s a sort of.. mutual understanding between the two of you and it left you baffled.

Kasamatsu hums, watching the emotions flicker across your features.. Biting the inside of his cheek, he stands up, releasing a soft sigh before hesitantly patting your head. The action causes your eyes to widen, a blush on your cheeks, though his eyes don’t meet yours, as he mirrors the same reaction as yourself.

“Sounds like your brother needs a swift kick in the ass..” he snorts, eliciting a giggle from your lips. “That said, you should do what is best for you…”

You assess him once more, finding yourself fluster a little when he meets your stare, seriousness blazing in his eyes.. Ah.. He’s… so cool….

“W…What school do you attend?”

Kasamatsu is a bit perplexed at your question, but scratches the back of his head, answering firmly.


Your eyes widen, and you feel a tightening in your chest… Oh… Of course someone like him would attend a prestigious school like Kaijou… The aura around him should’ve been an indication… A soft smile curls on your lips then, realizing you would be enemies…

“Interesting…” you murmur, reaching to gently grasp his hand, giving a gentle squeeze. You look at your watch, gasping a little before bowing.

“T…Thank you for your advice senpai! I have to go though!”

He’s startled by your words, a hand reaching out to grasp yours gently.

“W…Wait!! I.. I don’t know your name!”

You turn your head, golden hues glimmering softly in happiness as you smile, “I’m _____!”

He finds his lips curling into a soft smirk, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, _____… I’m Kasamatsu Yukio.”

Neither were prepared for this meeting to be the start of an interesting love-story, but one thing they knew… They hoped to meet again sometime soon.

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Okay Tia, here it is; now I don’t remember the exact wording that I had, but here we go!! May I please get a continuation of our lovely, mini Kasamatsu-saga (where she’s Kise twin-sister...I love this thing so much XD)? Kasamatsu gets accepted to a college in America, and while reader is happy for him, she is also upset that he would be far away. And at the senior retirement basketball ceremony at Kaijo, (so the end of both her and Kise’s second year) she gets an (1/2)

(2/2) *ahem* surprise of a lifetime (you know what that is ;) ). Cute, fluffy and funny-and of course Moriyama and Kobori must make an appearance somehow as well pretty please!? 

OMG. So this has been sitting in my drafts since I had my box opened last.. and I meant to work on it sooner.. But due to life, I wasn’t able to get around to it… But now.. since I’ve slowly been working on things, I’ve found myself having motivation to write C: . Anyway, I hope this is to your liking Jupie!! (Also, i changed it so it’s Reader & Kise’s graduation!)

~Two years ago…~

“You’re…. going to America….?”

He swallows the lump in his throat, fingers trembling at the tone of your voice.. Graduation has come and gone, now it’s time for everyone to settle down and prepare for university… Kasamatsu was no exception… 

Except, he has to leave sooner than the rest.

Part of him wishes he had the courage to discuss this with you sooner.. But Kasamatsu realized no amount of time would change how much this was going to hurt… Whether he told you sooner or not, it wouldn’t change the end result… with him leaving…

He meets your trembling lips, heart sinking in his chest at the tears rolling down your cheeks.. He can tell how hard you’re trying to keep it together… But it’s failing fast, and he can see the emotions spiraling out of control… His heart is breaking just as fast, if not faster, at the thought of saying bye… 

He takes two steps, and immediately yanks you into his arms, pressing his mouth to yours in a passionate dance. He can feel your hands tremble, as if debating whether to push him away or to keep him close.. His hands are gentle on your cheeks, but his mouth speaks volumes, and soon he feels you responding back, with just as much passion and desperation as himself.. 

It takes him until he can’t breathe to pull away, pinning you beneath his body and the bed, which he somehow lead you two to land on.. It’s then he presses his forehead against yours, breathing in your scent as he collects his thoughts, trying hard to keep his attention on you…

“…I…  I got accepted to a University in New York..” he begins, opening his eyes to meet your glistening hues.. “… I want to study Architecture, and their program is the best in the country…”

He lets those words echo between your breaths, feeling his own eyes begin to brim with unshed tears.

“I.. It’s killing me…. ____-chan….” he whispers, cupping your cheek with his fingers, while gripping the blanket with the other… “T…The thought of being away from you for so long…” he chokes, biting back the sob clawing its way to his throat… 

Your eyes dim, as if in understanding, and you cup his cheek, keeping his gaze on you.. You didn’t want him looking anywhere else but here… 

“Yukio….” you whisper, tracing his bottom lip with your thumb, “I want you to go…”

His eyes widen, a tear slipping out and landing on your reddened cheek… “…B…But ____-chan…”

You shake your head, giving him a sincere smile… “I…I know how hard you studied to get in… And it’s your dream, Yukio….” you bite your lip, letting out a soft sigh, “What kind of girlfriend would I be if I stopped you from achieving it?”

There’s a brief silence, their eyes speaking volumes as the words sank in.. 

“I’ll miss you… a lot.” you iterate, but full of conviction. “But I never want to be the reason you’re unhappy… And… me keeping you here because I’ll miss you is selfish.”

He bites back a whine, pressing his mouth back onto yours once more, this time with a renewed determination.. He’ll spend all night proving how much he loves you, even if it means you can’t walk for the next week.




The time has come… Graduation has landed upon you. The past two years without seeing Kasamatsu had been rough, but you persevered.. With the help of your senpais and twin brother… When the third years left, you decided to transfer to Kaijou, not enjoying the time spent traveling to Seirin… The basketball team was sad at your departure, but they understood well, and they still hung out with you, despite being a rival school.

Moriyama and Kobori came around often, at least every other weekend… They may have gone to different universities, but they made time to see and coach you and Kise… Of which you were grateful.. 

And now… Here you stood… Behind your brother, waiting for your name to be called to receive your diploma… There was a small part of you that was sad your boyfriend couldn’t make it back in time.. Due to time-zone differences.. But he was arriving later that night, and you couldn’t wait… 

“Kise _____!”

At hearing your name, you followed behind your brother, smiling wide at the cheers in the crowd… You had gained a fan club, not just because of your brother, but because of your own skills for the volleyball team… Bringing them the championship cup that was displayed proudly in your living room.. 

“WAY TO GO _____-CHAN!!!”

Upon hearing Moriyama’s voice, you turned your head, golden hues glittering in happiness. Your eyes scanned the group, holding up a banner saying congratulations for both you and Kise… Kobori… Nakamura.. Hayakawa… and Kasamatsu…


As you left the stage, your eyes widen upon seeing your boyfriend standing there, in all his handsome glory, smirking proudly at you.. His raven locks a tad longer, but still as graceful as when he left.. If anything, he seemed to have gained more muscle.. and his height was slightly taller too.. Before you could embarrass yourself further, you turned your gaze away, focusing on trying not to fall flat on your face… 

Oh you were going to kill Moriyama for lying… 


As soon as you were allowed to join your family, you immediately ran towards the smaller group waiting for you and your brother.. After bidding farewell to your parents, you were immediately picked up by Moriyama, ignoring the glare and kicks from his previous captain.

“Oh _____-chan!! We’re so proud of you!!!” he cooed, rubbing his cheek against yours… The attention made you fluster, and you began to fidget, almost being dropped when the taller male fell to his knees.

“OI! Quit smothering her Moriyama!!” Kasamatsu seethed, fingers twitching in anger. 

“Well? What are you waiting for, Kasamatsu?” Kobori asked, raising an eyebrow.. “Go say hi to her!”

A blush dusted his cheeks, casting a half-heated glare at his old vice captain, before feeling his breath rush out of him. He looks down, feeling your body quiver and shake as you crush him to your chest, shaking your head in denial…

“….Y…You lied to me!!! Y… You told me you’d be here later tonight!”

His eyes soften, and he immediately returns the hug, squeezing you firmly as he rests his face in your hair.

“I…I’m sorry _____-chan… I got my times mixed up…”

You pull your head back to meet his blue hues, golden hues glistening with tears, “Y…You… You’re mean… Yukio-senpai…”

The way you say ‘senpai’ bristles him, and before he can stop himself, he pulls you away from the group, blue hues darkening at your protests.. He ignores the jabs and jokes from his old team, the whine from the male blonde, and pulls you to the men’s change room, pressing you into the wall.

“Want to repeat yourself…. _____-chan?”

Your cheeks flush, but you can hear the underlying tone, the challenge in his voice.. You meet his gaze with your own, grabbing his jacket between your fingers as you mutter…

“I…I said you’re mean…. Y…Yukio-senpai…”

He lets out a click of his tongue, steel-hues dark as he hardens his resolve.. His hand cups your cheek, holding you in a staring match before a small growl leaves his throat. The sound vibrates through your body, and as you prepare to move, he’s already silencing you with his mouth, meshing your bodies together, until neither of you can tell who’s body is which.

His fingers rest in your golden locks, grasping them as he slants his mouth over yours, deepening the kiss until neither of you can breathe.. His heart is racing in his chest, but he’s determined to touch you, to memorize the lips he’s been missing over the past two years… He just wants to lock you up and never let you leave… 

It’s only when you whisper his name against his lips, does he realize you feel the same… And when he feels the tears on his lips, he withdraws for a moment, staring down at you with those gorgeous eyes you fell in love with.. And then, you jump into his arms, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and cry, trembling with emotions as you bury your face in his neck..

“Y….Yukio….” you whisper, gasping for breath, “Y…Yukio…!”

He buries his face in your neck, breathing in your scent as he crushes you to his chest… God he doesn’t want to let you go..

“I’m here…” he whispers with trembling lips, “I’m here, _____-chan…”

He’s not sure how long the two of you are locked in this embrace for, but one thing’s for certain…

He’s back home.

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Kasamatsu isn’t sure how to act when he stumbles across your sleeping form in the library. He knew university studies have been exhausting, but he never imagined you’d leave yourself in a vulnerable position.. 

You were a guarded person…

But there you were, hair fanned across textbooks. Your cheeks, slightly red, rested against your left arm, while your right laid limply at your side. From a glance, you appeared to be sleeping… But a double-take had his lips curl into a frown..

You were sick….

His legs move on his own accord, reaching you in seconds, quietly to keep from waking you. His hand reaches out, fingertips gently resting against your forehead, and he bites back a growl in annoyance.. Why would you come to classes with a fever?? 

Kasamatsu freezes when a soft whine leaves your throat, trying to keep his brain focused on the situation at hand.. He should shake you awake, reprimand you for not taking better care of yourself… But seeing you like this… it has his heart racing in his chest. He swallows when your eyes open slowly, head turning just enough to meet his gaze. 

He opens his mouth, ready to say your name, but it immediately dies on his lips when you smile softly. He’s rendered speechless when you nudge his hand with your head, grabbing his wrist. You hum gently at the coolness on your skin, releasing a soft sigh. 


He finds the strength to sit in the chair beside you, thanking the gods he didn’t knock it over in clumsiness… It’s the first time he’s heard his first name from your lips… He knows his cheeks are flaring, and he’s happy the two of you are alone in the back of the library… 

When he semi-recovers, Kasamatsu finds himself catching you when you attempt to stand, landing right in his lap. His bag falls to the floor, forgotten, as he adjusts positions, not wanting the chair to fall over. It’s in that moment, you choose to lift your head, staring at him with your gorgeous hues, half glazed from sleep, giving such an innocent stare it makes his heart leap out of his chest.

“Cuddle me..”

His breath hitches, unable to produce a coherent thought other than a mix of a grunt and gasp. On the one hand, he wonders if the right thing to do is wake you fully, so he can get you back to your dorm. Your roommate would surely be able to take care of you right?

But… The longer Kasamatsu stares down at you, red-faced and heart racing anxiously in his chest, the longer he realizes, he doesn’t want anyone seeing this vulnerable side… He somehow was fortunate to come across it… If he could call this situation that… The idea of someone else, specifically another male, seeing you this way.. It leaves his stomach in knots… 

He turns his head then, steel-blue hues hard with resolve as he looks out the window, watching the sun slowly begin to set.. He should head back to his dorm, hop in the shower and make dinner… His stomach was definitely hungry from practice.. And yet, his grip only tightens around you when you bury your head in his neck, breathing in his scent.. A soft sigh leaves your lips then, fingers grasping the edge of his jacket…


Hearing his name brings him back to the present, and he feels a soft smile curling on the edge of his mouth.. Kasamatsu moves his head enough to lay a lingering kiss to your forehead, eyes closing for a few moments… To soak in this image, to digest the situation at hand… 

He would never take advantage of you, still trying to work up the courage to ask you out… He has no idea if you share his feelings, but a small hope curls in his chest at your actions… They say when you’re sick, your most vulnerable side comes out to those you trust… He’s always known you’ve trusted him, despite giving very little indication… But this situation makes him think… maybe.. just maybe, you have some sort of feelings for him…

Rather than focus on those thoughts, he puts his energy into this moment, blue hues softening at your blissful expression.. 

A sigh leaves his lips, following a whisper…

“I hope the next time you want to cuddle…. it’s under different circumstances…”

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Kurobas Vday Challenge Day 2 - Kikasa

Hey, hey, hey! I’m back with Kikasa this time! I hope @umisabaku doesn’t mind I have set this inside her Designation:Miracle universe but I just couldn’t help it XD


University was an anxious mix of stress and despair or at least that was what Kasamatsu Yukio usually said when his friends asked him how the college life was. Although he could not complain. He trained with Strky on weekends, went out with friends and his marks were not bad. Even sharing a house with Imayoshi y Okamura was not that bad once he got used to it

But sometimes he just missed his home so much. He has spent all his life acting as a parent for Mizuki and Ren while also dealing with the shenanigans of his father. Then came Kise and the Miracles and there was not a dull moment to rest. Which Kasamatsu thought he would welcome once he was away from that nest of problems.

He was so wrong.

So, when the classes got cancelled without previous notice in a nostalgic fit he bought some tickets for Kanagawa. He was expecting anyone to be at home when he arrived as his father was supposed to be in the JSDF and Mizuki and Ren should be at school. Which explained why his first instinct when he saw Kise was to scream.

“Senpai!” his face brightened at the sight of his boyfriend.

“Kise! What the hell are you doing here?” Kasamatsu kicked him when the blonde tried to hug him. “You’re supposed to be in Kaijo.”

“Auch! I’m sorry,” whined the boy. “I was feeling a bit down, so I decided to stay at home.”

“Oh,” Kasamatsu stopped hitting him. Although he had never been in one of Kise’s bad days, his father and Takao had mentioned them sometimes. He always thought Kise simply did not have them. “Look, I… wait, are you wearing my shirt?”

He has not noticed at the beginning but the shirt Kise was wearing was actually his old jersey from Kaijou. Still a bit puzzled, his eyes travelled through the sight of Kise with such personal clothing. And found himself liking it. Now he kind of understood why all the ruckus with the Miracle t-shirt. Not that he is going to admit it.

“I just missed you so much, Senpai,” pouted Kise. “I will return it.”

“N-no!” he stopped him. “Y-you can keep it…”

Kise looked at him surprised by his response. Until he noticed the faint blush on Kasamatsu’s face which also turned his cheeks red. His eyes met for a second, yellow losing itself in steel blue. Kise leaned on wanting desperately to close the space that was separating them. He needed to feel the boy he was in love with against his skin, leave a trail of kisses on his neck and lost himself in the miracle that was Kasamatsu Yukio.

“Oh, Yukio!” interrupted the voice of Kasamatsu Youji. “I didn’t know yo- oh! Sorry, am I interrupting something?”

“Youji-san!” whined Kise. “We were about to make out!”

“No, we weren’t!”

“Don’t worry, kids,” smiled Youji. “You can continue with your horny moment, just do as if I wasn’t here.”

“You heard him, Senpai, let’s continue!”

“Forget it, I’m going back to college.”

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What about Kagami, Kasamatsu, Hanamiya, Midorima and Aomine with an s/o who is suuuper intelligent and passionate with books, history, literature in general, well a Arts nerd with shiny eyes when she sees something that passionate her ?

ok this is kinda long, but I couldn’t really help myself~

Kagami: You’d been dating for a while, and it wasn’t like this was your first date. So why was he so nervous? Maybe it was because this was the first time he was trying to be romantic? This wasn’t just dinner, or movies, or hanging out at his apartment. This was him paying money to take you somewhere he really hoped you wanted to be. Your hands were covering your mouth, so he couldn’t tell if you were smiling, but the way your eyes were only growing wider, and brighter, as you waited in line to enter the new art museum made him think that Kuroko was right when he told him to take you here. Damn. You were too cute sometimes.

Kasamatsu: He didn’t mean to stare at you. Honestly, he thought you’d look up from your book by now. But no, your glittering eyes were glued to the book you’d been reading for the past four days. Suddenly, you looked up to catch him gawking at you, which caused his face to light up in flames. He looked away quickly, but that just resulted in you laughing and closing your book. “I’m sorry, Yuki,” you told him as you reached for his hand. “It’s a really good book. I’ll let you borrow it when I’m done, promise!”

Hanamiya: The annoyance was evident on his face as you changed the TV to the history channel. This was the worst. The stupid shows you liked were so boring and he couldn’t even entertain himself by making out with you because you were actually watching and enjoying it. “Don’t be like that,” you murmured as you moved to cuddle up to him. He didn’t acknowledge you, although his frown relaxed into his normal resting bitch face. “Look at him,” you urged, pointing towards the screen. “A general, a leader. Kind of a dick though.” Makoto looked over at you with a scoff. Your eyes were still locked on the screen and you seemed absolutely content to absorb information that you probably already knew. Still, he wrapped an arm around you, “Good to know I’m your type.”

Midorima: Being with you was easier than making a three pointer for him. After hours of practice and being harassed by Takao and his stupidity, you were more refreshing than the water he was drinking. Suddenly, you grabbed his arm and excitedly dragged him into the bookstore you’d be tempted by on your walk home every day. “Look at it!” you exclaimed as you held up the latest release from one of your favorite authors  o n   s a l e. He didn’t think your mouth was capable of smiling any wider. So when you went to reach for your bag, he instinctively stopped you, taking the book from your hand and buying it for you himself. You held it tightly to your chest as you thanked him, and he muttered something about his horoscope saying giving a gift to someone important to him would bring him good luck. Of course, he’d never admit that he just wanted to be a part of your happiness.

Aomine: If he could roll his eyes any harder, he would. It was just a simple homework question (as he often relied on you to give him the answers–despite the fact that you would make him work for it). And now you’re lost in your own rambling, going on about the history of a poem he didn’t even care to read. He wasn’t listening, although you either didn’t notice, or didn’t care, too busy wrapped up in a language he barely understood. It was getting annoying, to be honest, and there was always only one way guaranteed to get your attention back on him, which was by assaulting your lips with his own. Oh yeah. That shut you up.

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Posting another throwback.

Kuroko no Basuke; Immaculate Anime Winter Cup.
I believe the original Panini America Immaculate design is still the best. I’m surprised I only did 5 of these.

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Hina stared at herself in the mirror. The diamond tiara on her head glistened, light bouncing off of it. This was it. This was her big day, her wedding day. She knew that this would happen, that she'd be married off to a prince of another kingdom for the sake of diplomatic ties. Yet she didn't expect him to be this... foreign, to her. Surely, Kasamatsu Yukio was a nice man, but for Hina, knowing one by name isn't sufficient for the exchange of vows. She sighed, wringing her fingers together.

kasamatsu stands in front of his own mirror, straightening his sleeves and fixing his collar. truth be told, he couldn’t care less about who he was marrying. he knew his family chose this woman to be his bride for the sake of the kingdom, and that was really all he wanted.

a butler gently knocks before entering his room and asks him if he needs any help. kasamatsu simply shakes his head and sighs, “i just hope this woman i’m about to marry is the right person for the kingdom.” the butler lightly chuckles and proceeds to ask him another question. “are you sure you’re not even the least bit scared?” kasamatsu tenses up a bit. “w-well, i also don’t know how to deal with women…” he replies before another servant comes in to notify him that it was time for the marriage.

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(Reina) "It's okay, senpai." Reina smiled, albeit her face a bit red when doing so. She sighed in an attempt to calm her racing heart, and turned to look at his injured foot. "Um... would you... n-need me to help you get to class? Wouldn't it be hard to walk in those crutches" That sounded very awkward. 'Darn it, Reina.'

“N-no! You probably can’t even handle my weight.“ He notices how bad and mean that sounded and he blushes in embarrassment. “I-I mean like I’m probably heavy for y-you so um…“ He looks up at the ceiling and tries to think about what to say next. Why does he find it so hard to talk to girls? Maybe if he’s not looking at you, it’ll help. “Kise just said that to sound cool or something. You don’t need to take care of me. Uh… thanks for the offer though.“

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