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So I’ve realized that I might be hitting an impasse with my Korean studies. I just.. don’t study or feel inclined to study anymore even though I still want to know and learn the language. 
So I decided to start looking at the posibility of taking classes so that i have some external motivation. But of course, i have to live in an area where Korean is not a popular language. Like i could probably throw a stone and find a Japanese, French, Spanish, or Russian class. But Korean? Nope. There are no Korean classes near me it seems.

How do the rest of you externally motivate when you reach a standstill in your language journey?

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Recent language thoughts:

  • Really starting to enjoy Finnish again (even if it’s hard and makes me wanna shoot myself sometimes lol - I’m having some breakthroughs though, which is probably why I’m enjoying it)
  • Getting the inexplicable urge to learn Korean again (why does this keep happening)
  • Kinda starting to enjoy Spanish again now it’s a bit more challenging? Maybe I won’t drop it after all idk
  • Feeling like I’ve plateaued with Norwegian again and pushing through that is difficult but I wanna do it but I also have a million other things I wanna do waaah #firstworldproblems
  • I still love Icelandic but it’s not really a priority rn so maybe I’ll just keep doing Drops just to keep it up rather than focus on actually learning it
  • But who knows maybe I’ll start doing Korean on Drops
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02.24.2020 | 7 Day Korean Challenge: Day 2/7

Oops posting this a little bit late, but very happy with my progress! Sitting at my desk can get really stuffy, so I stood by my window to enjoy the beautiful sunset. I got through another four-ish chapters of this book and got a lot more comfortable with using the words in sentences. Fewer words today because they were all super new and sort of hard to remember.

Hours studied: 8
New words learned: 50
Words reviewed: 100

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