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#Kristoff Loves Ice
Just realised that if Elsa would happen to marry Honeymaren, both Kristoff and Ryder would be her brother in laws and now I want a fanfic about that so this is a prompt i guess? Idk.

“Why is Ryder pouting?” Frowned Kristoff, worried.

Elsa rolled her eyes.

“He’s still upset that I didn’t go to him for advice before asking Honeymaren to marry me.”

“Oh. The whole butterflies-and-reindeers thing. Honestly, you didn’t miss anything. It’s very ridiculous, because you have to stand on that rock and all… The other day I was thinking that it was a good decision to ask for Anna’s hand in my own way and time. That would have been so embarrassing.”

“But iconic.” Grinned the blonde. 

Kristoff nudged her, and she yelped as she almost dropped tea out of her mug. They both chuckled. 

“You preferred to ask Honeymaren in your own way, uh?”

Elsa kept her mug firmly in her hands, and gave him a sarcastic look. “Obviously.”

“Did it involve snow? Or ice?”

“Why do you assume that–”

He gave him a knowing gaze. 

“Yes, it included snow and ice.”

“YES!” He muttered, clenching his fist. 

The Snow Queen wondered if he just won a bet, or only was really excited about Elsa’s magic, as usual. 

“Was it romantic?” He asked, beaming. 

“You cute love sucker. Yes, it was.”

He wiggled victoriously as he poured a new serving of tea in his mug. Now Elsa stared at him with intrigued eyebrows. Did Anna make a bet about it with him? Or was it just Kristoff being Kristoff and obsessed with wedding proposals?

She blamed Bulda for her True Love education. 

“So, so…” The blond inquired, bouncing on the fallen trunk they were sitting on. “How did it go?”

She was about to tell him, opening her mouth, but changed her mind and snapped her mouth shut in a thin line. 

“I think that’s private.”

He stared at her, trying to understand if he made her uncomfortable. She didn’t seem bothered, or angry, or shy. She just didn’t want to say. 

“Okay, keep your secrets.” Winked the mountaineer. “I’ll find it out one day. You probably told Anna though, it won’t take long.”

There was a silence. 

“Did you tell Ryder?”

Elsa snorted. “Honeymaren did already. In a very, very excited way.” 

She then gestured at the reindeer enclosure they were looking after. 

“And now, obviously, ever reindeer knows.”

Kristoff burst out of laughter. “Obviously.”

Elsa sighed.

“Having both of my brothers-in-law talking to reindeers is really concerning.”

“What did you say?” Asked Kristoff.

“Nothing”, smiled Elsa as she sipped her tea.

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Day 19: BFTbookchallenge: Mine

I decided to spell out this prompt! 😋

M = Miles Morales: Spider-man by Jason Reynolds

I = Ice Wolves by Amie Kaufman

N = Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

E = Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour

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How about this for a prompt: Kai and Gerda meet Honeymaren for the first time Or just Honeymaren visits Arendelle castle

(This actually is more inspiring than it looks - gonna slide in words profusion lol here we goooo!)


“And… This is the portraits room.”

Honeymaren couldn’t believe her eyes, and stared all around with a dropped jaw and an awe smile.

Gerda saw her emotion and discreetly cleared her throat. “You don’t have portraits in the Northuldra culture?” She asked politely.

She found the brunette’s reaction surprising, but also was curious about her people’s lifestyle. She never traveled to the forest - Anna had insisted many times for her to come along, noticing her interest, but Gerda kept saying she preferred to wait for her retirement.

Honeymaren looked at the walls while she answered. “Oh, we draw portraits of people as well. Only, they’re way less fancy. Without those golden frames, that’s for sure. Ours are sketches, often drawn with charcoal. Ryder’s good at it. He learned from Yelana.”

“I see.” Smiled Gerda.

She suddenly gasped.

“Oh, Your Majesty! I hadn’t seen you!!” She exclaimed, rushing to bow to Anna, whose head had just popped from the couch a few meters away.

“Waow, I didn’t see you either.” Said Honeymaren.

“It’s okay.” Chuckled Anna, sitting up. “I was just laying down meditating. And also listening to what you were saying.”

“Do you come in this room often?” Asked the Northuldra, who, despite its beauty, started to find it oppressing with all those painted eyes staring.

“You have no idea.” Said Anna and Gerda at the same time.

The two giggled, and Honeymaren was happy to see how close they were. It’s just like Kai had said: they know each other since Anna’s birth.

“Where’s Elsa? She’s not with you?”

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