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#Lady Love

Masterpost (1/28/19)


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*Some of these stories have put to much on me. As someone who wants to be a film director, I immediately get ideas and put them into a story but if I feel its not good enough or no one is interested, I stop writing it. Sometimes Im just not interested anymore. Sorry to the handful that was into certain stories. 


Stories I no longer have interest in but you can still read;sorry guys. They just dont do it for me anymore


Stories I will finish but aren’t that important to me but I still wanna write so therefore updates will be SLOW


Fics Coming in 2020!

  • Doll House (REVISED VERSION) (Chadwick, Trevante. Lakeith Stanfield)
  • Her. (Trevante)
  • #Candy(Chadwick)
  • Impractical (Chadwick)
  • Laila (Lakeith Stanfield)

Head Canons:

One Shots:


Stories that are completely done! No holds, no progressing works, just absolutely finished!

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I posed in the mirror as I held the dress up to my figure. I sighed and threw it on the bed. “No, not that one either”. Steven was out at a dinner meeting with Tucker, his best friend slash co worker. I wasn’t really flattered with Tucker because he always gave me creep eyes. I pulled out another dress as my phone rang. I ran over to the side of the bed and answered it. I put it on the speaker as I went back to looking in the mirror. 


“Well nice to hear from you”

“Hello mom”

“What are you doing? You wanna get lunch?”

“Uh sure, today?”

“Of course today.”

“Fine what time”

“Now. I got something to tell you about this case you’ve been stressing over”

“Mon, I swear I’ll sit and talk about a piece of gum for an hour straight before I talk about that gotdamn case, excuse my language”

“But its really important- that Daniel boy is in the hospital”

I dropped my dress and picked up the phone, putting it to my ear. 


“He tried to commit suicide, at least that’s what my friend, Monica told me. You know the one that works at the hospital. Her hus-”

“Yes,yes mom I know Monica. Get dressed, I’m coming to get you and we’re going up there”

“You know hospitals freak me out”


“Fine. Let me get ready”

She hung up the phone as I threw the dress down and ran to my dresser. I pulled out a regular shirt and jeans. I got dressed and slide on my flats and grabbed my keys and purse. 


I walked into the hospital with my mother behind me. She clutched her purse as she held hand sanitizer in her hand. Someone coughed and she jumped. “Nisha please hurry up, Im not tryna get sick” She then squeezed hand sanitizer into her palm and rubbed viciously. I laughed as I made it to the counter. “Nu uh don't touch that counter. Here” I rolled my eyes as I held my hand out and she squeezed sanitizer in my hand. I rubbed my hands together as Monica rolled over in her swivel chair. 

Hey Tiffany, Hey Tanisha”

“Hey Monica”

“Hello Ms. Monica”

She leaned up as she put some papers against her side to cover her face. “You know that boy you’re representing is in room 32 B. He tried to slit his own throat”

“Oh my God”

She nodded her head as I put my hand up, covering my mouth. “His aunt went by his apartment to check on him and he was found, just in time. Doctor said it was a miracle he even went a full 4 hours bleeding out like that without dying” I shook my head as I rubbed my forehead in disbelief. “I promised him that I would protect him, no matter what…God I suck”. Monica turned her lip up as she stacked the papers up and sat them back down. “Humph, does that including protecting him from himself and his mental illness. He keeps saying something about a damn man that no one sees, that boy got issues Tanisha, you better be careful” 

I nodded my head as I looked at my mother. “You coming up with me?” She shook her head fastly. “Hell no, that boy got some craziness attached to him”. I rolled my eyes as I tapped the counter. “Fine, I’ll be back in a little while” I walked away as her and Monica carried on conversation. I got on the elevator and took the next floor up. I stepped off and found the room. His door was open and he was sitting up, attempting to eat some mashed potatoes. His aunt was sitting on his bed looking at him. I knocked on the door and they both turned. She stood up and wrapped her sweater around her as she tucked her arms under. 


“Hey Karen….Hey Daniel”

He weakly waved as Karen looked at him and then me. “He uh…cut his vocal cord pretty deep so um…he cant talk for awhile” I grabbed her by the arm and looked at him as I whispered to her. “Can I talk to you outside?” She nodded her head as we started walking. She gently closed the door as she looked through the window to check on Daniel. 

“I don’t think he did this to himself Karen”

“What do you mean?”

“A couple of days ago, he came into my office. He looked frightened and…he said the killer was following him”

“Daniel has PTSD and probably survivor’s guilt. He’s gonna say things that don't make any sense Ms. Tanisha.” 

“I don't know Karen, he sounded very sure someone was following him around. I think you should have people around him to protect him”

“He’s moving in with me. You need to worry about keeping him out of prison, that's what we hired you for. Find out who murdered my sister and stop focusing on Daniel. We’re gonna get him the help he needs”

“No disrespect Karen but before this incident happened, have you even tried to discuss what’s going on with Daniel, mentally? I don't think he’s lying.”

She stepped up to me with her arms still tucked under her sweater. 

“Daniel won’t be coming by your office anymore. My attorney will be discussing this case with you from now on. We don’t want to scare Daniel anymore than he already has. By you believing him makes it worse. Good day Ms. Tanisha”

She walked back into the room and closed the door. I peeped through the window as she had her back turned. Daniel looked at me and held up a note. “Come back tomorrow”. I nodded my head as he quickly sat the note back down. I walked away and took the elevator back down to the first floor. My mother was sitting in the waiting room. She jumped up and ran over to me as we walked out of the building.

“How’s the boy doing?”

“Good. He has to tell me something but his aunt doesnt want me around him anymore so I have to come back tomorrow when she’s gone”

She nodded her head as we got in the car. I looked at her as I buckled my seatbelt. 


“You know it”

She smiled as I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. The phone started ringing and it popped up on my car radio. It was my father. My mother rolled her eyes as she looked out the window. I chuckled as I answered it. 

“Yes dad?”

“Is your mother with you?”


I looked at her as she shook her head and pointed at me.

“No dad, why?”

“First of all, you lying. I can hear her heavy chest ass breathing. Tiffany I want my got damn dog!”

My mother sat up and glared at the radio. 

“Fuck you Oscar you aint getting coco. She needs a house with love…and common sense. You’ll have her somewhere starving”

“You hold Coco as bait to get me back to that house well it aint gonna work”

“Oh please. You cant even get it u-”

I yelled as she almost finished her sentence. 

“Hey! I don’t wanna hear it you two! Dad if its that serious, I’ll buy you another dog exactly like coco.”

“I don’t want another dog. I want coco and Im gone get her, call me back Princess when you get away from Maleficent”

He hung up as my mother folded her arms. I shook my head as I sighed. “Why do you and dad do that? Its like you two hate each other.” She looked at me as I stopped at a red light. 

“He’s an idiot but I still love him. I don’t know when that little drift happened but it was there long before we decided to divorce. We stayed strong for you. I wanted to show you what a happy marriage looked like.”

I chuckled as I pulled off. “Mom, you both tried your best. My marriage is very much trash right now so you two aren’t so bad. At least you know what you both wanted at the end.”

She lowered her eyebrows in concern. “Is everything alright between you and steven?” Part of me wanted to vent and tell her hell yes and the other half was just like fuck it. I chose the fuck it option. “Everything is alright ma” She touched my arm and looked at me. “You sure?” I nodded my head as we pulled into the sandwich shop. “Alright. Im heat if you need me” I nodded my head as I turned the car off and unbuckled my seatbelt. 


We walked into the diner and sat down at a booth. It was little people inside so they were fast taking our orders and setting our food out. I bit into my philly cheese steak sub as my mother cut into her eggs. 

Its so nice outside, look at that beautiful lighting”

“Yea its nice”

“How’s your little friend Lenna?”

“Still wild and unpredictable”

She laughed as she ate a piece of egg. “Lord I remember when I was like that. Yo grandmother couldn’t get me to sit still for 5 minutes, that’s how I ended up with you”

“Spare me the details please”

“What? You grown now and by the way, when am I gonna get grandchildren?”

“Probably not anytime soon mama”

“Well your eggs need to be cracked now, time is running out”

I didn’t say anything as I sipped my coke. “Tanisha?” I heard someone say my name and I turned to see Chadwick standing there. I swallowed my soda and smiled. I stood up and hugged him. I cant lie, I’ve been waiting to touch this man for a minute since our little dinner date. My mother looked on as I pulled away and he held my waist. 

“What have you been up to?”

“Not much, just thinking about you”

My mother choked on a piece of bacon. I moved his hand as I held my hand out. “Chadwick this is my mother, Mom this is chadwick” She wiped her mouth as he held his hand out. “Nice to meet you” She nodded her head as she shook his hand. He smiled as he let go and looked at me. 

“I never got your number.”

I looked at my mother who was looking at me. 

“Yea umm…I dont think thats right to do that…” My eyes were telling him to give me his and he knew it. He played along and nodded his head. 

“I understand. Nice seeing you Tanisha” He then turned to my mother. “And Ms….” My mother smiled and intertwined her hands. “Tiffany”. Chadwick smiled and nodded his head. “Tiffany” He then waved as he left the restaurant. I sighed and sat down as my mother looked at me. “Are you trying to mess up your marriage?” I sighed as I ate a fry. “Its not like that mama, he’s my friend”. I looked out the window to see him holding up a piece of paper. My mother was still talking but I wasn’t listening to what she was saying. He walked over to my car and put the paper in my windshield wiper. He smiled at me and waved. I chuckled as my mother called my name.



“You haven’t heard nothing I said”

“Im sorry ma”

She rolled her eyes and ate another piece of egg. “Like I was saying, you don't need to be stepping out, no matter how fine a man is”. I looked at her as she chewed and pointed her fork at me. “I hear you ma”. 

We finished lunch and walked back to the car. I quickly grabbed the note before she questioned me on what it was. I drove her home and waited until she went into the house safely before I opened the note. 

-Since you couldn’t give me your number, mine is 298-457-1344. Call me whenever you wanna hang out

I squealed as my phone rung. I looked down to see it was Steven. My excitement went away just as fast as it came. I answered as I put the note in my wallet. 


“Good afternoon my love”

“Good afternoon”

“Hey Tanisha!”

I groaned at the sound of Tucker’s flamboyant voice. He was so damn annoying. 

“Tucker said hey”

“Yea, I heard him. Hey Tucker”

“Anyway. Me and some guys are having a little get together, wives and girlfriends are invited. You’re welcome to come”

“Why are you telling me I’m invited like I’m not your wife”

“Jesus Christ Tanisha please don’t make this an issue. Be ready by 7″

He hung up the phone as I rubbed my forehead. He was a jerk around his friends sometimes. I smiled as I thought about Chadwick. What if I did step out? Just for one night? Would I feel better? I know some people do that fix their marriage, but would it be worth it? Would he be worth it? I smiled as I started my car. Hell yes he would.

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Updated Masterpost (1/16/2020)


If you want to be tagged in any of my fics CLICK HERE


Stories I no longer have interest in but you can still read


Stories I will finish but aren’t that important to me so therefore updates will be SLOW


Fics Coming in 2020!

  • Doll House (REVISED VERSION) (Chadwick, Trevante. Lakeith Stanfield)
  • Her. (Trevante)
  • Candy(Chadwick)

Head Canons:

One Shots:


Stories that are completely done! No holds, no progressing works, just absolutely finished!

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Luka tries to uncover Hawkmoth’s identity…


Chapter Nine: The Collector (2/2)

“So I heard you got kidnapped by an akuma?” Kagami asked as Adrien sighed and looked at his phone. He was on video chat with her but she was the only one he was allowed to contact. Since Lila had stolen his father’s book then proceed to lost it, he had been grounded and wasn’t allowed back to school at all. He sighed sadly as he already missed his friends but he was allowed to talk to Kagami, giving that she was hand picked out by his father but she had surprised him. He never thought he would have liked her but they just clicked and he agreed to go out with her. This had pleased his father but Adrien was surprisingly happy with the arrangement too. Especially when they both got miraculous. Their kwamis had told them not to tell anyone but they told each other out of trust and excitement.

“It was Lila and she thought that she had a chance with me. She was angry that Anatis had called her out on her lies and ‘ruined’ her chances with me,” He sighed. “I hope you don’t mind but I told her we were dating to put her off… not that I think it worked,”

“She’s still obsessed with you?”

“Yeah… the thing is I don’t even like her… not in that way and I certainly don’t like her now. She lies through her teeth and she stole my father’s book and now because of her, I’m trapped here again,”

“This Lila does seem to be a problem,” Kagami muttered. “But you shouldn’t lie either,”

“I know and I’m sorry but she just doesn’t know the meaning of no… I’m sorry…. but she is a problem. I didn’t know but she was the one behind Marinette been akumatized! Urg And I gave her such awful advice, Kagami,” He sighed. “Anatis was right. Lies really do destroy lives… hey do you think we did the right thing?”

“Giving up our miraculous?” She asked. He nodded and her eyes soften a little. “I… don’t know anymore. I think maybe we judged him a little too much. He seems to be doing a good job and is trying his best and… we…”

“Got jealous of him….”

“I’m afraid so… and I do miss Longg so much,”

“I miss Sass,” He admitted but the sound of a scream made him jump. He frowned as he realized it was Nathalie then another sound like something been hit against the wall.

“Adrien, what’s going on?!” Kagami gasped as Adrien grabbed the phone and rushed over to the window as someone knocked on the door. He looked over, frowning.

“Adrien… I have a new collection I want to show you,” His father stated before kicking down the door. Adrien lowered himself down and jumped to the ground before he ran out as fast as he could out the gate.

“Adrien?!” Kagami gasped.

“My father has been akumatized and I need to get somewhere safe!” He gasped, hanging up. He took a left and kept running as fast as he could.


Luka took a deep breathe as he followed Tikki up to Master Fu’s apartment. He felt nervous though he couldn’t pinpoint why. Maybe it was because he hadn’t actually talked with Fu since Aspik and Ryuko gave up their miraculous. He took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Master Fu’s voice echoed. Luka opened the door and entered. “Ah, Luka. It’s been a while. Care for some tea?”

“Yes please, Master Fu,” He replied, closing the door. Wazz popped out and flew over to Luka, holding out his hand. Luka and him did their secret handshake before he took off his guitar bag and opened it before he walked over and knelt down, placing the book next to him. Master Fu brought over the tea and knelt down too. He poured a cup out for Luka and then one of himself before giving two small cups to Wazz and Tikki. Luka took a sip and instantly felt calmer. “I saw your latest battle with Volpina. Excellent job with the chocolate Popsicle. It gave me quite the chuckle,”

“I nearly failed. If Lady Noir hadn’t been there, I would have lost for sure,” Luka admitted.

“Which is why you have her,” He replied. “You and Lady Noir are two parts of a whole. Your fates are intertwined together. Always have been, always will be but that is not why you are here, is it?”

“No, Master,” He replied, putting his cup down and picking up the book. “Tikki helped me find this. She said it’s important,”

Master Fu took it and opened it.

“The miraculous spellbook…. you found it?”

“It was lost?”

“Yes,” He replied, placing it down in front of him and getting up. “I think it’s time I told you about the order of guardians,”

“Master Fu is the last known member of the guardians, Luka,” Tikki informed as Master Fu pressed some buttons on his gramophone, which opened up to reveal a secret compartment. He took out a hexagon shaped box that had the same symbol on it as the book had on it’s cover. He walked back over and sat down as Luka watched with interest.

“We guardians are responsible for protecting and distributing the miraculous for the good of humanity,” He replied, flipping open the lid, which allowed 12 other compartments to pop out. Luka looked at them with amazement in his eyes. “We are chosen in childhood and trained for many years, specially for this mission. When we were much, much, much younger, we… I made a mistake… the guardian’s temple was destroyed all because of me. Two of the miraculous was lost that day…”

He pointed to the purple compartment.

“The butterfly,” He muttered before pointing to the blue compartment. “And the peacock… also gone forever was the ancient spellbook,”

Luka looked at him and frowned as Master Fu opened the pages.

“But all they are drawings of superheroes and odd symbols,” He mumbled before looking at Master Fu. “Can you read that?”

“I never got the chance to see it when I was younger but I was taught enough to partially decipher the code,” Master Fu nodded. “So yes, a lot of it makes sense to me,”

“…. can you teach me how to read it?…” Luka asked but shook his head when Master Fu looked at him with surprise. “N-nevermind… it’s guardian stuff anyway… and I’m not a guardian so just ignore I asked…”

“As you wish,” Master Fu nodded as causing Luka to nod as well. “But if you ever chance your mind, I’d be happy to teach you,”

“Really?!” Luka gasped, excited but rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry…”

“Don’t apologize for been excited but I will warn you now. It is very boring,” Master Fu laughed as Wazz and Tikki chased each other around. “So let’s not worry about that right now ok?”

“Right,” Luka smiled as Master Fu flipped through pages.

“I have always believed that whoever had this spellbook must also have the butterfly and the peacock miraculous,” He mumbled, making Luka frown.

“So the owner… could be Hawkmoth?”

“Possibly,” Master Fu nodded. “How did you discover this book?”

“Well, technically it wasn’t me who discovered it. It was actually Lady Noir’s kwami… um… Plagg is it?” Luka mumbled as he thought. “Anyway, he discovered that it belonged to Adrien Agreste but Lila Rossi… Volpina… stole it from him and got the idea of been the descendant of a miraculous holder from that book… she dumped it in the trash so me and Tikki rescued it and then I confronted her and Adrien about her lies and how damaging they are. Adrien tried to argue until I pointed out that she had stole his book. He looked for it and got panicked because the book actually belongs to his dad,”

“This book belongs to Gabriel Agreste?” Master Fu asked. “What do you know about Mr Agreste?”

“Hardly anything but Adrien seemed scared of him,” He replied, sipping his tea. “He was sure his father would ground him for life if he didn’t get that book back,”

“This is very interesting…” Master Fu mumbled. “But we need solid proof…”

“So the book isn’t enough?”

“Not on it’s own. After all, the Agreste are a rich family and the rich like to collect the rare. For all we know, Mr Agreste may have simply found this and doesn’t realize it’s true power,” Master Fu pointed out before sighed. “Luka, I need you to investigate this farther… find out what you can about Mr Agreste and see if there is any reason for him to be Hawkmoth… to be a villain, one must have a motive,”

“Unless you’re the Joker,”

“Even the Joker has a motive, Luka,” Master Fu smiled. “Now go but please be careful and don’t investigate as Anatis… if he is Hawkmoth and word reaches him that a superhero is asking questions…”

“I get it, Master,” Luka nodded. “And I’ll be extra careful,”

He got up and left the apartment before grabbing his bike.

“So where do we start our investigation?”

“There’s only one person I know who can give me info on Mr Agreste other then Adrien or Agreste himself,”


“Marinette. She’s got her foot in the fashion world,”

“Good plan but let’s not put her in danger,”

“We won’t,” He smiled. “As far as she’ll know, I’m looking to get a new dress for Juleka and want to know who’s the best designer to go to,”

“But how will that get us the info?”

“Marinette gets excited about her passions and when she does, she talks… hopefully, she’ll tell us everything she knows about Mr Agreste,”

“That is brilliant,”

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10:10 PM EDT May 20, 2019:

Robin Trower - “Lady Love"
From the album Live

Last song scrobbled from iTunes at

James Dewar very famously re-recorded his vocal parts in the studio–but you can still hear echoes of the vocals as they’d been recorded live through the monitors, in a sort of reverse echo. Either because of, or despite, this, the album sounds great.

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