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|| Get to know NATHAN TIMON who’s TWENTY-EIGHT years old and works as BODYGUARD in town. . He is from CORONA and is often times mistaken for LAKEITH STANFIELD, while others say he reminds them of  TIMON from THE LION KING. ||

Take a peek at his story:

Nathan has never been the type of person to work hard. His family was hard-working. They worked in the mines located in Mysterii, and Nathan wanted nothing to do with it. He was awful at digging away, and after one too many incidents he decided it was time for him to move on. To where? He wasn’t sure. He just knew there was paradise for him somewhere out there. Well for him and his best friend David. David was his partner in crime, the only person who understood his dream, and together he was sure that they could achieve it. No worries, pure carefree nature.

But of course over the years they had to adapt. Becoming a bodyguard for a royal brat was not in the cards, but deep down he liked Kiara. He just was weird with showing it. In fact, he was weird with showing affection, period. He is stronger than he looks but when it comes to grunt work he is more likely to make David do it then try himself. Still, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t gotten hurt once or twice trying to keep his loved ones safe. Of course no one ever sees the behind the scenes work but Nathan doesn’t care. He doesn’t want the glory of being some hero or for doing his job; the moment anyone realized he put actual work in, it was downhill from there.

Face claim change?

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|| Interested in NATHAN? Fortunately, he’s OPEN. ||

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I deadasss want a biography on this long headed ass bitch. Like, why did he become this way??? Childhood trauma?? Very spoiled when he was a child and became a man child??? The “bad” teenager at school who was smart but never paid attention and did illegal things (shoplifting) because school was boring?? I read an article that Howie could have ADHD but 🤷

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“Jóias brutas” (uncut gems) - netflix.

Honestamente, acho Adam Sandler chato demais. Não curto seu humor e seus filmes. Isso me repeliu desse filme, apesar das boas críticas. Só fui me interessar quando descobri que era dirigido pelos Safdie Brothers. Benny e Josh fizeram o visceral “Bom Comportamento”, com Robert Pattinson, filme que me agradou demais. Assim, resolvi dar uma chance pro Sandler.

depois de ver: mais um filme bom dos Safdie. sem tempo pra toma fôlego. Sandler faz um personagem irritante e isso ajuda o ator. e de onde surgiu Julia Fox? 

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I went and saw The Photograph on Friday and I really loved the movie. I know people have their opinions but I thought it was really wonderful. Let me count the ways.

So I LOVE romance movies and for a really long time I’ve been saying to myself why aren’t there black romance movies that aren’t stereotypical. Like the women always seem to be in abusive relationships and have to be completely broken down so some other guy can come build her up. Or can’t find love because they are in positions of power and need to search outside of their high standards. The men have these really good jobs and are abusive and the women don’t have any job so they’re dependent on the man. Or the couple gets together, breaks up, one of them gets with someone else and realizes they actually want to be with the other person after like years. And so on and so forth. And don’t get me started on the “give it to God” narrative that’s always thrown in *cough cough Tyler Perry* (actually most of these scenarios were Tyler Perry movies)

The Photograph was a movie about black love that wasn’t stereotypical, toxic, or unrequited. The woman was dark skinned which is also important to see. A Dark skin woman being loved on screen? I’m for it. And a HUGE plus for me? The score. Robert Glasper did an amazing job with the music. Idk about y’all but I’d definitely pay to go see it again.

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Film Review | The Photograph (2020)

I was curious what this film was going to do to bring something new to the romance genre, since it’s pretty straightforward. No really big comedy or anything, both characters are genuine in their dramatic roles.

It’s… OK? There’s this deceased mother letter that guides Issa Rae’s story of relating to her mom, but it drags throughout the entire movie like this huge weight and doesn’t resolve the story arc in much of a satisfying way. It provides some amazing scenes for Issa Rae to flex some drama, but the impact lessens as the film goes on. Lakeith Stanfield also just kind of drifts from scene to scene; his ability seems super underused as well.

The story is kind of poetic and interesting, but the dynamics of the dramatic action are pretty shallow.

2.5 out of 5.

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Not really into love stories but imma go see The Photograph. Black love is rarely on the big screen and even when it is it’s not always that good. This movie sounds interesting and has a gorgeous cast so yeah, I’m seeing it.

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The Photograph reminded me that there are certain people that just soak into you. They replace your solid plans for a comfortable life with chaotic ease. At first it seems that their elevated personality is overwhelming and may leave you breathless like too many flights of stairs or dumbstruck as if in the presence of an abstract genius.

Everything they do comes from a story and everything you do together is a treat. You know that once someone is a part of you, so steadily weaved into your rhythm, routine and responsibility that because of your togetherness there is movement. Whether it’s the gentle sway of conversation or the generous trot toward an existence of sufficiency, there is sureness that the world turns brightly another day when they’re near.

It is also that when you are apart contentedness remains. In silence and singularly you still are the unheralded success, the warm validation, the whole and changing person blinking back in the mirror. They, the one or many that understand your singularity are but an addition to your blooming nature and capable hands.

The movie, flashing back through generations of heartbreak and reconciliation speaks the message clearly that being influenced and loved by others is not an issue when you are the masterwork of all your lessons learned and the chooser of your present human spirit.

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The Photograph is so much slower and so much richer than even the most generously cut trailers suggested.

Stella Meghie gives the story in her film room to breathe and expand, giving her viewers space to make the connections between the two narratives she is telling.

Yes, The Photograph is the beautiful black love story we were promised.

But, it is also a thoughtful rumination on the way that love and connection are learned and unlearned.

Go see The Photograph - you will leave with your heart and your spirit full.

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