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Headcanons : Levi and his son during the Uprising Arc !

Request by @jessydestroy ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • If Levi knew the Military Police Brigade would shut down the survey corps and block the explorations outside and would want to arrest him and his soldiers just to take back Eren and Historia… He would have definitely brought back your son you both have to you.
  • If he knew the danger and the risks… He would have never, NEVER kept his kid with him. The last thing he wanted was to put him in danger
  • The situation went down so quickly tbh : he was in town one day making some errands with his son of four years old (gosh he was a good boy, sweet and kind just like you, his mother ♡ no wonder Levi fell for you ♡♡) and he went back to the hideout, a small house far from the town to hide Historia and Eren. Reverend Nick said Historia knew the truth about the history and the survey corps had to hide her… And that same Nick got murdered, according to Hanji in the morning
  • The moment after a soldier of Erwin warned that the military wanted them
  • And they had to flee, Levi thought to ask someone to take back the kid to you but with the Military around arresting everyone from the survey corps, it was too dangerous. Keeping his child with him would be much safer
  • Levi scolding his kid to not go around by himself when he would go quickly kill some men of the brigade : oï little brat, stay here and wait for daddy understood ? I have to take care of some assh… Nuisance, tch (he would always clean the disgusting and filthy blood before going back for his son)
  • And Levi meeting with Kenny after years of separation… Was the worst thing ever
  • Levi being in a rage mode. Not only the brigade was killing his comrades… But that asshole wanted his precious son ?!
  • KENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNYYYYYYYYYYYY (yepyepyepyepyep just like the anime yepyepyep)
  • Definitely hold his son against him and fight AND flight with the 3d on the same time (best badass dad ever)
  • Later he realised that the situation was going to be more and more dangerous : Erwin’s plan was a coup d'état and he wanted to make Historia queen
  • Trust me, he wanted to get back to you and give you your son, now that Kenny wanted to kill him and god knows he was stronger than him, he couldn’t allow that something happen to his son
  • But his face was on the newspaper and on wanted poster…. Even Erwin got arrested
  • While sleeping and hugging his son in the grass with his squad (squad that would play with the kid to fight back their nervosity), hiding in the forest he got scared about your safety : military would definitely arrest you because you were his wife.
  • He hoped that Nile would help you… No need to precise that the thought that you being tortured or in jail was making him more nervous and furious
  • However… Erwin succeeded his coup d'état, and at the moment he wasn’t a wanted criminal anymore, he let Hanji and his squad and went back to town (Eren and Historia got kidnapped, Hanji would lead the way while he had to take care of his kid) and looked for you.
  • He would definitely be relieved when he would see you, unhurt (deep kiss included in this meeting gaaah he needed to feel you against him and you were soooo fucking scared that something happened to your hubby and son)
  • But while hugging each other, a little voice would come up : I wa… Want… To.. Stay with d… Daddy… I want to fly on the sky again…!
  • You would both turn to your son surprised
  • Despite the stressful situation, Levi would feel a tad better that he could think like that
  • And I want to camp outside.. A… Again !!!! And see the stars…!!
  • Levi would definitely pat his head and would tell him that he would take him next time
  • Also he didn’t want to tell you that they both escaped a near death and Kenny… The serial killer. You were already worried, no need to stress you more
  • He didn’t want to be murdered by you

Hope you liked it (✿ฺ´∀`✿ฺ)ノ!!!!!!! Sorry for grammatical mistakes ×

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I liked Levi vs Zeke scene, but I think I could like it more? I dunno, guess that I can blaim that I already knew what was going to happen, but thats not always the case. Maybe bc if the music? Like they always use soundtracks so epic, and this didnt feel really powerfull. Anyways I dont want to be exigent, wit does a really good job. The animation was amazing, though the scene with Levi's masterchef Mode was kind of weird lol

Yeah, same here. Although I was actually okay with the music choice. But the “masterchef mode” is the part that ruined it for me. 

Oh well, my expectations for this season are waning at this point anyways. 

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AoT’s characters zodiac: Levi Ackerman

  • Sun sign: Capricorn ♑ A Capricorn is one of the most stable, safe and calm signs of the zodiac. They are workers, responsible, practical and willing to persist until necessary to achieve their goal. They are reliable and often have the role of finishing a project initiated by one of the most pioneering signs. A Capricorn demands a lot from his employees, family and friends, but only because he demands it from himself as well. They are usually fair people. They are not among the happiest signs of the zodiac. Rather, they sometimes tend towards melancholy and pessimism. The Capricorns are signs of Earth, dominated by Saturn, which offers them a decided character, somewhat cold at times, but also melancholic. However, they are fighters who do not give up until they get what they have been looking for, to the point of obsession. They are tireless and the word fatigue does not exist in their dictionary. They always need to have things to do and goals to fight for. They are people who are willing to help everyone without asking for anything in return; they are generous and friends of their friends. They are also usually reserved and shy people, who find it difficult to express their feelings. This can come to present a serious problem in their relationships, because to avoid talking frankly about what happens to them and what they think, drag a problem until it becomes untenable. They are very dynamic people, they know how to work on their own without needing constant stimuli and they are people who usually spend a lot of time in the same companies or doing the same activity. The security they offer in their workplaces usually means that they have positions of responsibility.
  • Moon sign: Cancer ♋ They are sensitive and emotional people, very receptive to environments. They tend to be very susceptible and when they feel hurt, they move away. They are melancholic and romantic. Cancer, like the crab, needs protection. They are fragile on the inside and will be shown withdrawn with people who do not inspire confidence. They have a very developed sixth sense. People with moon in Cancer, more than realize something, they sense it and very rarely are wrong. Don’t underestimate their intuition and do not even suggest to them not to follow it, their great perception leads them to see things that you overlooked. A person with a moon in Cancer needs to take care of you. You will be looking for everything you need and will want to make you feel good. Their heart predominates over their mind. Great importance of the past and memories. The mother and the family have a decisive influence on these natives and sometimes on their destiny. They are usually introverted and very receptive.
  • Ascendant : Virgo ♍ Thay are persons with their feet on the ground, reflective, lover of order and routine. It is inconceivable for them to lose control. They are disciplined and lead a life without excess. With them there is no place for unforeseen events, everything has to be planned. They are discreet and rarely trust. However, both in love and in friendship, they show an unparalleled attachment and can be counted on them in any circumstance. In the professional sector, they are a hypercompetent, ultra-efficient person, they don’t leave anything to chance and they love a job well done. The Mercurian is an intellectual person who filters all his emotions through reason. He is intelligent, able to concentrate and lover of methodology. He rarely relaxes because he is always aware of all the details in order to have his environment under control, control himself and not let his feelings overflow. They often show critical, acid when they are not happy or when they feel limited in a situation that escapes their hands. They have a very subtle charm, a mix between modesty and efficiency, but they rarely try to unleash it. They spend a lot of time analyzing situations and people until they offer your confidence. Physical activity is necessary for them to balance their energy and reduce stress. They are discreet and they don’t like to attract attention. They do not want to be admired either. They may have a certain obsession with health and hygiene.

If you have any request/question please just let me know :)

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Half-arsed summary: Events from chapter 84 had Erwin been given the serum and not Armin. The Ackerbond awakens in Levi again and he gradually becomes obsessive after the fright of losing Erwin.

Read the fic from the beginning here.

The pain… it was unbearable. It wasn’t sharp like a needle or knife, it burned Erwin’s insides like boiling water. Everything around him felt scorched, but aside from the heat, the worst thing was how he was barely able to move his body. It’s as though he was tied underwater, being dragged down by something impossibly heavy. He opened his mouth as his jaw trembled. He then grit his teeth and screamed at the top of his lungs.

What was left of the Survey Corps were forced to cover their ears, using their full strength to stay in place and not be blown away by the immense gust of wind pushing past them.

“Ah!” Sasha yelled as she was blown back. She anchored her hooks on a nearby tree to stay in place.

Levi took a step forward, drawing his blades, biting the inside of his lower lip in concern.

He was prepared to anchor his hooks onto the Colossus, climb up to tell Erwin to please stop, that he was overexerting himself.

But Hange noticed and she held his shoulder, eye barely open from the amount of wind slapping her face.

“Don’t!” she yelled. “You’ll get scorched!”

“But he’s in pain! He’s going to—“

“He can regenerate!” Hange pulled Levi closer to her. “You can’t! Just stand back!”

Keep reading

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It’s only the 4th episode into the 2nd half of the season, but how beautifully Wit Studio has adapted this scene blows the entire first half of the 3rd season out of the water. 

Erwin’s silent smile says it all and they nailed it. His sorrow and regret in his eyes, but also a feeling of relief that in spite of all the soldiers and friends he’s sacrificed until this point, he finally has the mercy of being spared making the decision to take his own life thanks to Levi. 

Also, I’m glad Wit Studio has confirmed Farlan and Isabel are indeed in the background when Levi and Erwin remember the comrades lost. That was a nice touch.

This episode has made me fall in love all over again with the beauty of Wit Studio’s adaptation of Attack on Titan. The cinematography, music and execution of this scene… Bravo!

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I remember the terrible day I was having–what was it? three years ago, right? I was so upset by everything that had gone wrong, and then I opened Tumblr to see that spoilers had come out, and there was Levi vs Beast Titan, and suddenly everything was awesome. And I knew then that was the scene I wanted to see animated the most, even more than the shootout.

I am so not disappointed. Worth every minute of the wait. Levi is just the best. And oh, Armin… 

What a fantastic episode, all around. My heart just pounded all the way through. Best. Season. Ever.

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