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#Levi Ackerman

It was a dreary-ass day. It had rained all morning and, even though it had stopped, the clouds that blocked out the afternoon sun were dark and ominous. Levi hoped that the temporary reprieve from the imminent downpour would last long enough for him to take care of some errands on his lunch hour.

He stalked through the noon-day crowd, cell phone pressed to his ear, unloading onto Isabel every gripe he had about the new intern at work. (The boy was clearly an idiot.). He wasn’t paying attention to bustle around him. He was in full bitch mode and a master of tuning out unwanted distractions. In fact, he had failed to notice how the crowd had begun to part and rush around him.

He hadn’t noticed anything…until he saw him.

Levi barely saw him coming, the tall blond man that sprinted toward him like some sort of tweaked-out psychopath coming down from bath salts. The man was clearly headed toward him with single-minded determination, and Levi immediately went on the defensive, dropping his phone and squaring his body as the man came closer, his green trench coat billowing behind him like a cape.

Levi held his hands up to put up a fight as the man hurdled over a bench and descended on Levi’s much smaller frame. The blond grabbed both his wrists, preventing any retaliatory attack, even as he pushed Levi into the alleyway between two nearby buildings. He didn’t stop until Levi’s back hit the wall hard enough to knock the breath from his lungs.

Levi struggled to shift his weight, to keep from being pinned, but found himself being forced to his knees instead. The dirty water from the alley immediately soaked through his wool trousers, making Levi hiss and cuss in disgust. But the blond also hit his knees and curled his body over Levi’s, like a shield.

The sound of tires squealing and a loud crash prevented Levi from pushing the other man off of him. From underneath the blond’s arm, he saw the delivery truck skidding wildly down the street and crashing just mere feet from where he was kneeling in the alley…the exact spot Levi had been standing just moments prior.

The whole ordeal had happened in just mere moments, but Levi seemed to have lived it in slow motion.

“I’m sorry,” the blond spoke, pulling back just enough to allow Levi to look up at him in shock. “I tried to get your attention.”

“You…what…I mean…you just saved my ass.” Levi gaped, as the situation began to sink in.

“I was worried I wouldn’t get to you in time.” The man looked down at Levi with the bluest eyes he had ever seen.

“You idiot! You could have been killed!” Levi spat.

“One would think you would be a little more grateful,” the man responded with a crooked grin on his too-handsome face. “I couldn’t just stand by and watch you get killed.”

“You just risked your life for a complete stranger,” Levi scolded as he stared at the carnage.

“It seems that way, yes.” The blond’s voice was calm, but Levi could feel the pounding of his heart beneath his hands. Not even taking the time to question just when his hands decided to curl against that broad chest.

“Have you lost your mind?” Levi asked as he looked back at the stranger that held him with trembling hands.

“I may have, but I was watching you walk down the street and knew you had no clue that you were walking right into a dangerous situation.”

“You were watching me?”

“Well, I, um, that is to say…you are very attractive, and well, I couldn’t help but notice you…”

“Oh,” Levi said softly.

“Sorry, that just made an already uncomfortable situation even more awkward.”

“No, no, it’s fine.”

“Are you two okay?” Levi looked up to see a police officer standing there. When had the authorities arrived?

“Yeah, I’m good,” Levi answered first.

“No worse for wear,” the blond responded, eyes never leaving Levi.

“Okay, well, you guys need to clear out. It’s not exactly safe here.”

The blond stood and held a hand out to Levi. He grasped it and allowed the larger man to pull him to his feet. A long arm wrapped around his shoulders and he was led away to a bench across the street.

“I’m sorry about your pants. They are probably a lost cause.” The statement was so innocuous in light of the previous events that Levi couldn’t help the bark of laughter that pushed past his lips.

“I have more.” The blond smiled back, shyly. “I’m Levi, by the way.”

“Erwin. Is it weird to say that it’s nice to meet you? I mean, I would rather it be under different circumstances-“

“I want to take you to dinner,” Levi interrupted.

“Please, don’t feel obligated. I’m just glad you’re okay.”

“No, not in thanks. I want to get your number, take you to dinner, and, maybe, get to know you.”

“Yeah, okay. There’s just one problem.” Erwin frowned.


“I don’t think your phone made it.” Erwin pointed to the black cell phone shattered on the pavement.

“Damn it. I guess we’ll just have to get lunch now instead.”

“But we’re filthy.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’m hungry and I don’t care if you don’t.” Levi’s stomach growled loudly as if to make his point.

“Not at all.”

“Great, you lead, and I’ll follow.”


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Day 06: Ugly Sweater

“Hey Levi, come here!” Y/N called from the study, Levi entered to see her unwrapping a brown-paper parcel on the desk, “It’s from my mother, I think I know what these are.” She worked a little more at the string before letting it fall open, the contents provoking an amused grin. “Ugly Christmas sweaters!” She exclaimed, holding up an ugly green jumper to show Levi. He forced a smile, looking at the blue and white snowflakes as Y/N turned to read the note that came with the gift. “She made sure to use Corps colours, so that we can wear them anytime!” She beamed, throwing Levi his and looking at her own.
“I’m not sure they’re regulation.” Levi excused; Y/N shook her head.
“It’s uniform colours and I happen to know Hange adores things like this, so you’ll be fine.”
“Me?” Levi asked, Y/N nodded.
“You didn’t really think I’d be wearing one? This is for Commander Hange, mother knows she has no chance of getting me into one of these. I have this instead.” She placed down the jumper and wrapped a blue scarf around her neck, the wool looked a lot less itchy than the jumpers. “I hope to see you wearing it out and about, Captain.” Y/N winked, taking Hange’s jumper out of the room, Levi turned the jumper over in his hands. As much as he didn’t want to wear it, the Christmas spirit seemed to be rubbing off on him, he’d be sure to wear it so Mrs. L/N could see.

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So a lot of the info is from that time, however, I still consider that there are some very relevant themse to the AOT/SNK fandom here.

This is a small analysis on the themes of the whole manga, and on what Reiner, Gabi and Eren represent and the reasons behind some character’s deaths.



So far from what I’ve seen of this manga, I’ve seen how the main themes are (mostly) four:

  • - Otherness/empathy and how they work at war.
  • - Power and corruption.
  • - The cycle of revenge (sins of the father/an eye for an eye).
  • - The “hero” and the crimes of war (duality between hero and monster).

With  those themes we see how humanity works and is often redefined, the term  of monster is also changed through the manga and otherness (the   phenomenon where “I” and “my community” acquire identity by finding who the “Other” is, the “Other” is the person or community who is opposite of “me” or “us”. This is a very simplified definition.) and empathy   (where I decide to try to see the world through the eyes of the other)   are used to explain how a war works and how a “hero” of war, no matter   how good his or her intentions are, will end up losing his or her   humanity.

Otherness  in war is how in conflict we divide upon one another, despite all of us  being humans we start seeing our community as THE humans and the enemy  as the monsters or the bad guys, and that division makes us give away  labels all around, we judge the many for the few and put the term “evil”  on them, deciding that they don’t deserve the same right as us. When  the war ends there is a definition of who the “heroes” really were and a   redefinition of who the “bad guys” were.

However,  because of that we always forget that in any conflict there is always two sides, each side with their own heroes and their own reasons to have  rationalized their actions.

This is what Attack on titan/Shingeki no Kyojin shows us through the manga.

At  first the definition of humanity is easy: There are Titans and there   are Humans. The traits of titans have similarity to the humans, but   there’s no way for a human to consider them as something that is part of  humanity. Titans are monsters; hence they are the enemy to fight in   order to recover freedom.

Humanity  and the definition of the enemy “other” start becoming less and less   simple. In fact, it is at the very beginning, with Eren, that we see   this subject.


Many  people would consider this kiddo here a stupid brat who knows nothing at the beginning. However, from the very first scenes of the anime we   manage to see something important: Eren is always fighting. This is   something everyone and their mother knows already, what few stop to   consider is: Fighting against what?


That’s  where the otherness comes into play, he’s fighting against the ones he  considers the “others”. We see Eren cheering for the scout regiment and  then actively attacking those who wonder why the fuck there’s even a  scout regiment when things are bad enough inside as to send a bunch of  people out to show how, indeed, the titans are still hungry.


The  scout regiment represents something very precious to Eren, and that   will be seen throughout the anime and the manga: They represent hope.


Things  are bad inside the walls, there’s little to no justice, the ones who   deliver justice are not doing their job correctly and abuse is something  very common.

Eren  has lost hope in those who are supposed to keep him safe (the  garrison), he does not believe in anyone to keep things as they should  be, so, whenever he sees some thing he considers wrong, he reacts.


He  reacts against people he considers the enemy, against the “others”: To  know who are Eren’s “Others” we only have to see the first episodes of  Attack on titan.

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Would you want to write something with Levi realizing how disgusting babies can be with Hope at a couple months old? Because my daughter absolutely covered herself in spit up yesterday while simultaneously filling one hell of a diaper, and the idea of Levi having to handle a baby being that dirty is just amusing to me. I jokingly told my husband it was time to throw out the baby when she did that, because I dont handle messiness well. Lol.

Hahahahaha I remember those times! 🤢🤢🤢

💜Babies Are Disgusting💜

Levi looked down at the squirming giggling little girl with a look of absolute horror on his face.

He thought the smell of rotting human flesh and putrid stink of Titans was disgusting. It had nothing on the odor that was wafting up from Hope’s diaper.

“Of course you shit when your mother is gone.” He growled at the baby as she waved her arms and squealed at the handkerchief covered face of her father.

He thought about ordering one of the brats in here to change her, but his office had cleared out like he was assigning extra chores as soon as she started grunting while being held by Sasha.

‘Traitors’ he thought darkly as he tried to figure out how to approach the changing of her diaper.

He rolled her on her side and almost gagged at the site of the tar black shit smeared up her back where it had escaped the confines of her diaper.

He closed his eyes and sighed. He needed a shit ton of cleaners to rid his office of this smell and sanitize everything around her.

He was going to have to bathe the brat, nothing else would do. He stood up and went into the bathroom, starting the water and making sure it wasn’t too hot for her delicate skin.

When he came back his nose wrinkled in disgust as he realized she had spit up too. It was nothing more than breast milk and her stomach acid, but it smelled like rotten eggs.

Levi could only remind himself that he had smelled and seen worse in the Underground. He was a Captain in the Survey Corps, and he wasn’t going to disgrace himself by throwing up because of the mess his own child made.

Pulling her diaper off and wiping as much of the foul waste off of her as possible, he quickly started for the bathroom with Hope naked held out in front of him.

He stopped and gave his three month old daughter a fierce scowl when she started peeing on him, saturating his shirt and trousers as her legs kicked.

“Son of a bitch! You have got to be kidding me!” He mumbled as his grey eyes failed to intimidate the baby. “I’m about to throw you out with the bath water, brat.”

By the time Y/N came back to their quarters, Hope was freshly bathed and sweet smelling again. Levi had scrubbed and rescrubbed every imaginable surface. As well as scrubbed himself until his skin was pink.

He was sitting on the sofa with Hope tucked up against his shoulder, his hand rubbing her back as she slept peacefully.

“Hey! How did it go?” Y/N asked cheerfully. It was the first time she had been away from Hope for more than an hour during the day. She missed her little love bug.

Levi scowled at his wife. “Babies are disgusting.”

**All other stories in this AU are labeled Daddy!Levi -Hope Ackerman**

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Hi Lost! Tbh I no longer know whether I should sympathize with the 104th. They seemed too passive in this chapter when Eren started his genocide plan.m which was something unexpectable for me. I wonder how Levi, Hange and our deceased commander Erwin would/would've reacted to this?

Hi Anon!  I have to confess I’ve never felt particularly sympathetic towards the 104th, primarily because I’m not a huge fan of the “kids save the world” trope. Although I must admit, it’s getting a lot more intriguing now that the 104th are no longer the kids, Eren is the one destroying the world, and there’s a new generation of kids trying to stop him.

That aside, the reticence of the remaining members of the 104th to see Eren’s actions for what they are has been dispiriting to say the least.  I don’t think it’s entirely unexpected though, as they’ve always had a huge blind spot when it comes to Eren’s actions and motivations.  No matter how often he has betrayed them, they’ve still clung desperately to the vain hope that Eren’s path is the right path, simply because he’s Eren.  It’s only now that Eren has activated the rumbling that they are finally waking up to the fact that he intends to destroy the world in the mistaken notion that this will free the people who are important to him.  I know we all roll our eyes at the “power of friendship” but there’s a salient message here about the blind faith that friendship can evoke.   The 104th don’t want to believe that Eren intends to slaughter humanity because he’s their friend, but even they can no longer ignore the truth.


As far as how Levi and Hanji would react, I answered another ask a few days ago which you can read here.  In short, I don’t think there’s any question that they would be angry and horrified beyond belief.  And as for Erwin.  Well.  I’m convinced that Erwin would have done everything in his not inconsiderable power to reach a diplomatic solution to the endless conflict, and prevent the Jaeger brothers from destroying humanity in the name of some misguided ideal of “freedom”.   I got an ask about how Erwin and Eren’s mindsets differ some time ago which you can read here if you’re interested.  Suffice to say, if Erwin was still alive, I firmly believe that the world wouldn’t be in this sorry mess.  

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ahh sorry! my wifi is bad rn. basically the premise is that reader admires Levi from afar but doesn't know how to approach him. she wasn't exactly afraid of him, but she knew he wasn't a talker so didn't know how to initiate convo. she always watches him after school where he boxes in the weight room. she had some group projects with him and knows he can be nice (in his own way). one day he asks her out to prom, which surprised her but she accepted happily. (I think my 2nd part explains the rest


💜Prom Night💜

Y/N watched as Levi circled his opponent, arms up defensively as they gauged the others next move.

She was supposed to be working on her own fitness, strengthening her upper body. But like usual, she spent more time staring at the shorter athlete with jet black hair.

He lunged at his taller opponent and landed a powerful right hook to his jaw and a hard jab with his left. Mike, the senior he was sparring against, was over a foot taller than Levi, but was still no match for the junior’s powerful hits. Mike shook his head and tapped out, the pair bumping fists before spitting out their mouth guards and heading for opposite corners of the boxing ring.

She sighed as she turned back to her own weight rack, it was difficult keeping her eyes off of his lean but muscular chest as he glistened with sweat. She knew she was hopelessly crushing on the stoic boy.


AP Political Science was a favorite class of Y/N’s. Not just because it was more of a challenge than most of her sophomore classes, even the advanced ones. No, it was because one of two classes she shared with Levi Ackerman.

She had been placed in the classes due to her grades and had been lucky that she had been paired with her crush.

He was quiet most of the time, although he had a wicked sense of sarcastic humor he would drop on the class with a straight face.

He could be thoughtful and caring, but it was easy to overlook for all his abruptness. Most found him either fascinating or frustrating. Y/N found him to be perfect.

She was chatting with the friends she had made, the seniors and juniors were the majority of the class. Y/N was actually the only underclassman, but Levi’s friends had taken her under their wings.

The tall imposing Erwin currently has his arm thrown around Y/N’s shoulder as he talked about the geopolitical climate and how it would affect the stock market in foreign trade. Y/N was nodding and taking notes, she had missed a day and was now making up for it.

“Eyebrows, you don’t have to hang on her like a gorilla to give her the rundown on what she missed.” Levi’s voice was scathing as he sat down and glared at the taller senior.

Erwin have a loud laugh and hugged Y/N a bit tighter as he grinned back at Levi. “Shouldn’t have been late, Levi. You could have been the one to give Y/N the notes.”

Levi snorted and shook his head, pulling out his notebooks to shove at Y/N. “Go hang on your girlfriend you giant bastard.”

Y/N took the notebook gratefully and Erwin stood up, sending her a wink before heading back to where Hanji was watching with an amused grin on her face.

Y/N smiled at the older girl, happy she didn’t feel jealous with her boyfriend/Captain of the football team horsing around with her playfully. She always felt like him and Mike flirted with her as a game, but why she hadn’t figured out.

She opened the notebook to turn it to the last page. She was relieved that Levi took meticulous notes, sparing her from having to go to the teacher for a summary.

She frowned as she found a card in the pages of the book. Small neat handwriting that was obviously Levi’s was on it. Her stomach sank as she read the words ‘Go to Prom with me?’

She turned and went to hand it to Levi, thinking she had found something he had meant to give another girl. She found him watching her, his gunmetal eyes intensely focused on her reaction.

“Well?” He demanded, gesturing to the card.

Y/N’s mouth opened slightly, forming an ‘o’ shape as she realized her crush was asking her to prom. She looked back down at the card and smiled, looking back up in time to catch a relieved expression fly across his face before settling back into his perpetually bored set.

“I’d love to.” She said, butterflies erupting in her stomach.


The music was loud and fast paced, a far cry from the slow dance they had just finished. Levi led her away from the dance floor, pushing through the crowd to lead her over to a more secluded area of the ballroom.

The night was perfect, Y/N had been having a great time with Levi. He had been amazing, picking her up from her house, looking so handsome in his tuxedo. He had given her a beautiful corsage and been surprisingly polite to her mom.

He had told her she looked good, which for Levi was a huge compliment. He had insisted on taking photos, even if he hadn’t smiled in one of them. Y/N’s heartbeat speeding up when his hands were placed on her waist.

She watched him stop and turn around, stepping closer to her to be heard over the music and people.

“I know you watch me.” Levi said, his breath washing over her neck as he leaned in, his lips grazing her ear.

Y/N turned red, ducking her head down in embarrassment at the idea that Levi had known she was gawking at him all those times. She went to pull away, but he crowded her more, using his hand to tilt her chin back up so she would look him in the eyes.

She saw that his grey eyes were warm, the expression the most gentle she had ever seen, as if he were unguarded.

“I was watching to you too, Y/N. I…..I really like you.” He whispered, his eyes flicking down to her red stained lips.

Her breath caught and her eyes widened brightly. He liked her too? She saw his eyes change, darken as he moved closer, brushing his lips across her gently.

Her hands went up to his arms, pulling him closer and he groaned, pushing her back against the wall of the ballroom. His mouth became more insistent, his tongue probing as he gripped her hips and kissed her breathlessly.

Y/N reveled in the feeling of his tongue against hers, the fluttering that had been in her stomach all night turning to liquid heat between her thighs. Her arms wound around his back, drawing him harder against her as her fingers combed through the back of his hair, making his moan into her mouth.

She didn’t know how long they stayed there, devouring each other. It felt like eternity, but it was probably only a few minutes. Suddenly there was a loud noise behind them.

“WAAAAHHHHOOOOO! Go Shorty!!!! Mike!!!!!!Erwin!!!!! I won the bet! Pay up!!!” Y/N caught a wide grin on Hanji’s face as the energetic brunette bound away, announcing to the entire crowd that Levi and Y/N were making out.

Y/N’s face was red but she giggled at the scowl on Levi’s handsome face. She caught his muttered “Shitty-Glasses” as he tried to hide his own embarrassment.

“Did they bet on us?” Y/N asked, cocking her head to the side.

Levi looked back at Y/N and snorted. “Those idiots bet on my love life like it’s a sporting event. Mike bet I was gay and liked that brat Yeager, Erwin bet that I was a virgin and Hanji bet that I liked you.”

Y/N covered her mouth to muffle her giggle as he threw her a dark look. He smirked and leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Since we’re together now, want me to show you how wrong Mike and Erwin are?”

Levi pulled back to see Y/N’s mouth drop open and her face turn even more red. Her eyes were slightly glassy at the dirty thoughts he knew were rolling around in her head.

He smugly laughed before dropping a quick kiss on the side of her mouth. “I’m teasing, Y/N. That will wait for awhile, until your ready. Let’s go find those idiots and enjoy prom night, hmm?”

Levi took her hand and lead her back out to the crowd as she followed behind him, dazed at the past few minutes. She wouldn’t mind him showing her his skills, she thought with a grin. But not now, just having him want to be with her made the night and year perfect.

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Hello, I love your work. Is ‘To Love Another’ with Levi part three ever going to come out?

Hi there, thank you so much!! I’m sorry anon, it’s actually nearly complete but very messy and I’m realizing just how disorganized it has turned out which is a bit discouraging when I think about how much needs to be fixed/clarified. I posted To Love Another a little too hastily with a lot of loose ends that, if I could go back and change, I would. These loose ends have carried over to part 3 which has only made it more difficult to write, since it’s more work to incorporate them then to get rid of them completely (we don’t need any plot holes, after all!). Sorry for the delay, I know how inconvenient it is, I’d just rather post a put-together ending for this angst and want to do it justice.

Thank you for your patience and support! I’d love to give you a more specific date, but all I can say is I’m working on part 3, I promise. It’ll be out soon and I hope I cleared up the confusion on why it’s taken me so long to post it. Have the best day, and keep an eye out for it; I hope it will be worth the wait <3


Originally posted by aesthetic-animestuff

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Headcanon time (sort of….) So I was listening to Two Steps From Hell and got this idea in my head. Here’s my “AoT characters as TSFH songs” headcanon: 

Erwin - To Glory 

Miche - Heart of Courage 

Levi - Strength of a Thousand Men 

Eren - Immortal 

Reiner - Victory 

Mikasa - Protectors of Earth 

Bertolt - Invincible

Historia - Gift of Life

Isabel - Star Sky 

Farlan - Fearless

Nanaba - Archangel

Annie - Unbreakable

Kenny - Love and Loss

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While #AOT124SPOILERS broke my heart… Let’s remember that today is the birthday of one of the best girls in AoT. She deserved a lot better. ❤ LOTS OF LOVE FOR HER. ❤✨

Hope you’ll like it 🌺✨

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