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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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#vividsydney (Vivid Sydney 2014)
Via Flickr:
There’s no escaping data. Our everyday actions generate it in abundance, with much of it going unnoticed—until now. “#vividsydney” is an interactive installation that collects realtime data and interprets it as vibrant colours that dance within a framework of LED tubes. When you hashtag “#vividsydney”, realtime statistics will be collected and used to trigger colour chases and patterns through the LED tubes. The amount of hashtags collected over a time period are compared to the running mean, or continuously varying average. The result is then mapped to the playback rate and intensity. “#vividsydney” features 110 custom high-brightness LED tubes with a total of 880 individually controllable pixels. A custom app harvests social media activity to influence the lighting effect. As the virality of the hashtag increases, the effects become more expressive and dynamic; subtle effects represent decreasing virality. As we all know, the hashtag has been embraced by all major social media platforms and acts as a powerful metadata tool that indicates and shares trending topics and online behaviour. At Vivid Sydney 2014, the hashtag takes on a new persona and comes out to play in full-blown light and spectacular colour. Kathryn Bevz and Martin Bevz have worked together as a collaborative team since first exhibiting “Immersion” for Vivid Sydney in early 2011. They exhibited again in 2012 with the works “Sea Grass” and “Light Hop”, and “Sky Grass” in 2013.

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🌟 Free-Flow Series 自由訊息 🤩 Acknowledge your Brilliance, Share from the Heart

We are Multi-dimensional Being in Physical Form. We are Divine Love and Light beyond Time and Space. Let us enjoy the free-flow messages without specific topic. Accept what resonates and release the rest back to the ether.

🌟 自由訊息 🌟 隨心發放 🌟 輕鬆接收

When you are tuning in to this video, this is the message you need to hear at this moment, and you are transforming a part of you. 當你收看這個影片時,正是你需要接收的訊息,並且正在轉化一部分的你。

*** Healing Energy Infused ***

The Light within me Honors the Light within you

Namaste 🙏

🤩 We are Multi-dimensional Being in Physical Form. We are Divine Love and Light.

🤩 We are here on this Planet to Play, to Create, to Experience, to Enjoy and Have Fun!

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💞 Let the Love Flow

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