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#Location: Arendelle


Bruni hasn’t started a fire in a long time, he has been calm ever since Elsa decided to stay. He was rather happy as he slowly went to climb onto her palm. As he did it cooled him off greatly as he laid down and sighed happily. He glanced up at her as if to try and thank her. He tilted his head a little as he always did. He rolled around in her palm as it felt so nice and cool on his body.


Despite her abilities and the cooler touch of her skin to others, a warm delighted chuckle emerged from her as Bruni neared the open palm. “Hmhmhm~” She had to pass him between her hands as he cooled off, eventually settling onto one palm. “There we are, feel better?” She moved the tiny salamander to her shoulder, gently rubbing him beneath his chin.

“What got you riled up in the first place today? Did you you see something the river didn’t tell me about?” Since she couldn’t be everywhere at once Elsa often relied on Ahtohallan to call her back to its chamber to show her where she was next needed. Upon the Nøkk it was less than a 5 minute ride from just about anywhere in the forest to her sanctuary of memories.

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Bruni crawled around the enchanted forest. He had melted all the snow that Elsa had given him. He was searching for her to see if she had more snow. He stopped on a log to glance around. The little fire spirit wondered where she was. He then spotted her in the distance and went as fast as he could to her.(to Elsa.)

The newly anointed fifth spirit brushed the mane of the Nøkk, prompting it to draw water from a nearby lake and help to irrigate the Northuldran crops. She pat the aqua formed equine on the head as she dismounted sending the water spirit on its way. She was speaking to those tending the vegetables when she heard skittering feet approaching. That, mixed with the quiet call of the river alerting her another spirit needed her aide.

“I dont think I have to go too far to find out who that is~” Elsa bent down and offered her hand out to the tiny fire spirit. “Come on~” The protector of the forest couldnt have him starting a fire around the just sprouted veggies and wheat stalks.

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