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#Loud Guy Radio Presents: The Sprout Sessions

This is just a list of projects I want to make/finish. I’m going to use this as a reference point. Don’t really pay attention to this, but I will start posting about these soon. If you want to know about any of these, don’t be afraid to ask.  A lot of these are Temp names or just general descriptions.


Reincarnated Hearts


Comics/Graphic Novels

Goldi’s Plague 

Ghost Camp


Logs from the Survivors

The Starhandler

Monster School Radio Show

Short Stories

The Rose Stalker

Grandma Who Was In A Cult


Loud Guy Radio Presents: The Sprout Sessions

Bright Child Sprouting Up!

A villain Deku and villain Bakugou AU

Is it obvious I have way too many ideas…

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I figured if I’m going to get back into this website, might as well promote where I’m more active.

As nobody probably knows, I like to write, and b/c of that I’ve started writing fanfic. My only current fic (if you ignore the two hetalia fics) is called Loud Guy Radio Presents: The Sprout Sessions. Long title I know.

If you like :

- Dadmic

- Quirk! Izuku

- Kid Antics

It might be the fic for you! Do heed the warnings as their are some sensitive topics.

I hope if you read it, you enjoy! If you want, comment that you came from tumblr, I’d love to talk to people about it.

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