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WC: 812

A/N: I had a couple of people wanting me to continue this story so here is part three!! I hope you enjoy it and don’t mind the short chapter. Hopefully, there’s more to come. Please let me know what you think, I enjoy reading your comments and hearing from you <3

Natasha leaves in her signature fashion, spinning and slipping out as quickly as she could; the door shutting firmly behind her. Even while she is in a hurry, her movement is limber and graceful.

I chew on my bottom lip, scrunching my nose at the feeling of the dry and cracking skin. Reaching to run the pads of my finger of my lips, I think, I may be in a nice dress but I’m sure I still look horrible.

I stop and turn to the vanity. There had been an attempt at cleaning up but that clearly hadn’t worked well. I still had dirt and scratches all over, my nose and cheeks were bright red from being out in the cold for so long. My skin still trying to regain its warmth.

Out of curiosity, I make my way to where Natasha had pointed out the bathroom. The door matched everything else, being beautiful and well crafted. I push the door open slowly, eyes widening at the sight of a bathroom the size of my kitchen.

“What could you possibly need all this room for,” I question aloud, dubious. It was spacey, the furthest wall having a short row of counter, a beautiful golden sink, and a mirror the size of the wall.

Whilst marveling at the beauty of it, I catch a full glimpse of myself. The dress made me feel beautiful but I desperately wished the rest of me matched. I wouldn’t even know how to do that. Looking away quickly, I take in the rest of the bathroom.

The ceiling wasn’t as high as in my bedroom, but it was still high enough to fit a small chandelier. There was a porcelain foot claw tub as well as the fanciest toilet I’d ever seen.

“He certainly does have expensive taste,” I say, recalling what Natasha had said about the Master of this place.

Returning to the bedroom, I take my place comfortable onto my bed, curling my legs towards myself. I smile at how the dress lays around me, and for a split moment, I am taken back to being a little girl pretending to be a princess. The thought pulls a nostalgic laugh from me and I shake my head. “Don’t be silly,” I say to myself. 

I try to find comfort in where I was but a worrying thought lingered. What if the villagers found their way here? And what would they think even if they did? I couldn’t keep ignoring the obvious questioning and strange things that were occurring. 

The children of the village were always told stories about the heart of the forest and how it was alive but… I glance back towards the window, it didn’t look very alive. I had no doubt that this was certainly the heart of the forest.

It was freezing as if we were already in dead winter. The garden that the deer had led me through was lifeless and just as frozen as everything else. Now, wind rages and the sky was darkening. 

There must be a story, a reason for this. A reason for the snow and ice, a reason for the wisdom and knowledge that was hiding behind each one of the eyes of the creatures that I’ve come across so far. There must be a reason that Natasha doesn’t want me to ask questions.

The curiosity inside me was dying for me to sneak about and find answers, but I know that look in Natasha’s eyes. It was a look that told me the answers weren’t as important as keeping me safe.

Sighing, turn to look beside me and see my satchel. To pass the time, I will write of everything I encounter and I hope that eventually, the pieces of the puzzle will put themselves together.


The sun has long since set and now I was listening to the sound of the brewing storm outside. As the night came, I kept expecting the storm to reach its peak but it was just getting stronger, and stronger. As if it was angry at something.

As lateness came, darkness filled my room and I could no longer work in my journal or read one of the two books I managed to take with me. With just enough light left, I hurry to the bathroom and start a bath. The products left to use were lavish and smelled amazing. It left my hair and skin in better shape than it had been.

The nightgown that had been left to me was purple and the cloth smooth. I happily enjoyed the feeling as I curled up beneath my covers, snuggling up warm in the bed.

It wasn’t a dangerous forest, and I wasn’t in that horrible storm. So for the first time in a while, I manage to drift off to sleep easily and without worry.

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What really happened to that black dahlia necklace …



that’s why he was sweating so much

This comic was created for Sneaky Loki Day, hosted by mysiepereira.

Comic was also inspired by mysiepereira’s Sneaky Loki content.

(She also has a lot of cool art and comics - as well as Sneaky Loki stuff - you should check it out!)

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37 days until New Mutants

65 days until Black Widow

254 days until The Eternals

352 days until Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

433 days until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

508 days until Spider-Man 3

618 days until Thor: Love and Thunder

772 days until Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2

800 days until Black Panther 2

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“Just give me a call later, I guess,” you said into the phone. Leaving a voicemail to your boyfriend (who was supposed to be with you at the moment - but whatever) was something you were getting very accustomed to.

You hung up and jammed the phone into your pocket. This was the third time in a row Pete had failed to show up. You know that sometimes he gets distracted, but this was out of hand. You deserved his respect. 

You needed him to either become reliable or you were going to leave, because this same old routine was very tiresome.

You walked home and crawled into bed right away. You still had homework but you only wanted to lay in bed and watch movies. And Peter was supposed to help you with calc anyway. Your phone dinged in your pocket.

I’m here, I’m sorry!! Where are you?

The fact that he didn’t even listen to your voicemail actually made you more angry. You didn’t respond. He would have to wait until you were ready to talk, because you were at risk of night being very nice.


You only glanced at the texts. You’ve been reading the same string of messages for weeks, and usually it worked. Usually you caved and called him and let him apologize his way out but not this time.

The next day, you ignored him all day at school. You didn’t really want to fight, but you definitely didn’t want to fight in the middle of school. You were leaving the school but you heard him calling your name. The only reason you stopped was because you didn’t want him to keep yelling and making a scene.

“Babe, please. Just talk to me,” Peter said, putting both his hands on your biceps. “You never called me back. At lunch you looked through me.”

“I’ll call you later,” you said.

“I’ve heard that before.”

“OH! Oh, have you? You know what I’ve heard?? Yeah, I’ll be there. I’ll call. I’ll be on time. I’ll do better. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Won’t happen again. I’ll explain -”

“Okay, okay. I see your point. I really am sorry. But if you let me explain everything, I think it will fix things, okay? Meet me at our spot at 3.”

“Okay,” you said. “Peter, do not be late or I swear -”

He cut you off by kissing you. Effectively silencing you. “I won’t baby, promise.”

You arrived at the cafe you two used to study in together when you first started dating. You kinda wished he had been waiting for you, but you honestly didn’t expect him to be on time. He never was. But as long as he made it within the hour you would be forgiving.You ordered a coffee and a snack and cracked open your calc book. He had no choice but to help you finish this work. You were going to fail without a tutor and he had convinced you that you didn’t need a tutor, you just needed him.

As soon as 4 o’clock hit, your bags were packed and you were out the door. You were googling tutors in the area as you walked down the sidewalk. You didn’t have a choice. You no longer had a boyfriend to help you. Peter didn’t know this quite yet, but you no longer had a boyfriend.


You didn’t stop. You didn’t turn.

“Babe, c’mon I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care,” you shouted, waving your hand in the air. You didn’t have it in you to care right now.

He passed you, and stopped - blocking your path. “C’mon, don’t leave. Let’s go have a coffee and talk.”

“I’ve already had a coffee and there’s nothing left to say.”

“Babe, don’t be like that.”

“You’re late.”

“I’m here now.”

“Now is too late.”

You dodged around him. But this time he didn’t follow. And when you glanced over your shoulder he was standing right where you left him, like a statue. When you realized he wasn’t going to follow, that’s when you let yourself cry. You’d broken your own heart, but you had no choice.

You just let go the love of your life.

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Originally posted by letitiawrights

“Peter Parker, don’t you dare get blood on my sheets,” You groaned into your pillow as the bed shifted with the weight of the teenage hero. 

“I won’t.”

“Then go take a shower. You’re most definitely sweaty and gross and covered in spider-webs. Don’t say you’re not because I know you are and I want to like nice tomorrow without webs everywhere.” 

“But I don’t want to,” Peter whined.

“Peter, I swear to god if you’re on the ceiling I’m going to go get the broom.” 

“Please don’t get the broom.”

“Then go shower. We can watch something afterward or something if you can’t sleep,” Peter simply grumbled and sulked into the shower. You were almost asleep again when he finally returned. He had made the habit of crashing at your house after patrol so prominent that you had started keeping some of his clothes in a pile in your bathroom. 

“When I sleep through math again I’m coming to you for the notes,” You complained into his hair. 

“How do you know I won’t sleep through math?” Peter chuckled. 

“Because I’m letting you crash here for free and you love me.”

“That’s fair, I suppose.”

“Why do you keep coming here anyway?”

I’m having nightmares and you are the knight in armor that chases them away.”

“So, I guess I’ll have to protect you then.”

write dang it

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Hey in case anyone needs anymore reasons to hate the Russo brothers, they decided that Hulk dabbing was more important than the scene that was supposed to be in the final battle where Bucky straight up saves Tony and Pepper and Tony essentially lets Bucky know he doesn’t hate him. But no they decided to let Bucky live on in agony of never getting to make amends with Tony.

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Hiiiii! Is it too much to ask a prequel of Marry Me? Maybe a scene where Peter and Reader are in the prom and Peter dramatically exits it with reader hot on his heels trying to understand wtf is happening and Tony's confused dadTM cause he's 3000% sure the kid liked his daughter? If not then 🤷‍♀️thank chu💙💙

“Why did he run away?”, Tony muttered to himself, confusion coursing through him, “Did you say something to him?”

You shook your head no, only seconds away from breaking down, “We were being goofs like usual”, you sniffled, “I don’t know what happened.”

He likes you and you friendzoned him is what happened, Tony thought to himself. He pulled you in a hug, patting your head sympathetically, “He’ll come around, ask him tomorrow okay?”

You nodded, heading to bed desolately. Tony dialled Peter’s number, sighing when he picked up at last.

“Where the hell did you go?”, he yelled at the kid, “I was getting worried there, underoos.”

“I - I’m sorry Mr Stark… It was too much”, he replied sadly, “she was talking about the wedding she wants to have… A - and I thought she wanted me to kiss her so I - but I misread the situation. So I ran away before she could tell if something was wrong.”

“I’ll excuse you for trying to kiss my daughter for now”, Tony said dryly, “I’m sorry, kid. Take your shot before it’s too late, yeah?”

“I’ll think about it.”

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Summary: In the events following Asgard’s destruction, Loki finds himself on Earth seeking refuge to await the inevitable. Much to his surprise, it comes from a source he would never have expected.

Warnings: mentions of blood, nothing awful, cute stuff

Word count: 4.5k

The AO3, Wattpad, and Spotify links are all available on the MasterList



A/N: ok y'all, this is a different day from the last chapter. Alright? Different day. Of course, Luna’s been doing her work, but now it’s a different day.


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