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Pairing: Stucky x Reader

Chapter Summary: The ingredients for a dramatic funeral include unbreakable tension from your two ex-lovers, confronting your fears and past traumas by talking to your father’s corpse, and a swiftly planned escape with your new best friend!

Word Count: 5,530

Warnings: Language, drinking, angst, sad Bucky :(

Masterlist / AO3

A/N: Hi everyone, I just want to say thank you for the response on the last chapter! All of your comments are amazing! Also I want to thank @Jessieray98 my beta reader, she is awesome! I hope to have the next chapter out before Christmas, hopefully!!!

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Writer’s Month 2019 Masterlist - Stories also found under respective fandom below


Carlton Drake (Venom)

Apples & Cinnamon Masterlist [Complete]

Prospecting Gold [Hiatus] (The Sisters Brothers X-Over) [Part One]

Horror’s Ultimate 

Take my Hand… (AU)

Just a Friend (College!AU)

Waiting by an Open Door (Beauty and the Beast!AU)


Tommy Akhtar (City of Tiny Lights)

Partners Masterlist [Hiatus] (Might be rewritten)


Bodhi Rook (Rogue One)

Kyber Soldier [Hiatus] (Winter Soldier!Bodhi) (Might be rewritten) [Part One]  [Part Two]

As You Wish (FarmBoy!Bodhi; Doctor Who AU)  [Part One]  [Part Two]

Run Away With Me

Puzzle Pieces (Sniperpilot x reader)

No Tree Survives Alone (Sniperpilot; The OA!AU)


Nasir “Naz” Khan (The Night Of)

Black Water


Cassian Andor (Rogue One)

Somewhere Only We Know

Is That Bibinka? (Filipina!reader; College!AU)

Sixty-Eight Percent

This Old Coffee Shop I Love So Much (Cafe!AU)

Puzzle Pieces (Sniperpilot x reader)

No Tree Survives Alone (SniperPilot; TheOA!AU)


Poe Dameron (Star Wars)


Warning Sign (First Order!Poe)

And Then It Hit Me (Tall!reader)

Dear Shara Leia


John Wick

Persephone Masterlist


Baby Wick Oneshots:

Nobody Matters Like You

Put Your Arms Around Me

Let Me Go Home

You Gave Me Something To Lose


Ted “Theodore” Logan (Bill & Ted)

Crimson & Clover

Growing Old With You (Wedding Singer!AU)



What We Do in the Avengers’ Tower (Loki)

Planting Seeds in a Garden You Don’t Get to See (Platonic!Natasha)


The Umbrella Academy

Once Upon a Dream (Diego)

Happy Together (Platonic!Klaus)


Doom Patrol

Progress! (Platonic!Cliff)

Red Bikini (Filipina!reader)



On the Road (Platonic!Team Free Will)

The Family Business (Adam Milligan)


Detective Loki (Prisoners)

I Can Explain (SPN Crossover)

Carry On My Wayward Family (Continuation of I Can Explain)

I Always Will

Jackpot (Continuation of I Always Will)


The Sisters Brothers

Ocean Eyes (John Morris)


The OA

Her Odyssey (Hoamer)


Updated: 12/13/2019

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Day #5: Your favorite team

I really, really like the Guardians of the Galaxy.


I think they are funny. I really love their dynamics! Their films are always funny with a mix of emotions. One of the member in this (guess who?) reminds me of my friends. I always said that to him and he always refuse to accept it. 

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The Unbelievable Poole Sisters



“I think I’m dead and now I’m in the MCU??”

“If you’re dead? Than I’m dead too… Cause I’m pretty sure that’s not actually Robert Downy Jr. But Tony Stark… I mean fuck. He’s flying around in an IronMan suit. I don’t think Elon Musk has invited that yet…”


Nineteen year old twins Gwendolyn and Y/n Poole are having a rough week. Y/n bombed her finals while Gwen was fired from her part time job. Life can’t get any worse. Well their luck might just be taking a turn for the better? Considering that they may or may not have been transported into The Marvel Cinematic Universe? These are confusing times…

Dedicated to all sisters everywhere. I sadly don’t have a sister (I grew up with three brothers). But hopefully you’ll find this tale cute and funny. ;)

1. Devoted Sisters

2. Sisterhood of the traveling


@spidey-swift @miss-nerd95 @spideygirl2003

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