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ayyyy i think this is the first serious fic i’ve ever written lmao 

it’s inspired by this post by @mistletoe-dart, so jus take a look at the post if you wanna understand the fic! it’s centered around peter and loki lol

part 2 is probably gonna be written tomorrow so keep an eye out!!! :D

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I was just wondering if Bucky can even have kids. It would make sense that he couldn’t because of all the hydra experiments and all the time he spent on ice. It’s so sad 😞

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Iron Monger: Obadiah Stane was greedy, simply put. He wanted the money Stark Industries made but not the person responsible- Tony. So he tried to kill him. Not Tony’s fault.

Whiplash: Ivan Vanko wanted revenge on Howard Stark, not Tony. Howard was the one who (maybe?) screwed over his father, not Tony. Not Tony’s fault.

Mandarin: Aldrich Killian was pissed that Tony ditched him on the roof. If he wanted Tony to take his ideas seriously, he should have approached him in the proper setting at the proper time, like for instance, getting an appointment at Stark Industries, not during a New Year party. Not Tony’s fault.

ULTRON: ULTRON was the entity inside the Mind Stone, not Tony’s ULTRON program, which was a peacekeeping program. During AOU, Tony says that he and Bruce haven’t gotten anywhere close to bringing ULTRON online then they leave for the party. ULTRON comes online some time later, well after the party. Not Tony’s fault. 

Zemo: As ULTRON was not Tony’s fault, neither was Zemo. The Sokovia Accords weren’t Tony’s doing either, just to point that out. Not Tony’s fault. 

Vulture: Adrian Toomes was angry that a government department, partially funded by Stark Industries, took over clearing up the aliens and alien weaponry. It is perfectly understandable that the government would prefer that they, and not civilians, were the ones to clean up alien weaponry and technology, for reasons shown in the film. Not Tony’s fault.

Mysterio: Quentin Beck thought that Tony stole his technology and was mad that he gave it a stupid name (admittedly I agree with him on that one) and fired him. Beck was working for Stark Industries, so any tech he developed belonged to Stark Industries, and Tony owns Stark Industries. Also, as he was working for a large company, it is doubtful that he, and he alone, created the BARF tech. As for firing him, well, clearly he was unstable and it was the right thing to do. Not Tony’s fault. 

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Requested: @the-radio-star

Tony had his secret weapon, but so did Steve. Little did they know, their secret weapons were in the same math class, shared English notes, ran the mile next to one another in gym at the back of the class. They had no idea you and Peter were best friends, had been for years now, practically growing up with another. Now, though, you stood on opposing sides. You didn’t want to believe it, nor did you want to fight with him. You didn’t want any of this to be happening. Peter merely stared at you, as shocked as you were, neither of you sharing your plans to join the Avengers within their fight. You’d even fought petty crimes together, walking old ladies across the streets, saving kittens from trees. Now you were up against one another, instructed to defeat your best friend … .

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