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Kamukura: Class 77-B has the collective intelligence of a pineapple.
Komaeda: Kamukura-kun's right.
Matsuda: What do you know? You weren’t even paying attention.
Komaeda: I was! I said Kamukura-kun was right!
Kamukura: Yeah, but there’s like a 90% chance of me being right most of the time, so that’s not proof you were listening. That’s just a good guess.
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Anon you just replied to here. It was supposed to be “Do you have any pets, Matsuda-kun?” But my phone is dumb and I accidentally hit l inside of p


I thought led was referring to like…a pencil and Matsuda was just telling Kamukura to knock one off his desk so that it could roll towards Komaeda.

Komaeda would still be grateful for that, ftr.

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Komaeda’s just like “Do you have any led, Matsuda-kun?” and Matsuda just lets out a long suffering sighs and nods. “Yeah. Kamukura.” In the background Kamukura purposefully and casually knocks something off of Matsuda’s desk

Admittedly I didn’t get the joke but I’m all for Kamukura knocking shit off the desk. On that note, Kamukura also gets really irritated with Matsuda leaves coat hangers on the floor. Yeah.

Komaeda: You’re such a responsible pet owner, Matsuda-kun!

Matsuda: Hhhhhhhhhh.

Kamukura: Feed me.


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Au concept: Cat!Kamukura, Rabbit!Komaeda and a very frustrated human Matsuda who somehow ended up with two troublesome shapeshifter bfs, who he is unfortunately, attached to.

Valid. Matsuda tucked between two purring boyfriends is just so fucking valid. He’s also stuck brushing their fur a lot.

Both Kamukura and Komaeda also fuss over him a lot and are very fucking needy in spite of what the apathy and fickleness respectively might tell you. It’s okay because Matsuda, too, is so very fucking fussy.

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